State Dept. tries to block Clinton email cases in court

The State Department asked to halt most of the judges prying into former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails, filing papers Thursday proposing that the cases all be combined into one so that a single judge can oversee the government’s searches and released.

Admitting it’s “struggling” under the weight of the problem left by Mrs. Clinton’s decision to use her own email account, the State Department warned it might miss the January deadline for turning over all of her emails — and might not be able to process her former aides’ emails either — unless a single judge takes over and decides what they have to do.

“They are struggling to keep up,” Marsha Edney, a Justice Department lawyer handling the case for the State Department told Judge Reggie B. Walton during a hearing on one of 32 separate cases Thursday.

The administration faces the prospect of each of the 17 judges making demands on how and when they do searches. And any one of them could order the department to go back and try to recover the more than 30,000 emails Mrs. Clinton said she deleted as personal correspondence — a prospect neither the Clinton campaign nor the administration would relish.

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No let the Judges urge for the emails.  It is time that this comes out and she is arrested. 

Ah yes...a single in one that is liberal treasonous commie that will do their bidding for a price....hard to keep track of more than one....there just might be an honest Constitutional one among them


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“They are struggling to keep up,” Marsha Edney, a Justice Department lawyer handling the case for the State Department told Judge Reggie B. Walton during a hearing on one of 32 separate cases Thursday.

That I Believe !!!!

Tough! They helped to create the atmosphere by which Hillary could get away with her baloney by not making her stick to the law. Not only that they allowed her assistants to get away with this as well.

God only knows what Hillary needed with a "Not For Prying Eyes Only" server. Besides everyone in the free world should be able to see what she has done, the Chinese and Russians probably already have, not to mention every terrorist group.

The State Department should have thought about that when they LIED to the judges by claiming they had turned over all the Emails... in fact, the judge needs to hold a host of State Department career officials in contempt and others for perjury... This attempt to stall should be met with a solid front requiring compliance and a stern warning ... failure will result in some seeing the world thru bars. .

The State Department needs to assign more resources to meeting the Courts deadlines... period. 

What amaze's me the most is how all these liars manage all the lies they could anybody keep track of one lie to the next,they must have some deep databases....but which volume of bullshit does one use to reference one lie to another.I reckon that's why they have secretary's

Teleprompters, canned speeches, and a host of staff members researching and checking former statements.

When a County Clerk in Kentucky fails to meet a Judge's deadline, she goes to jail.  Why not a CORRUPT Obama State Dept?  The threat of jail might accelerate their efforts.  If not, at least someone in the Hillary email debacle might see jail time!




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TRUMP:  Trump To Give ‘Start Your Engines’ Command At Dayton

President Donald Trump will give the command for drivers to start their engines before the Daytona 500.

Daytona International Speedway officials named Trump the grand marshal for NASCAR’s season opener, meaning he will deliver the most famous four words in auto racing. “Gentleman, start your engines,” has been a staple of races around the country and world for decades.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said Thursday the president plans to attend the race. Track president Chip Wile confirmed the news in a release.

“Daytona International Speedway has been privileged to have hosted several sitting presidents of the United States over our history,” Wile said. “We’re honored that the president of the United States has chosen to experience the pageantry and excitement of ‘The Great American Race.’”

Trump is the third sitting president to attend a race at Daytona, but only the second to attend the Daytona 500. George W. Bush attended in 2004. Trump is the first to be given an honorary role in pre-race ceremonies.

Trump is scheduled to spend part of the Presidents Day weekend at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a flight restriction for Sunday and the U.S. Secret Service, which is responsible for presidential security, also tweeted to fans that drones are prohibited within 30 miles of the race in Daytona Beach — a restriction put in place for presidential visits.

Trump has hosted previous NASCAR champions at the White House and last October awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to motorsports titan Roger Penske. Last year, Trump also praised retired driver Mario Andretti, the Daytona 500 winner in 1967, reminiscing about a ride Andretti gave him in a race car for his reality show “The Apprentice.”

“I said, ‘Mario, get me out of here. I want to get out of this car,’” Trump recalled. “We went so fast. We literally — we covered four blocks in like a second.”

Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs

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