Spanish-Speaking Clerks for Obamacare Made Double Compared to English Speakers

Employees working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services made, on average, twice as much handling non-English Obamacare inquiries compared to clerks speaking English, according to documents obtained by ProEnglish.

The Freedom of Information Act request was secured by ProEnglish, a self-proclaimed advocate for the English language as “America’s common, unifying language” and adoption of English as “the official language at all levels of government.”

The documents obtained showed “English-speaking clerks only earned $12 per hour while translators are paid $22.75 per hour plus a monthly deferential of $643.”

Along with the pay disparity, documents highlighted nearly 12 percent of the awarded contract of $90 million went specifically to the “Spanish-language aspect of phone-enrollment assistance” as well as a separate contract of $1.4 million aimed at “securing the endorsement of a Spanish-speaking celebrity to promote Obamacare.”

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Never in our history has the USA been what you think. Sadly, I'm old enough to remember neighborhoods where families of several generations could only speak Italian, Czech, Yiddish, Chinese, and other foreign languages. So while our dear leader hasn't helped the matter, he's not the cause blame for the problem.

The problems with Progressivism started long before Mr. (intentional) Obama. We should look back to the Progressive era of Wilson around the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Good luck with that.

como se yama usted ? sign me up for $22.75 an hour. you only need to use 1 sentence over and over.

Would that be Sgt. Schultz's Spanish version "No sé nada?" ;-)

This is the USA.  Spanish is not our official language.  No person should be discriminated against because

they only speak the language that is the official language of the country when they should be serving

those who are citizens and not illegal aliens for health care.  How many languages is one supposed to

speak when working for ACA jobs. 

It never hurts to be able to speak several languages and to be paid a LITTLE extra for the skill. But I'm with you in thinking the official language of the country should be English.

However, I often tell people the way things are going, in the Eastern US one should buy a prayer rug and learn the direction to Mecca, and in the Western US learn Spanish so as to understand, "Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada."

I have been commenting for almost a year about how Illegal Aliens and Hispanics are shown preferential treatment in hiring practices of SW KS Employers -- all because the percentage of Illegal non-English speaking residents in that area is so high.

It is getting more difficult to find a job where the employers do NOT require the job candidate to speak both English AND SPANISH.  And this is America. 

Certain areas of America are beginning to resemble foreign countries rather than the good old US.  Where Muslim populations are high, in the Northern US states, will also resemble very, very foreign ways of life to freedom loving Americans --- when the Muslims demand that their customs, culture and way of life is respected OVER AND ABOVE American citizen's freedoms.  And Obama's Administration is pushing vehemently to get more Muslims into the US --- legally or ILLEGALLY.

Obama is the worst sort of TRAITOR, and should be apprehended, tried, judged, and punished as such.

A couple of decades ago I took my wife to NYC looking for a medical school she wanted to attend. In Jamaica Queens NYC while trying to get directions it was about impossible to find someone with a working ability in speaking English. And most of the languages spoken weren't Spanish. ;-(

This is total BS.  I am so posting this.

This man and his administration are duplicate of the crap first derived out of CA - it's the exact same handbook - (seriously).  They've copied Moonbeam almost verbatim.  

where is the precious eeoc when you need them




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Racism -> Emergency Medical Doctor Rails Against Whites: “White People Can Be Exhausting” – ‘Racism Towards Whites Doesn’t Exist’ 

 Esther Choo (pictured above), an emergency medical doctor and professor in Oregon, took to Twitter to rail against white people and after getting called out for her racism, she asserted that it’s impossible to be racist towards whites.

According to Choo’s bio, she’s an emergency physician and associate professor at the Oregon Health & Science University.

Choo is the daughter of Korean immigrants and uses social media to talk about racism and sexism in healthcare, according to her bio.

“White people can be exhausting. Just an observation,” Choo said in a tweet on Friday.

White people can be exhausting. Just an observation.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

When she received backlash for her racist tweet, Choo continued to taunt and disparage whites.

“Observation #2: white people are going to prove my point on this very thread,” Choo said responding to the backlash.

She also bragged that Twitter took her side when people reported her tweet.

“Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.”

Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

Twitter may not have a problem with racism against white people, but what about the medical community?

Dr. Choo received huge backlash on Twitter.

Joe Biggs   @Rambobiggs

This is coming from an Emergency Medicine Physician who is considered a "leader" in her field. She's scheduled to be a speaker at the American College of Emergency Physicians in October. She runs a website called FeminEM prompting Feminist causes in EM and a racist.

Dan Bongino  @dbongino
 Here for the ratio
Dan Roth@Dan12R

Pretty racist statement, TBH.

See Dan Roth's other Tweets
Blake Anderson@BitcoinBlake

Protected groups being immune to being called out for blatant bigotry is exhausting, just an observation.

Replace “white” with any other race, and Dr. Choo would be out of a job.

Update: Dr. Choo deleted her racist tweets and set her Twitter account to “private” after she received backlash from hundreds of people.


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