Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney REFUSES to Charge Child Killer Despite Confession

Soros-funded St. Louis attorney Kim Gardner refuses to charge child killer despite confession

 Kim Gardner took money from a Soros funded PAC during her race for St. Louis Circuit Attorney in 2016.

Last Monday a suspect was arrested in the fatal shooting of 7-year-old Xavier Usanga in north St. Louis. reports: According to KSDK Usanga was shot and killed while playing outside of his Hyde Park home Monday, according to St. Louis Metro Police Cheif John Hayden. An 18-year-old man standing nearby was injured in the backyard of the Usangas’ home, in the 3500 block of North 14th Street, just after 5 p.m. Monday evening.

The suspect confessed to the shooting that killed 7-year-old Usanga.

 But when they brought this confession and evidence to the St. Louis City’s circuit attorney’s office Kim Gardner threw it out.

 Gardner said based on current evidence she was not able to determine who was responsible for the child’s death.

 Again… The suspect confessed to the crime but that was not enough for this radical lunatic in the Circuit Attorney’s Office.

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 Soon him and all his kin will be no more.

 This is strange, he confessed and they are going to let him go.

 Very few like this man, but he is protected by your government.

Time to dis-bar this attorney and remove her from her office... 

 Time to undo all of the Congressional system.

And, pray tell, how are you going to undo the Congress... and its Constitutional system for legislating law and funding the government in America.

Hu say what Ronald..:) you said..

Constitutional system for legislating law and funding the government in America,

pray tell, how are you going to undo the Congress.

Ask Rosie.... she said it needed to be done... I simply asked for her ideas on the subject.

I know one thing for certain... burning down the Banks will not bring about Constitutional reforms in government... it will create economic chaos and eventually revolution... armed conflict in main streets of America. 

If ya say so...:)

Like I said I have to go, got to build up my army to take over the US Government, me, my husband, my two children, the dog, and my 3 cats...:)





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