Somethinng New: To George Washington from G. W. Snyder, 22 August 1798

 From G.W. Snyder, Sir,  Frederick-Town (Maryland) Augt 22. 1798.

You will, I hope, not think it a Presumption in a Stranger, whose Name, perhaps never reached your Ears, to address himself to you the Commanding General of a great Nation. I am a German, born and liberally educated in the City of Heydelberg in the Palatinate of the Rhine. I came to this Country in 1776, and felt soon after my Arrival a close Attachment to the Liberty for which these confederated States then struggled. The same Attachment still remains not glowing, but burning in my Breast. At the same Time that I am exulting in the Measures adopted by our Government, I feel myself elevated in the Idea of my adopted Country. I am attached both from the Bent of Education and mature Enquirer and Search to the simple Doctrines of Christianity, which I have the Honor to teach in Public; and I do heartily despise all the Cavils of Infidelity. Our present Time, pregnant with the most shocking Evils and Calamities, threatens Ruin to our Liberty and Government. Secret, the most secret Plans are in Agitation: Plans, calculated to ensnare the Unwary, to attract the Gay and irreligious, and to entice even the Well-disposed to combine in the general Machine for overturning all Government and all Religion.

It was some Time since that a Book fell into my Hands entitled “Proofs of a Conspiracy &c. by John Robison,”1 which gives a full Account of a Society of Freemasons, that distinguishes itself by the Name “of Illuminati,” whose Plan is to overturn all Government and all Religion, even natural; and who endeavor to eradicate every Idea of a Supreme Being, and distinguish Man from Beast by his Shape only. A Thought suggested itself to me, that some of the Lodges in the United States might have caught the Infection, and might cooperate with the Illuminati or the Jacobine Club in France. Fauchet is mentioned by Robison as a zealous Member: and who can doubt of Genet and Adet? Have not these their Confidants in this Country? They use the same Expressions and are generally Men of no Religion. Upon serious Reflection I was led to think that it might be within your Power to prevent the horrid Plan from corrupting the Brethren of the English Lodge over which you preside.

I send you the “Proof of a Conspiracy &c.” which, I doubt not, will give you Satisfaction and afford you Matter for a Train of Ideas, that may operate to our national Felicity. If, however, you have already perused the Book, it will not, I trust, be disagreeable to you that I have presumed to address you with this Letter and the Book accompanying it. It proceeded from the Sincerity of my Heart and my ardent Wishes for the common Good.

May the Supreme Ruler of all Things continue You long with us in these perilous Times: may he endow you with Strength and Wisdom to save our Country in the threatening Storms and gathering Clouds of Factions and Commotions! and after you have completed his Work on this terrine Spot, may He bring you to the full Possession of the glorious Liberty of the Children of God, is the hearty and most sincere Wish of Your Excellency’s very humble and devoted Servant.

 There is a lot of nifty stuff posted by your own Government....:)

Frederick-Town (Maryland) Augt 22. 1798..

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Looks like Trump has the same problem Jackson had... a good for nothing Congress, willing to stab the Pres. in the Back.   A political party that would rather support the status quo and Establishment ... than too rout out the Central Bankers and the corrupt special interests.

The cure for corruption is indictment... the proper application of the law is the proper save for our current problems.  However, that takes commitment by the President, DOJ/AG, and the investigative offices of the FBI. Pres. Trump appears reluctant to exercise his power over the AG and Director Comey.  It is now time to FIRE both, the AG and FBI Director;  too, firmly set the tone, for their successors, to focus on Draining the Swamp.  

There can be no fundamental reform...  without the enforcement of the Laws of the United States and the application of the Constitution as the SUPREME LAW of the land. Trump must set the tone, for draining the Swamp, and that is not done by compromising with the Swamp.


John, great comment, Thank You

The sad truth is that Trump does not know the constitution, nor do most so-called lawyers. That comment may sound nuts, but the facts are lawyers learn about the constitution, they do not really learn the constitution and original intent. The emphasis in all but a handful of law schools is on case law as primary law. The fact that the Constitution clearly states "This Constitution Shall BE the Supreme Law of the Land" is completely lost and ignored by lawyers and by those who set the standards to pass the BAR exam. And to make the situation worse, the BAR has now edited its' guidance to lawyers about "discriminatory, biased language", that any freedom lover can read as white, homophobic, Christian is now to be judged and condemned, and thus will challenge lawyers who fight for us.

Not sure about Sessions, but the signs are that he reads or misreads the Constitution just as the liberals pretend that it is, rather than read the clearly written phrases that delineate jurisdiction and federal permission. And that is the problem with the word game that the left so clearly dominates us with. They change the definition and the culture accepts it. Marriage, for example. Religious freedom, for another.

There are absolutely NO signs that Trump has any inclination to stand on the one thing that can restore this country. Even though he stood in front of cameras and read the 1952 Immigration Act. That moment was posturing, done just for us, who stood by him with hope that he really would bring about the kind of change that restores liberty and liberates We the People from all false masters of government. He should have used that opportunity to stand on Article 1 and Article 2, and thus, set the precedent and standard that the Constitution IS SUPREME. The natural and obvious next step, once that precedent is set, is to move on to Article 3, where it is clearly stated what the courts legally CAN (and thus what they CANNOT) rule on, and impeach/fire any judges who do not follow the Constitution. THAT would have worked wonders in this country, and it would have begun a whole new dialogue between all sides. Precedent matters.

In my opinion, that first E.O. was a God-given opportunity that was wasted.

And even now, he fliip flops in the wind, with NATO and now with Iran.

Well said Jea9... could not have said it better. 

I would add this: Pres. Trump is morphing... into the swamp.  It raises the question can anyone resist the power and corruption that is Washington, DC?  He is no Andrew Jackson... I know Andrew and Trump is not a Jacksonian President... if he were he would have told the Court, that overturned his EO on Islamic migration, to put their ruling where the sun don't shine, and when the Judge persisted, he would have made a big deal out of separation of powers, and over zealous usurpation and Judicial edicts as being unconstitutional.. 

Andrew Jackson told the Court to try too enforce their order... citing their power to enforce their rulings as stopping at the Court House Steps... a fundamental separation of power... provided by the Constitution. The Courts don't have an Army or the policing powers to order those institutions... the President/Executive does... something lost long ago. 

The Courts may interpret the Constitution and statutory laws ... However, the Constitution doesn't give them the power to enforce such rulings.  The Courts lack the Constitutional authority and don't command the resources to impose their edicts upon the land...Enforcement is the job of the Executive Branch and when the Executive Branch believes the Courts are wrong.. it should refuse to enforce their edicts.  That then leaves it up to Congress too decide: who is correct, and who to IMPEACH, the President, or the Judge... or both. That would be an example of the classical and Constitutional separation of powers at work... an Andrew Jackson moment in history.

"Well said", right back at you, Col. And a beautiful point made, "they (courts) don't have the authority to enforce their edicts".

I would say Trump knows some of the Constitution, and the difference between a Incorporated Constitution, and the Constitution of the Republic.

 He was somewhat a playboy, Just Like JFK



Trump does not know the constitution BUT he has surrounded himself with a team that does and they will all put it together.

O bama studied the constitution so he could destroy it.




Wes    I hope so, on your first reply, and That's a Fact is true for your second reply. He did a great job at destroying as much as he could.

He knows enough about the Constitution, to understand that the UN wants the 2nd Amendment terminated. Is Trump a puppet, I don't think so..?





AND WE WILL BE THE WINNERS ...... ! ! ! ! !

Just getting started?  If this is a start I'd hate to see where it is going...  Trump is reneging on many of his key campaign issues that is not good. 

America doesn't have the time to wait and see if Trump is able to reverse field again.. He doesn't need to change direction, he needs to DRAIN THE SWAMP, not compromise with the swamp.  He needs to be reminded of where he is and what he was sent to do. He was not sent to DC in order too become friends with the Establishment and the enemies of Constitutional Government.

No one is giving up on Trump, but we will challenge issues and thats that.






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