Some questions for Secretary Clinton when she testifies on Benghazi this week

Scott Varland

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to testify on the Benghazi debacle before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, two days after President Obama is inaugurated. 

I doubt that very many journalists and citizens will closely follow the hearing held so soon after the inauguration. But even so, I have some questions that a member of the Committee may want to ask.  (Of course, these questions are the tip of the iceberg.)

1. On October 15, 2012, did you take responsibility for the lapses in Benghazi security that resulted in the 9/11/12 murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

2. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after terrorists exploded two bombs (one in April 2012 and the other in June 2012) at the American Benghazi diplomatic post?

3. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after a May 2012 terrorist attack on the Red Cross in Benghazi that caused the organization to withdraw effective August 6, 2012?

4. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after an attempted assassination of the British Ambassador in Benghazi on June 10, 2012, that resulted in the withdrawal of all British consular staff that same month?

5. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after American officials on the ground in Benghazi expressed security concerns in the months prior to 9/11/12?

6. Do you take responsibility for the failure to rescue the Americans during the fighting that lasted several hours?  If you do not take responsibility, then who is responsible?

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 And the other TRAITOR who supported O'bummer twice said that she was exellent at her position and was good at every thing she does { Collin Powell } Lost all respect for this biggot also. I suppose he supports O'bummer because of race .

Adolfo You can bet he does. Colin Powell told obama in his first term that"We can make a new africa out of America".Afirmative action worked very well for him dont you think? Four star general of the army,Secretary of state for four years.Almost all blacks and latinos voted for him because he was black.That was their only reason for voting for him.Those blacks and Latinos whyo didn't vote for him had their heads on right so as not to believe all the bullshi* he was shoveling out.When he is fully taken over america he will get rid of a lot of blacks and most Latinos after his use of them has been established.Colin Powell has the mindset of the majorty of the blacks.Use whitey and kiss his bumper and then betray him.

The questions are biased why are none asked about what bo said and knew ? WTF.. even tho i want to see that bitch clinton swing too. along with the rest of that ROTTON REGIME.

 Yeah give HELLary Hell, ill the blood clot in your Brain effect your competeny like you showed to be incompetent with the events leading up  to bengazie ? Why do you use a bouble standard in that the security aBengazie was ubarmed "Because we come in peace "your words HELLary but your security guards are armed to the teeth and beyond,    Do you support armed guards at schools to insure childrens safety and if not why did you send your daughter to the same school O'bummer sends his that has 11 armed guards {these are not secret service these are school guards }  ? Are you a Bigot ? if not why do you act like one ?

I will go for the throat on these 6) questions:

Obama is responsible because he said after Hillary Clinton did, that the buck stops with him.  Hillary will go in and testify on Benghazi, while yeiling most of the blame on Pres. Obama.  King Obama can't be touched these days so she walks.

And nobody will do anything about it---Benghazi will drop from the headlines just as fast as it appeared.

I would also ask her about the three dead Americans in Algeria , and the ones who still remain missing presumably in the
Desert somewhere . Just how many Americans have ended up murdered on the last four months alone , and what
is his majesty king Barry the First gonna do about it. Just saying ...

9.  Where were you when the terrorist attack occurred?

10.  Who told you there was an attack?

11.  At what time?

12.  Then where did you go, who did you call?

13.  Did you communicate directly with the POTUS on the situation?

14.  At what time/date?

15.  What was his response?

16.  Did you go to the war room?

17.  What did you do there?  How long were you there?

18.  Did you see the attack via telecasting?

19.  Who else was in the room -- did they see the viewing too?

20.  Did any general contact you directly with a request for help?

21.  Did Panetta contact you about the attack?  Did he indicate a general contacted him?

22.  What did the general say?

23.   At what point was the stand down command given?

24.  Who gave the command?

25.  Where is the written documentation to support this command?

21.  By whom?

22.  There are 30 survivors -- where are they now? 

23.   Have you spoken to them?  If yes, what did you say.  What did they share?

24.  Have you consulted with outside counsel regarding your testimony today?

25.  Are they here in the room with you?

26. Were you advised not to address certain issues?

Enough from me -- I have more but you get the idea.


1.And I have a question that i'd like to ask the unworthy secretary of state.How soon can you resign?

2.How fast will it take you to get out of the USA?

3.Would you give testimony to indict Brack H.Obama for treason in exchange for your freedom?

4.if freed will you take your whole family and move to outter siberia ASAP.tomorrow.

You know I dont have much time left untill I sleep that long sleep and wait for Jesus with the sound of a trumphet to call me to eternal life in his ressurection of the dead.But there are some on this sight that will have some terriable days ahead them.I just hope and pray that the Lord God will give  them stregth peace within in order to stand against our enemies.




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