Some questions for Secretary Clinton when she testifies on Benghazi this week

Scott Varland

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to testify on the Benghazi debacle before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, two days after President Obama is inaugurated. 

I doubt that very many journalists and citizens will closely follow the hearing held so soon after the inauguration. But even so, I have some questions that a member of the Committee may want to ask.  (Of course, these questions are the tip of the iceberg.)

1. On October 15, 2012, did you take responsibility for the lapses in Benghazi security that resulted in the 9/11/12 murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

2. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after terrorists exploded two bombs (one in April 2012 and the other in June 2012) at the American Benghazi diplomatic post?

3. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after a May 2012 terrorist attack on the Red Cross in Benghazi that caused the organization to withdraw effective August 6, 2012?

4. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after an attempted assassination of the British Ambassador in Benghazi on June 10, 2012, that resulted in the withdrawal of all British consular staff that same month?

5. Do you take responsibility for the State Department not improving security or withdrawing after American officials on the ground in Benghazi expressed security concerns in the months prior to 9/11/12?

6. Do you take responsibility for the failure to rescue the Americans during the fighting that lasted several hours?  If you do not take responsibility, then who is responsible?

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7. It is rumored that you had a bad bout of the flu and that you had a blood clot in your brain. Did this clot originate from a fall, or from a plane accident in the middle East, and was this "illness" timely planned to delay your testimony?

you guys are all missing the big picture here...   the "illness" had absolutely NOTHING to do with "delaying" her testimony... what it had to do with was giving her a valid "out" so she could shove it in the republicans face and still be able to run for president.


remember back in the days of the clinton administration etc... she was testifying before congress and every answer was "i don't recall" "i don't remember" etc ad nauseum...


well... now, when O is done, she wants to run for president... she's already used the i don't remember thing so she can't use it again this close to "her time" without it making it seem like she's either incompetent or unable to perform the job of president.... so she can't say "i don't remember" unless she has a good excuse.


oh... gee.... lookit here.... she fainted... fell... got a concussion... and had a blood clot in her brain that dr's say will affect her memory.... she has a good excuse...


watch the hearings... almost every question they ask, her answer is going to be "i don't recall that"... unless i'm totally wrong the ONLY question she will actually answer is "yes... my name is hillary clinton.


and we need to blame the republicans for this fiasco because it was them that did not hold her feet to the fire and force her to be at the hearings.  the constitution says that CURRENT lawmakers can't be questioned about their decisions... but as sec. of state she is NOT an elected official anymore... they could have very easily have said here's the subpoena be here or go to jail... but they, the republicans, have no balls and didn't want to make the democrats hate them for putting hillary in jail.


the only question i would ask at those hearings .... to the republicans... "if you're not going to sh*t... get off the pot".

8. Where the shipment, storage, and delivery of guns to rebels involved?

1.Who gave the order to stand down when you knew we had an american ambassasdor pleadings.o.s.,and why was his pleas in letters to you to get him security ignored?....2.How in good conscience could you,and barack obama,the State Department,And the Whitehouse watch ths first hand,and not authorize back-up rescue forces,the very thing a heroic navy seal did that cost his life,and who told him to stand down,that he knew he had to over ride his orders because they were incompetant orders,and immoral orders to leave behind one of our own in distress,which has never been the american way,until now?And did you put the wishes of muslim leaders in benghazi,or the muslim brotherhood over the pleas of our ambassador?3.Was this a planned hostage taking,authorized,and planned by you,barack obama,and other members of this administration for the release of the blind sheik agreement with the muslim brotherhood,and did you,and this admimistration intentionally send,and put the ambassador in harms way,in an attempt to stage a fake hostage attempt,and was ambassador stevens a homosexual,that you intentionally set him up and planned to use the fact that he was a homosexual to gain sympathy from the american people to guilt americans into going along with the staged hostage attempt...4.Did the hostage attempt go bad becuaus you could not make the hostage exchange for the blind sheik,and between impatience,of the muslim brothethood morsi,and others,and that they knew he was homosexual,because of you and Barack Obama,and they leaked that to this terrorist group intentionally?5.Was ambassador stevens raped by these terrorist,and was it because you leaked that he was homosexual to the muslim brotherhood?6.How come you,Barack Obama,and susan rice,and most of your adminstration continue to lie about this being because of a video no-one saw,and did you,like you told the victim of one of the murdered at benghazi's family members,send the full force of the government to arrest,and detain an american citizen,based on that lie,and that you inspite of knowing it was a lie still sought to destroy this american citizens life,to cover-up,and spread this lie,knowing it was a lie all the time...And was this the typical saul alinky,and rham emmanuel,obama clinton doctrine to create a crisis in order to profit,or gain off that crisis?liberal doctrine....7.Hillary ClintoN did you use,and exploit this lie,as well in an attempt to destroy free speech in america,and to enact shari'a law,to which it is no secret liberals have been already in full campaign mode to install shari'a law in america,unarm america,and make hate crimes of anything,and anyone who dis-agrees with sharia' law,much the same as liberals have done with political correctness...As political correctness is itself a government,and liberal enforced attack against free speech,freedom of expression,and free will,a sacred right endowed to us by our constitution,Bill of rights,and declaration of Independence,endowed to all by our creator isn't it or did in themiddle of the night you,and this administration without atthority to do so abandon,and or seek to destroy those sacred rights too?Hillary Clinton,do you believe in the U.S.Constituion,and who do you think the american peoples rights,lives,and liberties are endowed by?You,as your action,and deceptions to peddle these lies,and to go after an american citizen with the full mass of the international media,in order to peddle those lies,certainly do suggest that you,Barack Obama,and too many like you truly do believe according to your actions from ruby ridge to waco,to fast,and furious,to benghazi,that you do believe all atthority belongs to you,and bedamned the americfan people,the truth,and the law,as you have a history Hillary clinton,of not going over,and above duty to,and love of country,but goingover and above your atthority defclaring yourselves Gods unto yourselves?And to repeat what a former senator said to general,petraues once when your party,and your bought,and paid for media called him general betray us...Everything you say,and do hillary Clinton is beyond the suspensions of belief,and wherever you are,and go,the lives of innocent,men,women,and children,have been destroyed by your own words,and your own actions...And so much for your 3.00 a.m. phone call Hillary Clinton,as you nd Bck Obama,and this entire adminstration has failed that test miserably,and everytime you have been given charge or power over anything,or anyone...An old saying that says if you are a friend then who needs enemies,certainly applies to you Barack Obama,and this administration,with your hostility towards this country,our miltary,and law abiding,and innocent american citizens,so why is that,Hillary Clinton????I know these questions and likely not yours will be asked sadly..Because we have a pineless political leadership,in the gop,who are more concerned with their own gravy train,ivory tower lust for power,for powers sake,which makes them just as guilty,and complicit to me to these crimes,against this country,and humanity,for if they trult honorede their oaths,the lot of them would hqve been incarcerated and doing time,or exiled from this country,for treason by now...Or as our founders and former presidents stated,of those who put the president,or political parties over their oaths,and allegiences to law,and thiws country...Goodbye,and goodriddance you are no longer our countrymen!!!

Republican Senator Bob Corker,who is on this panel was on fox news this morning and actually said that according to him that Hillary Clinton has done nothing,or said anything that he would question her of any cover-up,or deciet,that she has been more than forthcoming,and as far as he is concerned this matter on benghazi should be soon laid to rest,and over...There is a plain,and simple answer to everyone's question whether any heads will role regarding benghazi,fast,and furious or anything else,by this administration,Barack Obama,or Hillary Clinton...Lets not soon forget this is the same woman obssesed with destroying parental rights to prey on america's children,the same woman,who sought to destroy the crediblily and lives of at least 7 different women who all swore under oath,and passed lie detector test they were either sexually harrased,or raoed by her hubby bill clinton,as well sought out waco as a ruse to go against staes rights and atthority to use the media atf,to use the wakko from waco to propagandize it to malign trye biblical conservatives,christiand,and all gun owners and portray the same as this wakko from waco which backfird and caused the inceration and murder of innocent children,as well escalated into the oklahoma city bombing as a result that the clitons again do to their own domino effect actions caused the death of more innocent lives,and children,as well sought to use the oklahoma city bombing to attempt to portray constituional,and biblical conservative christians as being the same as those nuts,who did the oklahoma city bombing...This is their same method to madness actions they always have done,then,and now!!!

and Corker swears and be DAMNED that BO is legal and an American Citizen. so that makes me think that corker is a low life too.........


Hilary, like Bill and Obama, can look you in the eye and tell a bald faced lie. Who was watching the drone in real time when this went down? Why wasn't anyone armed? Why were we told the men who died were in the military, when infact they were CIA operatives? Why was Stevens sent to Benghazi, which was known to be a hot bed filled with terrorists?  Was Stevens or any operative with the CIA gun trafficking? There are many questions we have, and as Obama said "the buck stops at my desk." If so, then Obama placed into harm's way the lives that were lost in Benghazi and that is an impeachable offense.

#6 needs to be the focus. Below is what we need to ask

  1. Did you ask for rescue?
  2. If so who did you ask?
  3. Did the order to stand down come from you?

Does anybody believe that she will actually tell the truth about any of it?     She has the power to make or break this administration that she has been so much a part of.  She herself is so consumued by the power and glory of the political world, I doubt she is capable of exposing Obama as well as herself in any light that would be adverse to her political future regardless of the consequences for her country.  Doing the right thing is only for the little people in her play book.

Good Grief  -- Good Luck... lol.  Do you want to place a bet on how it's going to turn out?  The Clinton's are teflon coated.

She should be asked if she takes responsibility for being a brain dead troll blindly following party orders and trying to destroy America and , plotting to humilite America before the world . Hillary Clinton is nothing more than an over educated buffoon who thinks they should be able to tell the people of America what is best for them . I am truely hoping she is nailed to the wall for the events in Benghazi and spills her guts on Obama . For anyone within the government to fail to protect our diplomatic staff , to knowingly leave those staff members in harms way , and to order a stand down of those able to assist those in peril , is a traitor and deserves to be removed from office , tried and convicted for their acts . As Secretary of State it is Hillary Clintons responsibility to ensure that our diplomatic staff and all aids are safe and provided with the proper protection . Anything less is simply willful derilection of duty .




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