Social Security Disability Program May Hit Shortfalls by 2016

Social Security will eventually hit the wall, but Social Security Disability Insurance may hit the wall even before Obama heads off to a permanent vacation on the many golf courses of Hawaii or rewrites the Living Constitution to become Emperor of Post-America.

Over the long term, Social Security and Medicare have promised tens of trillions of dollars more in benefits than the nation can pay for under current policies. But Social Security’s disability trust fund is in even worse shape, and current estimates say by 2016 it won’t have enough money to pay full benefits.

The fiscal security of the disability trust fund got rapidly worse as the unemployment rate rose. The number of applications has almost doubled in the last 10 years, from 1.5 million a year in 2001 to more than 2.8 million a year in 2012.

Obama has said little about how he would fix the fund’s finances.

Blame Republicans. That always works. The SSDI situation has gotten so bad because the system is clearly being abused. There’s no other explanation for such a dramatic hike in claims.

The number of US workers claiming disability insurance increased by 22 percent in 5 years, coinciding with an economic recession.

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Like most government programs they are set up to fail! Abuse is openly invited with no policing of the program it's self. I personnel y know five friends who are on SSDI that have no business there. Their justification was " Everyone else is drawing from it and i'm going to get mine!"
Cone on , why not! I retired early and took a cut in my benefits because of early retirement. Had i applied for disability i could of gotten my full benefits lone before 65. There are 150 million people drawing from social Security in 2012, 100 million have never paid one cent into the program. One need not have a college education to figure out what the problem is, with SS. Not only does SS not police their program they encourage people to get  on it  and stay on it, fore-ever. SSDI has become the white peoples " Welfare program"

Heck Andy, forget just the white people!  SSDI is the quickest way for a Governor to 'cut the welfare rolls!'

My generation and the one before it lost hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, to drugs, and many who survived, survived as dysfunctional 'skels.'  Many of those are now on SSDI.

Disabled veterans and dismembered farmers, on the other hand, have had difficulty obtaining SSD, for which they paid into.

How do you figure that this is limited to "White" People you have a better chance of "Getting" if you a "Minority" Although I think the color of the Minority is fading out to "White"

Speaking of congress-- I want to put the word out that Sean Hannity has a program on Sunday night on Fox. His program this week is called " boom town"  Every one needs to watch it, it's about the spending in Washington, not by congress but rather the elite in Washington.  15 cents of every dollar that goes into Washington stays in Washington. Americans pay about 2.4 trillion dollars into Washington as taxes each year, 15% of that stays in Washington. 
Watch the show it may help answer why we have a dis-functional government in all three branches.

They have been killing our posterity for decades what can we expect. The base of the pyramid is all but evened out with those employed in government. We can't afford this government! It must be reduced in size drastically or everyone will suffer!

I broke my back in 98 at work. Been on SSDI since 01. I can't say SSDI hasn't helped because it has but, all it will do is pay basic bills. I also have watched as the standards for getting it have fallen. A lot of it also is people are turning to it because they can't find decent jobs due to Obamanomics. Myself, I am going back to school and hopefully back to work after because there is no future on SSDI. Once you reach retirement age your disability becomes minimum retirement benifits and you can't survive on that. I agree with this post SSDI is being abused.

It's supposed to help, John, especially people with severe injuries like yourself - too often the last to receive it.  I have witnessed so many abuses of the SSDI and other programs on alinsky island, and the ultimate eviction by lawfare of the victims of the dependency experiments, when the experiment failed by normal criteria, but 'succeeded' in creating passive, frightened, 'herd' oriented people incapable of cohesion, constructive action, self sufficiency.

That, friends, is the plan currently being implemented across the USA.

Do not be discouraged, however, 95% -98% of the inhabitants of alinsky island/hog/welfare/roosevelt island were far left pre conquered Kool Aid drinkers.

feb 1, 2013... is scary too, we will see?

And the Republican Party Congresscritters - who are the ones who are supposed to have been and be looking out for the public's pursestrings - were where during all this corruption going on in this sort of program??

Is that what is called going with the flow; which is what some expert consultants are telling the Republican Party that they should do more of in order to get elected???  By the increasing number of people who are living off of the hard-working taxpayers????

I say Starve the Beast.  (There are ways to keep your income from being automatically deducted on you.)  With representatives in office like the ones that have been in there, Joe and Jill Taxpayer need to start looking out for themselves.  Saying, loud and clear: No more freebies, Folks.  At least, not on me.  Try the Federal Reserve.  They seem to have a Money Tree in there.  But this window is Closed.    

those non working free loaders who were on food stamps and unemployment, apparently many switched over to disability, and it did not look as though they were really screened for an actual disability, but under obama, they received it anyway. i saw a blog the other day where a street thug, with a rap sheet a mile long, was shot and killed. come to find out that he had nine kids, maybe six....with different all the kids will receive social security, with all the perks, until the age of 18....and the total tab to the tax payer will be in the millions....and the dream act will allow all of these illegals to come into the same system, and swoop up as much as they can too....all of our prisons are full of criminals that are illegal, and will eventually be in the system. so keep voting for these liberal mayors, governors, city councils, congress people and marxist president....and there will be nothing left.


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