Slovenia: Citizens Form Civil Defense Force To Stop Illegal Migration

Citizens Slovenia have formed a civil defense force to stop illegal migrants entering their country

 The Balkan route for migrants heading north from Turkey and Greece into Germany is well-known. However, thanks to Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the classic Balkan route which goes through Hungary has been sealed off. 

Replacement Migration’, as the United Nation puts it, now comes mainly through Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Austria. This is the alternative route that’s been established for illegal migrants to gain entry to Western and Northern Europe’s EU welfare states.

 But patriotic Slovenian citizens have come together to stop the relentless flow of illegal migration, as Voice of Europe report.

 The group of concerned citizens has formed a civil defense union to help the Slovenian army capture illegal migrants who’re trying to make their way through the country, Euronews reports.

“I think the only solution here is to send the army to the border, the situation is similar now as if you were opening the gates of a prison and saying we’re letting out all the prisoners, who would stay in there? a single,”said Blaz Zidar, a member of the defense force.

 Andrei Sisko, the commander of the citizen’s group, says: “What is the goal? The aim is to educate people and volunteers to defend their country as needed and to help the military and police to control public order. In times of massive migrations from the African and Asian states, especially Muslims, it is important to protect our borders. Because a state that is unable to protect its border is not a sovereign state.”

 Recently, during a visit to Slovenia’s southern border with Croatia, Prime Minister Marjan Sarec announced that his country would increase its border protection against illegal migrants.

About 35 additional troops have since been stationed at the border.

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Mass migration is nothing more than a COVER for a socialist invasion... using asymmetrical war they are engaging in a proxy war... with the illegal migrant the soldier and weapon of their choice.  It is time to label illegal mass migration for what it is ... a Socialist International Proxy war against capitalism ... a massive effort to invade non-socialist states using subterfuge to disguise the communist plot to redistribute the world's wealth thru mass migration... if one can't defeat a nation's military... invade it with millions of destitute and overwhelm the native population to gain control over the government..

 Take it up with the UK EU US because they built the UN agendas...:)

You obviously have no idea how the UN is run...  There are 193 Nations in the UN.  The UN attempts to operate using democratic principals.  UN resolutions and policy are made thru a democratic collaborative process... when the Resolution is totally unpalatable the US Can VETO IT... killing it.

The problem in the past is that the Democrat Party and its Presidents have allowed the UN To overstep its authority and usurp powers over the US they don't have.  Since Trump has been President, the UN's anti-American policies and resolutions are failing for lack of monetary support and the use of the veto by the US Ambassador to the UN. 

The UN attempts to operate using democratic principals☺flooding nations will open borders, that does sound like the UK Democracy.

The UK is leaving the EU... it was the EU that sponsored OPEN BORDERS... Britex will seal the borders of Great Britain once more...  ending the EU policy of open borders.

 It was their people that protest the Brexit, the immigrants are still there. More fake news by the EU in America.

The voice of the CURRENT prime minister supports the voice of the people... to withdraw for the EU and its open border policies.  Therefore, the official voice of Britain is to end open borders and their ties with the EU.

Dribble☺ the current prime minister is a puppet if he disobeys his masters, the "Khazar Jews" they will kill him.

What Khazar Jews... name them.  What do you mean you can't name them?  If not, how do you even know if there are any such animals as Khazar Jews.

Talk about unsupported statements... this one takes the grand prize... You said:  "the current prime minister is a puppet if he disobeys his masters, the "Khazar Jews" they will kill him." Name them... those Khazar Jews wanting to kill the Prime Minister of Israel.


The only dribble here are the immaginary Khazars... they are coming for you... hi, ho, hi, ho... look out those mean Khazars are coming for you.




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