Should Trump and Cruz Unite and ‘Kill the Establishment!’

Of all the words of tongue and pen, perhaps the saddest are these: It might have been.

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham on Thursday mourned the brutal primary battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, wishing the two Republican front-runners had concentrated their fire on a common enemy.

“I had this idealistic vision, that Trump and Ted would work together until the establishment was truly killed off,” said Ingraham. “And so neither one would attack one another and it would be détente. It would be like China and the United States working together in the 1970s until the Soviet Union collapsed.”

Ingraham made the comments in an interview with Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz and a critical part of his senator son’s campaign efforts in evangelical-heavy Iowa.

Listen below:

LAURA INGRAHAM: Is your son closer to Rubio in policy or Trump in policy?

RAFAEL CRUZ: I really do not want to get involved in making comparisons. The American people need to make their own judgment upon — based upon who reflects the values that they believe.

INGRAHAM: Well, I think he’s closer to Trump than he is to Rubio. I have this idealistic vision, Pastor Cruz, that Trump and Ted would work together. Until the establishment was truly killed off, that they’d work together, and so neither one would attack one another and it would be detente until — it would be like China and the United States working together in the ’70s until the Soviet Union collapsed. And I’m not saying who’s the Soviet Union and who’s the United States in that comparison but I wanted them both to work together but no one listens to me. I wanted the establishment to be killed off.


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Trump lovers, eat your hearts out, I just knew that Iowan Christians would come through and see through that Bible thing that Trump and to scam you with. 

Yes, I am sure Rubio got a lot of Democrats crossing over party lines in Iowa to vote against Trump. We can expect this kind if underhandedness to be supported by the U.S. Chamber of Crypto-Fascist, Crony Commerce donors in their all-out effort to defeat Trump.

And still davidfarrar, there are no links to prove it.

I'm not saying it 'couldn't happen', I'm saying we need proof it happened.

How many points did Trump lose and Rubio gain, it was taken from Trump.


Laura Ingram tells Ted Cruz's father that she doesn't want to see Trump and Cruz fight with each other, but to be united together to kill off the establishment, like China and the United States working against the Soviet Union. What kind of logic is that?  Work together so they can work against the establishment..... who is she referring to as the 'establishment'... the senators and members of the house??  SO... she wants to see Trump and Cruz as President and Vice President, fighting together, against the Senate and House of Representatives? Isn't that the same situation we have right now... the president and vice president creating gridlock between the executive and legislative branches, making a 'do- nothing Congress' that people hate?  I saw someone make a post asking 'What has happened to the Tea-Party?   Well what has happened is, the Tea Party has become an organization just like all the other 'established' organizations who have one centralized group of leaders, that make the decisions for all the members... such as who to endorse, who should be called RINOS or establishment,  and interpretation of what each and every member should live by. That is why Obama won a second term, because the Tea Party vowed that if their choice of a presidential nominee did not win, all of their members would just stay at home.... like they are a bunch of mindless robots who shouldn't try to choose a candidate for themselves.  And in every post I read, I see Trump followers saying Cruz is ineligible to run for president because he was born in Canada and Cruz fans saying Trump is a Democrat and is going to choose a liberal Democrat, Scott Brown, as his VP. And all of you have been told by the infallible 'Tea Party' heads that if Rubio becomes the nominee you should just stay at home and let Hillary or Bernie win the presidency again and have four more years of Democratic rule with a Republican House and Senate. THAT is what has happened to the Tea Party. What started out with individuals seeking a conservative America the way it used to be is now fighting among itself and then blaming the liberal press, the RINOs or anyone else but themselves for the mess that the United States is in right now. My advice is, don't take advice from the talk show hosts like Rush, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Hannity or Bill OReilly.  Do research on each candidate from unbiased sources if you can find one and I don't mean Breitbart,  Fox News, MSNBC, addicting Info or any  other biased sources. Watch videos of what the candidates have said in the past... THINK FOR YOURSELVES and then vote for who YOU think is the most qualified to be president, but vote for someone. Don't stay at home and let the Democrats make the decision for you.


good post and hope all read and do their own research and not live on talking points.

I agree with that!

Jennifer: Good post - I agree with a majority of it. I would add that we as a group should inform ourselves appropriately and support the candidate we feel strongly would be in the BEST interest for America. But  - remember, digging in on one candidate may not be beneficial should that personal choice lose in the GOP primaries. Choosing to then stay at home on election day because the original choice takes a dive - is just not a prudent choice. At that point, we simply MUST coalesce around the ONE individual nominated after the GOP primaries. And WIN!

As demonstrated in the 'past' if the Party Pick needs to pick a 'Vice President'  that the Party will support!  I would like that to be 'Who the America's who vote supports'!   In my opinion as a 'Outlier' with no Party (Nonpartisan).  2016  "Don't disassemble, strengthen the powers of the Three Equal Branches of USA Government." 

Yes! Yes! Yes.. and I stand with Steve too!!  Amen!!


Why not move on from your Cruz crap.  You lost in Iowa and you just can't get grips on that lost.  You're as becoming as much of a loser as Trump.




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