Should Trump and Cruz Unite and ‘Kill the Establishment!’

Of all the words of tongue and pen, perhaps the saddest are these: It might have been.

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham on Thursday mourned the brutal primary battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, wishing the two Republican front-runners had concentrated their fire on a common enemy.

“I had this idealistic vision, that Trump and Ted would work together until the establishment was truly killed off,” said Ingraham. “And so neither one would attack one another and it would be détente. It would be like China and the United States working together in the 1970s until the Soviet Union collapsed.”

Ingraham made the comments in an interview with Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz and a critical part of his senator son’s campaign efforts in evangelical-heavy Iowa.

Listen below:

LAURA INGRAHAM: Is your son closer to Rubio in policy or Trump in policy?

RAFAEL CRUZ: I really do not want to get involved in making comparisons. The American people need to make their own judgment upon — based upon who reflects the values that they believe.

INGRAHAM: Well, I think he’s closer to Trump than he is to Rubio. I have this idealistic vision, Pastor Cruz, that Trump and Ted would work together. Until the establishment was truly killed off, that they’d work together, and so neither one would attack one another and it would be detente until — it would be like China and the United States working together in the ’70s until the Soviet Union collapsed. And I’m not saying who’s the Soviet Union and who’s the United States in that comparison but I wanted them both to work together but no one listens to me. I wanted the establishment to be killed off.


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Trump and Cruz could return country to greatness if they worked together. I could see both of them in office for 2 terms each. That dream could become real. God Bless USA Again

Agree Lawrence, we might again live in a Country we recognize. They both are strong, and strength is needed, as it seems to have become fashionable, in the Obama Era to be feminine, non-confrontational, and weak. We need real men who will charge the enemy, whether it be a lazy Congress or an enemy among us. No one respects weakness, they simply take advantage of it. I'm tired of losing, I'd like TRUMP/CRUZ 2016.

I think that the establishment should be killed off as they are takeing to much away from the AMERICAN people.

Yes Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be awesome together ! That is a great idea would love to see it !!!


Both parties are travesties of corruption, ignorance and evil.

Whomever can kill them both is good in my eyes. The enemy of my enemy is at this point, my candidate.

August 17, 2015 was the all-time high. TRUMP! was there. 24M viewers turned in.

Without TRUMP! this time, half the viewers.

You are playing right into the sleight of hand that is coming from FIX news.

Yay, ray, 2nd all time high!!  Whoopie!!  hmmm, what was #1 then???

   I would hole that Trump and Ted Cruz have already formed a pact that set Cruz and Trump us so that the Democraps when attempting to trash one to the other with some new lie the 2 of them have READY EXPOSED THEIR WEEK SPOTS AND IT WILL NOT CARRY AND THE DEMOCRAPS LOSE.

Not sure. It is a little eariy for me.

I also hoped that they would create a dynamic team to start getting us back to constitutional principles, but that is fading fast. Trump is not a conservative and does not even mention the constitution in his speeches. Perhaps conservatism is being redefined once again. 

The corruption on both sides of the aisle is so profound and pervasive at all levels of government we are going to need a big "reset" if we are ever to get back to our founding principles. 

Sadly, our younger generations have been so indoctrinated with Marxist philosophies that they openly admit that Bernie Sanders' "Democratic Socialism" is what they want, That does not bode well for our country's future. 

No! Trump, is a Democrats and a liberal; he believes in the constitution only when it is politically exspeditant.
If I knew in the morning I had to go to war; I would rather
have Cruz, then Trump.




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