Should Rick Perry share the blame with Obama on the Illegal Invasion?

On Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Texas Gov. Rick Perry's enthusiastic embrace of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is a magnet that lures more illegal immigrants to America – just like President Barack Obama's temporary amnesty program for DREAMers.

“President Obama won’t send them home, and Gov. Perry has done the same thing by giving them in-state tuition," Paul told the Wall Street Journal during a significant Iowa trip. "That’s a beacon without any kind of border security."

Paul and Perry are potential 2016 presidential rivals, and they both will be meeting with potential supporters and activists as they crisscross throughout Iowa this month. Theyhave feuded on foreign policy in recent months in the pages of beltway publications likePolitico and the Washington Post.

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By giving legal status to illegal Aliens, is breaking the Immigration Laws just like Obama and Holder are doing. Keep in mind that the majority voted twice for Obama due to the lies and broken promises he told and gave, they are having second thoughts. You never justified why illegals in Texas should get the same benefit as Texans?

Rand  Paul is right, Rick Perry is a follower he do not have the courage to stand for our state sovereignty, Laredo, The rio grand valley, Del Rio,  Houston, Austin, El paso and San Antonio are the promoters of illegal immigration, no one in these cities have the courage to stand to this illegal invasion of immigrant, not only from Mexico but from many others countries; The word was out since clinton that the border was open to the immigrants and the drug cartels. The truth is that we have a government that do not want to enforce our laws, because they are corrupt. We have the CIA, The Dept. Home land security, Th US Justice Dept.and the FBI. for many years I have written to my congressman my senators and the president, but no one listen they got their globalist agenda and their objective is to form the North American Union. Seek the truth, the truth will set you free.    

No, he isn't.  I'm not really a Perry fan, but his hands are tied on a lot of this. The border and the land around it is federal land, not state land, so there are things we would like to see him do, but he can't because it isn't his 'jurisdiction'.  San Antonio, Houston, and Austin are the most liberal parts of the state, so don't believe everything you hear from these areas and certainly don't expect them to stand against this illegal invasion! 

Watch out of Rand Paul.  He is a snake and he keeps proving it. Don't listen to his words, they sound sweet.  Look at his actions and be careful while you do it. He'll suck you right in. 


Grace, I am with you 100%. Nothing matters but our constitution, our God given rights and the rule of law. Our loyalty is to our country, not to any political party, politicians or especial interest organizations. 2014 and 2016 are the years to reform our political system and vote out all the corrupt politicians out of office; they are traitors, they betray our trust and demise our faith in our system of government.

Stupid question!!    NO WAY in God's green Earth did he have anything to do with this!!   I'm a Texan and will fight to the death any sneaky way Muslim Dictator Obama tries to push this on any one else.

Soon, he will be say the Russians did it!

Nancy Pelosi probably put Obama up to this stupid question?     Or didn't you know the Russians did it!

Always blaming someone else!     CAN YOU SPELL "Stupid"?

this has been a on-going problem for years.  So why isn't there been a fence built from texas to California. we send million and billions to countries who don't give a darn about us, will shoot us in the back at the first opportunity and we can't come up with the funds to build a fence.  and that fence should have high voltage wires at the top.  Time to quit playing games with our grand childrens future.

It is definitely unfair that illegal aliens should pay in-state tuition at a state university, while those of us who are bonafide American citizens from other states should have to pay out-of-state tuition at the same state university. We Americans who were born and raised here should file a class action law suit against the federal and state governments for this unjust tuition disparity. I agree with the proposition that most, if not all, state governors--as well as President Barack Obama--are somehow facilitating the importation of illegal aliens. The treasonous politicians of my home state of Maryland, too, are aiding and abetting this illegal and immoral trend. Rewarding law-breakers is the issue here.

Let us not forget the toll road corridor Perry wanted to build from Mexico through Texas. He wanted to take people's land to do it. But it was voted out by the people. He is no different than ALL the rest of them. We need to put regular people in office.. There needs to be a law that you can not be a lawyer and serve in Washington D.C.




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