Sheriff Richard Jones Bills Mexico for Illegals in His Jail - FBI Warns Him Mexican Drug Cartels Will Kill Him

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Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones had a unique idea to help with the cost of illegal aliens, who had committed crimes, currently taking up space in his jail. He sent a letter to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto charging him .... In response to Jones’ letter, the federal government sent him a letter stating he had violated “a treaty of like, 1790.”

In an appearance on BlazeTV’s “Dana,” the Butler County Sheriff told Dana Loesch the details.

“I sent him a bill for the prisoners that are in my jail. They came here illegally. I’ve not gotten any money from them, but I billed them so much. And, I’ll tell you what I got in return, my life was threatened.”

Jones said he got a call from the FBI saying there were three sheriffs in the country that were going to be killed by the drug cartels, and he was one of the three.

POLL:  Should the illegal aliens now crossing the border be immediately deported?

Not only did Jones write the president of Mexico, he also wrote Obama “asking and pleading with him not to bring these people here to the State of Ohio, and to secure our borders.”

According to Sheriff Jones, “We’ve had horrendous crimes here in this community. We had a senior citizen, an elderly lady, molested by a teenager that came over from Mexico. We had another one molested – an eight year old girl. We’ve had drugs pouring in, more so than before the government said the borders were sealed. And we’re being run over by the drug dealers coming to this community. The violence has increased, and we’re a long way from the borders.”

Jones indicated that Butler County spends eight to ten million dollars monthly on “free stuff,” indicating it as one of the reasons these illegals come here.

Labeling this as a “terrible, terrible tragedy,” Jones said, “People’s lives are being threatened. It’s in the state of Ohio, for crying out loud. We’re not in Arizona; we’re not in California.”

He said the administration is “making it ‘too easy’” for those who may wish to harm America to cross the border into the United States.

“They’re going to walk in with backpacks. They’re going to put some dirty bombs together; they’re going to do something really terrible. It’s just too easy,” Jones said. “We don’t know who they are. They don’t have vaccinations. Our jails are full. They hit and run. It’s totally out of control, and it’s gotten worse just in the last twelve months.”
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Worse as we all should know is our CIA. They have committed more acts of treason against the United States than our enemies! Recent is the agreement from Obama that took out our Seals Team! It also including the take out of the Ambassador and military aids! An agreement to give Obama the cedit that he got Ben Laden.. Ben Laden even knew about it and gave himself!

Hillary also knew about all of it and thus her lack of actions!

Perhaps it is time to roll into Mexico and wipe out the cartels and other filth that are the left's friends?

I agree!

Hooray for this sheriff & ANYONE that stands-up against these illegals! As for the drug cartels, the government better start taking control of this BS, or the Patriots will! 

Well I guess Sherriff Jones should arm himself with high powered weapons, and get the people with guns to protect him. This is America and I am sick of this garbage coming into Our Country and thinking they can do what they want with out a fight. We are all armed now thanks to Obomanation, and will fight, no more bull shit. Lock and load.

You are right-on, Bill Little Eagle Ellison! We must all stand united and fight this! This is OUR country! 

The simple fact is the federal government is working against the American is them against us. There is going to be a hell of a fight before it's over!

That is why they are trying so hard to disarm all of us! We must NOT allow it to happen!

It's INFURIATING that our Law Enforcement officers are being threatened with their lives in this Country by a bunch of low life, third world country neanderthal thugs!! This is fuckin UNBELIEVABLE!!! And it sounds like HUSSEIN is very ok with that.... GRRRRR!!!!!

I find it absolutely incredible that there is still a percentage of the population that don't realize what Obama has been doing since his first day in office. His goal of the total collapse of our faith-based society, economy, healthcare system, and military to impose  his Declaration of Dependence on the federal government upon We, the People. To be fair to Obama, his slogan was "Change you can believe in."He never said that it was change that we were going to like! 

I am in TOTAL agreement with this poor sheriff! And Hey! FBI! Here's a really NOVEL idea. Instead of just warning this sheriff the Cartels will kill him, why don't you do YOUR job and PROTECT him?!




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