Sharpton Explains Tax Cheat Allegations: ‘People Don’t Like… That Obama’s The President’

The Rev. Al Sharpton said a front-page New York Times report saying that he and his nonprofit organization owed more than $4 million in state and federal taxes was “misleading and totally out of context,” and told reporters his organization actually owed about $800,000.

Sharpton said he was not sure how much he personally owed because it was still being negotiated, and questioned why the issue was raised now, suggesting it was motivated in part by hostility toward Bill de Blasio and Barack Obama.

In a 30-minute press conference at his Harlem office which ended with him abruptly walking out on a roomful of reporters, Sharpton said, “The National Action Network’s tax debt as of December of 2013 was a little over $400,000. ...On that, they want $400,000 in penalties. The board’s position at our national convention was that why should we have to pay 100 percent if we can knock it down. But we continued to pay the monthly installment while we did.”

Asked about the combined amount in taxes that he and his organization owed—$4.5, million according to the Times— Sharpton said, “How could I owe what you originally owed in 2008. Then that would have meant we paid none of the installments and that we didn’t put up the $1 million that everybody reported.”

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I find Booker's statement quite prophetic and fitting for today's race mongers, who happen to be black.

AND mexican

Sharpton is just one good, "N" and if you think he should pay his taxes like the rest of us you are a Racists

PROUD to be a racist

If the average business owned by whites owed $400,00 the IRS would clamp down on them. Sharpton gets a break because of his connections and race.

It's called black privilege and nobody will do anything about it. 

Hey sharpness, STFU and PLEASE go away, ASSWIPE!

And a PANT LOAD at that!

its intrest on intrest when you owe the IRS no more Alphabet soups throw them out

Since his young days peddling drugs to poor minorities, he continues with his criminal enterprise. The National Action Network is just another scam. People that trust him gave him money as donation for his cause. However, what money was made was used as his personal expenses and it's all tax free. Some of the money is recorded for tax purposes, so you can just imagine how much money Sharpton and his organization takes in if he only owes 4.5 million. I guess the meeting with Obama on his tax issue didn't go too well for him. When Red Fox owed the IRS, they cleaned him out. The same with Willie Nelson. When Wesley Snipes  owed, they sent him to jail. Is it because Sharpton remains on the payroll of Federal informants?

.. Al  - -.  is to be pitted.

He grew up in a white dominated society and never got enough education to phrase his words logically. I feel sorry for him.  He is doomed to error and the thought that the US  "owes him something"   due to supposed and real injustices of long long ago to his distant ancestors.

He may never wake up in the world of reality.   He is both the victim and the beneficiary of the human trait to imitate the multi-colored feathered fowls:   i.e.  Birds of a feather, flock together. 

So he's a Tax Cheat, along with being a worthless piece of Trash, preying on the ignorant.  Booker understood the problem, Sharpton knows how much money he can make, just be stirring up trouble, making wild and untrue allegations.      He's the worst type of parasite, feeding on those who don't know any better.




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