Senate Dems to resurrect United Nations treaty opposed by home schoolers

Senate Democrats will try to resurrect a United Nations treaty on rights for the disabled that was rejected last year over GOP concerns it would imperil home-schooling.
The treaty fell five votes short of the necessary two-thirds majority in a 61-38 vote in December after former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) led a charge that it would give unelected UN bureaucrats the power to challenge U.S. home-schooling.

Treaty supporters say those worries were unfounded, and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations panel hopes to win approval of the treaty, a Senate Democratic aide said.

Menendez hopes to strike a deal on a way forward with the panel's top Republican, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who voted against the treaty last year.

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Someone please edify me - I'm serious, I don't understand this - as to what is in this bill that affects home-schooling. Don't get me wrong, I don't trust ANY bill that is linked in ANY way to the UN, but in reading this rather short article I could find nothing that really explained how it would be affecting home schooling. Again, I don't doubt it, I just want more information.  Who can help here?

"I don't understand this - as to what is in this bill that affects home-schooling."

It's not exactly something that jumps out at you.

Under the Constitution, treaties become the law of the land; they stand above even the Constitution itself. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities would establish that the government has power to determine what's best for children with disabilities even if the parents think otherwise.

Current U.S. law, however gives parents the power to home school children (even those with disabilities) REGARDLESS of what the government believes. And parents can choose whatever resources they believe will best help their child, regardless of the government's view. There are, of course neglect laws but over the broad range of 'not neglect' it's up to the parents, not the government.

Something like 1 in 20 home schoolers are schooling a disabled child. The public school system hates ALL home schooling. Ratifying the UNCRPD would bring those homes and their children back under the power of the school system.

Furthermore, the language in this treaty concerning children is identical to that in a UN treaty on the rights of children. The U.S. hasn't ratified that one, either, but if we go for UNCRPD, it strengthens the case for ratification of the treaty on children AND makes it all but impossible to get that language changed. If we ratify that one, home schooling is over. Not instantly, but gradually, as one school district after another says "Well, your children would be better off going to public school."

I'm A LOT less concerned for improving treatment of Americans with disabilities when they travel abroad than I am about keeping the rights of parents here in the U.S. to make decisions for their children. I'm also very doubtful that any U.N. treaty will EVER force a foreign country to reliably do something it doesn't want to do. Some foreign countries have laws just as good as ours, others don't, and most of those who don't will be happy to ratify a treaty and then ignore it.

I have a very hard time believing that any U.N. treaty can make the U.S. a better place to live. U.S. citizens pay U.S. taxes and we live here: We should call the shots for HOW we live here and those who don't care for our laws are free to either work to change them, or leave.

I haven't read the wording, but I would bet that there is some sort of requirement for every education establishment, including private homes where only the resident children attend classes, to be in compliance with ADA, OSHA, and all sorts of other alphabet-soup regulations.

Thanks Walt. 

What in the world is happening Americans???? Is everyone so busy with their own life, that they don't. care around us? The people in Washington are taking more and more power away with the people.! Please wake up! We need to help fight these dogs in Washington. Get involved now.

more total CRAP from the REGIME!!

How can a fascist hope to succeed if people are allowed to educate their own children about history and truth.

George -

I like how you just zeroed in on the understanding of this.


   The Democrats do not like anyone home schooling because then the effects on some will not coincide with the National brain washing that the liberal school systems in most cases are.

   Case in point when a school allows the school to let out so that Mexican and brain washed can go protest something or other that offends Mexicans who are most likely from illegal parents and getting a free education.

   Just call me a biggot, I am tired of being told I have to pay and pay and pay for this Multicultural bovine Excriment. I am tired of being told that Islam is the religion of Peace... peaceful people do not blow themselves up along with children and women.

   The US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

   One very angry old while man.

   Menendez isn't he the Pedophile, that can't seem to keep his bone in his own backyard?

The UN versus Home Schooling?  Take your kids out of school starting today!!  The Fall semester will look very bleak to Liberal principals counting heads.  Home Schooling is the only way to insure that your kids remain human, humane, intelligent, healthy and will become contributors to their neighborhoods and their own families as they mature.  THE UN has picked a fight that they are certainly going to lose ---$crew the UN





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