Sen. Cruz EVISCERATES Democratic Colleagues During Sessions Hearing

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Everyone in the self established establishment goes with the flow, there's the R flow, there's the D flow, there's the R & D flow ...and then there's the drain the swamp flow, some know how to cling to the sidelines!

Trump has picked great men and women for his cabinet and Cruz knows it. All of these successful business people, billionaires, politicians, and ex-Goldman bankers will help Trump fight the establishment and Wall Street to work for we the people. Jan 20th can't come soon enough.

Let's hope so

I want to hear what Jedd Session said about what Ted Cruz said

I agree with Cruz but, on the other hand where was the rest of the Republican during the election month?

McCain was too busy played to the news media and proving once again that he really has opinions of the opposition party.  Rubio is too busy trying to become the next president while being extremely rude and obnoxious to Tillerson.  He asks questions and then interrupts the attempts to answer because he is not getting the answer he wants.  .

Trump will deal with dissent and criticism the way any great leader deals with it: he crushes it and he silences it. This is the only way Trump can make America great again. We do not need dissenters and people who hate America. The good news is that Trump knows how to drain the swamp, fight the establishment and Wall Street. His picks for his administration give us another great indication of how awesome Trump is.


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