Conservative and libertarian legal scholars are warning that electing Donald Trump to the White House in November could create a constitutional crisis.

"Who knows what Donald Trump with a pen and phone would do?" Ilya Shapiro, a lawyer with the Cato Institute, asked The New York Times.

While Trump's fiery rhetoric has called for banning Muslims and removing illegal immigrants without due process, some scholars heavily attacked his criticism this week of U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel in San Diego, who is presiding over the civil fraud lawsuit involving Trump University.

"This is how authoritarianism starts, with a president who does not respect the judiciary," David Post, a retired law professor and blogger for the conservative Volokh Conspiracy, told the Times. "You can criticize the judicial system, you can criticize individual cases, you can criticize individual judges.

"But the president has to be clear that the law is the law and that he enforces the law. That is his constitutional obligation."

"If he is signaling that that is not his position, that’s a very serious constitutional problem," Post said.

Randy Barnett, a Georgetown University law professor who played a key role in the first major challenge to Obamacare, doubted whether Trump had any commitment to two tenets of the Constitution: the separation of powers and federalism.

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I just watched the movie 13 hours. Everyone should be required to watch it especially the idiots who want to vote for her.

there's this inconvenient historical fact about these so called scholars..  our country was wise enough to not have had a 'scholar' as POTUS until Woodrow Wilson - 1913 - 1921.  and look at the constitutional damage done beginning in 1913 and since by 'scholar' POTUSes. 

I still contend that Ivy League schools, ! especially Harvard !, should be disqualifiers on a resume' for any government positions. They are openly uber-progressive with intent to facilitate change from our founding principles and constitution. Scholars are a source of problems, not solutions. 


I agree with you 9thA..! There was one hell of a Communist Movement through Immigration during those years! Wilson apparently ignored a lot Communist bull shit..! J. Edgar Hoover at that time [about 1919] took control of the FBI and tried to deport the Radical Communist Bastards..! J. Edgar didn't even allow any of his agents to come from such backgrounds as Scholars from such Ivy League schools..! Apparently J. Edgar was blocked at every turn of events..?! The Liberal Progressive Movement went right on into FDR's administration and has gone down hill like a snow ball headed for hell ever since..!

We need a Donald J. Trump out-sider that will surround himself with carefully hand picked cabinet to rule out any possible Left Wing Indoctrinated Ivy League Idiots from slipping through the cracks..!

What a Stupid Stupid Jack Ass!


YEAH! Don't keep this person in the shadows. Place him front and center to let him shine like the Stupid Stupid Jack Ass he is! LOL

Here is the rule of law they don't wont upset...

Our government is now the purveyor of immorality.
Why are we surprised? Governments have always loved crises: they provide the rationale for increasing budgets and bureaucracies, and subjugating the population.
Most new dictators create external crises to consolidate their internal powers.
In our country, they long ago learned that social crises serve as well as military ones.
There is one insight that supplies a key missing link: immorality results in social crises.
Is it any surprise to learn that governments have an enormous incentive to promote immorality?
The latest one is homosexuality in all its forms!
That is why we HAD a Republic because Democracy is run just this way and citizens have no peace and prosperity... it is mob rule!

Obama has violated his oath of office and all America stands for by circumventing --Congress which IS: WE THE PEOPLE, to do his will not the will of we the people. Obama has ignored IMMIGRATION LAWS released criminal onto the street and presented MORAL DECAY with Homosexuality in all its forms to a good generation!

His attempt to destroy it will not prevail.




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