Saudi Arabia Slammed For Treating Women ‘Like Slaves’

Saudi Arabia has come under fire for treating their own women like slaves, according to a damning report on Saturday. Speaking with the Independent newspaper, activist Manal al-Sharif says she was physically and mentally abused at the hands of Saudi authorities after she was caught driving a car.

I come from a very private society where we live in closed windows, high walls and women are covered up. It’s very difficult for girls and women in Saudi Arabia to do anything without the permission from a male guardian,” al-Sharif told the Independent.

Saudi Arabia slammed for treating their women like slaves reports: In 2011, Sharif uploaded a video on social media in which she could be seen driving. The clip was viewed over 700,000 times in a single day.

After that she started to receive death threats and was labeled mentally unstable. “I was called a w**** and people accused me of corrupting Muslims… They called me all kinds of names,” she added.

She was subsequently jailed for nine days, during which she lost custody of her son and was fired from her job.

She has since then immigrated to Australia, where she was able to obtain her driver’s license. “It was the best $300 I spent. I was so happy. It’s a liberating feeling,” she said.

The ban on women’s driving has been a thorny issue for Saudi Arabia as the kingdom keeps struggling with international criticism about its record in dealing with the rights of women and minorities. The ban is not officially endorsed in the Saudi legal system but activists say tradition and custom have barred women from driving. Some women have even challenged the ban by posting online selfie images behind the wheel.

Under increasing international pressure, Saudi Arabia’s former King Abdullah initiated a series of plans for engaging women in social and political activities. He appointed 30 female members to the Shura Council and allowed women to contest local council elections.

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Feminazi's do not care.

I will be back in a few,


 I know, I was busy, had all kinds of stuff to do, but its a shame this Government and Trump does business with countries that treat women like slaves.

Tif... do you buy petroleum based products... anything made from petroleum including plastics if you do you are likely doing business with Saudi Arabia.   Are you aware that the Saudi's have businesses in this country ... many hotel chains including the 4 Seasons are owned by Saudi's... One would be surprised on just how many companies in the us are owned or partly owned by the Saudi's.

 You still don't get it, the Saudi's Terrorist Connections, and controlling measures through oil, and you ask what you did, impressive.

That's correct Jea9... Feminazi's are not about feminism or protecting women's rights, they are about social revolution and the extension of socialism and communism in America.  They are about divide and conquer... about, chaos and creating a war between the Sexes... nothing more.

The so-called phony Feminist movement, like the LBGT+Q+XYZ, BLM, Environmentalists, Academia, the Media, Climate Alarmists, even the Animal Rights movements have been hijacked in part or completely by the far leftists in this country. They hide behind their fake missions proclaiming that they are representing brainwashed (or self-described) victims to forward the Anti-American Progressive (Communist) agenda by any means. They want to permanently entrench their anti-constitutional agenda, be it through violence, intimidation, sabotage, blackmail, etc. etc. We're witnessing that desperate escalation right NOW!

Listen... this is how ISLAM works... and the LEFT wants to permit them access to America and Sharia Law too be given access to our Nation.  By the way the chains in this picture are the least of it.. many women are stoned to death, beheaded and hung... on the word of one male witness.  

So, you liberal miscreants... this is what you want for your daughters.  I guarantee it is coming to a neighborhood near you IF WE KEEP IMPORTING THEIR RELIGION and SHARIA LAW is permitted to take root in the US of A.  We already hear of 'honor' killings as if there is any honor in killing ones children because of religions dicta. 

And people claim Islam is the religion of peace... and love... go figure how that works in practice

And the signs are that dimcrats are aligning in the means to their objectives with islime.


Dumbass Bernie Sanders proclaiming a Christian does not belong in Congress.

Canada, Bill 89, outlaws parents refusing gender choice in young kids, or the kids will be taken away if parents don't comply. If it is happening there, it will come here, too.

There are so many calls to assassinate R's and Trump, now, in this country, that it is unbelievable. This is the calm before the storm. If Sessions doesn't wake the hell up, and the FBI doesn't get scourged from the disease within, this country will come to blows, and soon. The head of Time Warner kept supporting the play that assassinates Trump, it is fine with him.

Saudi Arabia Massacres Its Own People, Media Silent

Saudi forces have imposed a devastating siege on the Shiite town of Awamiya in Al-Qatif, an urban area of Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. For the past two months Saudi Arabia has responded to its Shiite citizens’ call for basic human rights by shelling and attacking buildings with bombs, arresting religious minorities and setting up barricades to control free movement.


Geopolitics Alert reports:

These photos aren’t from Yemen, they’re from the Saudi Arabian eastern town of Awamiya. Where Saudi forces are waging war against an oppressed shia minority. Saudi Arabia adheres to the extreme fundamentalist and intolerant sect of Wahhabism. Making it the country’s religious majority. This ideology is also enforced through state tactics. Which make it illegal to publicly carry out any religious practice or teaching that conflicts with Wahhabism. Even other Muslims (especially Shiites) are considered infidels by the Saudi government. And thus, all religious minorities in Saudi Arabia remain an extremely oppressed group; often lacking the same health care, public services, and wages granted to their Wahhabi counterparts; if not facing death.

While the majority of Saudi citizens adhere to Wahhabi principles, many towns in the eastern province of Qatif– like Awamiya– hold a Shia majority. Where they’ve been essentially doomed to live in “ghettos” as second class citizens. But the Saudi oppression of Shiites and other religious minorities goes way beyond just economic devastation. In fact for the past two months Saudi forces have held Awamiya under siege, destroyed buildings with bombs and shelling, and set up barricades to control free movement. This is likely a response to Shia citizens calling for basic human rights.

In videos posted to social media, it looks like Saudi security forces are using white phosphorus to drive-out citizens from their homes. Residents also report that Saudi forces are shelling homes and buildings with .50 caliber weapons. In one instance, a building was set on fire and Saudi police refused to allow firetrucks to pass through the barricades.

It’s been confirmed that a number of people have died as a result of gunfire. But it’s unclear exactly what the death toll could be since Saudi Arabia severely restricts media access. When the Saudi-run state media are reporting the numbers, they surely can’t be trusted.

Of course, instead of reporting on the Saudis brutal repression, mainstream media has framed the story (in the few articles available) as though the Saudi security forces are simply clashing with an armed Shiite “militant” uprising. Which ultimately places the Saudi security forces in the “good guy” category just simply trying to keep order.

This however completely whitewashes the fact that the Shiite population in Saudi Arabia has been brutally repressed since the Kingdom’s formation. It also completely ignores the fact that the Saudis are using American-supplied weapons to kill their own people. Which if we look at Syria, this was supposedly the west’s entire reason for their intervention against Bashar al-Assad. “Assad is bombing his own people” the headlines still read to this day.

The happenings in Qatif only further demonstrate not only the Saudis’ intolerant disregard for human life, but also their genocidal tendencies as they move further towards an apartheid state within their own borders.saudisaudisaudisaudi

Credit: Facebook

Judge Reverses Decision To Release Evidence of Saudi 9/11 Funding ! !




( Democrats have slandered and degraded the legacy of America’s combat veterans by hijacking this country’s moral values for the sake of their totally anti-American agenda.

In a letter penned by thirteen Democrat-affiliated national security officials and sent to the highest four Congressional leaders, they begged them to quickly pass the ‘Dream Act’ amnesty. At the end of that letter, the Democrats urged Congress to extend the military’s policy of “leave noone behind” to the 3.6 million illegal immigrants and 690,000 DACA beneficiaries in a demand for unconditional amnesty, Breitbart reports.

The original transcript of the letter:

Learn more about RevenueStripe...

With every day that passes, these Dreamers are getting closer to the reality of deportation. We urge you to pass the Dream Act of 2017 as quickly as possible to provide permanent protection for Dreamers and relieve this deserving group of the uncertainty created by the President’s decision to rescind DACA. We should leave no man or women behind. Let that be our guiding principle.
The Democrats have finally revealed their true intent for the United States of America. The rhetoric weaponized in this letter reveals how liberals actually view illegal aliens – as foot soldiers meant to conquer American territory and overthrow the Constitution.

Immediately after this letter was made available to the public, the actual veterans of America’s wars threw up an outrage.

The phrase “Leave No One Behind” is one of the most important values of military culture, signifying the unwavering brotherhood of soldiers in the face of impossible odds, and their commitment to one another for victory even after death.

Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, has called this letter a moral hijacking of America’s values. “It is an insult to the people who have gone out there and earned their moral authority by doing something for the country … those people earned it by self-sacrifice and the illegal-aliens want amnesty for their self-interest… that does not entitle them to amnesty.”

A quick look at the Center for Immigration Studies’ findings on the Dreamers, however, shows that the reality of these people contradicts what the Democrats would have us believe about them:

73 percent of DACA recipients he surveyed live in a low-income household (defined as qualifying for free lunch in high school);
22 percent have earned a degree from a four-year college or university;
20 percent have dropped out of high school;*
20 percent have no education beyond high school and no plans to attend college;
59 percent obtained a new job with a DACA work permit, but only 45 percent increased their overall earnings; and
36 percent have a parent who holds a bachelor’s degree.

These sad statistics prove that the vast majority of these DACA “kids,” who are actually full-grown men in their 20s and 30s, are parasitic lowlifes who want nothing to do with our way of life or even our language. Nothing even remotely like the men and women in America’s Armed Forces who sacrifice their well-being and lives to keep other countries from taking over and occupying us.

But if the Democrats succeed, and Congress grants this barbarian horde the right to amnesty, then everything the true American veterans fought for will be lost – we will be de facto occupied by foreign invaders, and they will carve up our land and government for themselves, just like the Aztecs, Mongols, and Muslims of old.

The pure fact that liberals think they can compare the men and women who fought, killed, were wounded, and died to keep our nation and freedom safe … to hordes of foreigners who have done virtually nothing for our country, who will most likely squat on our territory and feed off of taxpayer-provided cradle-to-grave services, is such an outrageous and insulting comparison, any Democrat who utters such sentiment should be instantly punished for treason and have their positions revoked.

Immigrants – legal and illegal – overwhelmingly uses the Democrats’ social services and vote for them. No doubt in their minds that liberals see them as a constant flow of reinforcements in their battle against law-abiding, natural American citizens. They are the Democrats’ soldiers for dismantling Western values, Christianity, secularism, capitalism, and freedom. Without these foreigners pouring into the United States from third world, socialist hellholes, the Democrats would never have survived this long.


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