Not for sure about all of this, but if history repeats, Americans will see another long 10 to 20 years of War.     Washington is planning to attack the regime of President Bashar al-Assad as retribution for ill-founded accusations of an upcoming planned chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government against its civilians.

Ron Paul Institute reports:

Ron Paul Last night the White House released a shock statement that the Syrian government was about to use chemical weapons “again” on its citizens and that the United States would launch a massive response.

At the time, the AP reported that neither the State Department nor the Pentagon or intelligence agencies seemed to know anything about it.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned that any attack on citizens of Syria would be automatically blamed on Assad (as well as Russia and Iran).

It seems Trump is ready for a massive attack on the Syrian government — coincidentally just a day after a major piece by Seymour Hersh showed that the US intelligence community knew that the April “chemical attack” was no such thing but that Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles anyway.

Trump constantly accuses CNN of purveying “fake news,” but he has shown himself to also be a master at fake news. Something they have in common.

More in today’s Liberty Report:

Trump's Super Fake Syria News: More US Attacks Expected- YouTube


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Yep, it figures! What could anyone expect from the very FAKE news network?

The US Administration and its use of our Military in Syria is illegal... there is no Congressional authorization to use military force in Syria and in fact, under Obama the Congress refused to authorize such use.  Our Military is open for International charges of war crimes... by invading Syria with US Forces... in a proxy war against Syria.  Congress needs to act... they need to issue an AUMF that permits the use of Military force in Syria.

We have been around the circle on this once before... Assad has no need to use Chemical Weapons and too do so will only bring huge condemnation and likely military intervention aimed at his regime. There is no proof offered with this claim by the administration... it appears that the MSM may not be the  only one involved in Fake News.

Who in the White House issued the claim that Assad is about to use Chemical Weapons once again... and what intelligence was used to support that statement.  These kinds of statements only serve to destroy the credibility of the Trump Administration.  Let's hope this was a misunderstanding between the White House and the Intel Community... 

This raises issues on who is running the Administration and even more troubling..has Trump been co-opted by the NWO?  We know that the NWO wants Assad gone... yesterday.  We should not allow US forces to support the goals of the Globalist and Marxist establishment.

I agree partially, when after the attack by the Saudis on our Republic 9-11 the Congress voted to support war on any terrorist at any geographic location on the globe that targeted America, that congressional sanction has not been lifted.

As far as I know Syria is not attacking the US... and was not involved in the 9/11 attacks on the US.  What we have here is a Globalist and Muslim attempt to remove a once stable, Arab Secular State and to replace it with a radical Muslim Caliphate... that is hardly a smart move unless you want to extend the wars in the Mid-East and promoting global terrorism.  

The Globalist may see this as an opportunity to keep Islam at one another's throats while they work to undermine the worlds stable governments as they attempt to build a new world order... out of the chaos they facilitate or create. It is the Hegelian Dialectic at work.  They view chaos as an ally to deflect our attention away from their work to subvert the worlds existing governments... by any means necessary.

Let Russia and Assad clean out ISIS in Syria... stop threatening him unless he threatens the US... Removing Assad will only guarantee more instability and greater resources for terrorist to use in their world campaign of terror.  Syria was once a stable secular Arab state where Muslim and Christians lived side by side in relative peace.

This is probably the corrupt CIA leading Trump down the primrose path of destruction.

This bs has already led to a major stand off with Putin. We do NOT need to go there.

CNN News is in trouble with the Russian Scandal, for Russia and Trump Elections,

Trump is just about to find out how fast public opinion will turn against him, over Syria.

I am and our team is pushing Mr. Massingale to release the documents how the Obama Administration, created the lie from the very start. But the industrial banking needs has no respect for life, American or Muslim.

 The Wars Must Go On, Money! Money! Money!

Scandal-ridden news network also has big credibility problem on social media

CNN isn’t just the king of “fake news” these days, it’s also apparently the king of fake Twitter followers.

In fact, more than 17 million of CNN’s Twitter followers have been determined to be “fake,” according to Twitter Audit.

That’s a full 48 percent of all of CNN’s followers. And, according to a WND analysis, CNN is the worst offender of all prominent news organization hashtags.


Read more

I am not surprised... it is the modus operandi of most leftist organizations... achieving their goals by using any means necessary including lying about the size of their audience and their influence in America's cultural debate and news media.

They are taking their game plan from the Pravda and Izvestia play books... and just like our old nemesis, the Soviet Union,  the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK (CNN) is loosing their audience and ability to influence the public.  Someone needs to tell CNN that American's are on to their deceitful, biased attacks on Trump and their Fake News... no longer works.

Trump is leading himself down his own path, #  issue the Obama Healthcare. period end of argument.

I will share this at other sites.

Hi Jason,

Thank you.





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