Revolving Door: US Copyright General Counsel Joins Music Industry

 Continuing the revolving door tradition between the United States government intellectual property and trade officials and the industries they represent, David Carson, general counsel of the US Copyright Office, will join the top international music industry association in September. Carson will assume a role of influencing policymakers in drafting legislation to protect and promote copyright. His is latest in a series of moves blurring US industry and government lines, and extending to the (UN) United Nations.

 Carson will become the head of global legal policy at IFPI (the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), the London-based international association of the recording industry.

 Carson will join IFPI on 24 September, according to an IFPI release. He will report chief executive Frances Moore and will “help coordinate the organisation’s outreach to policymakers worldwide,” IFPI said.

“At IFPI, Carson will coordinate the recorded music industry’s legal policy strategy worldwide, working with governments, lawmakers, other industries and international organisations on a wide variety of copyright issues, including the need to achieve robust legislation to help tackle online piracy and establish a sustainable digital music market,” it said.

 Carson, a frequent participant in negotiations at the World Intellectual Property Organization, has served as general counsel at the Copyright Office since 1997, with a term as associate register for policy and international affairs in 2007-2008.

“He has been involved on behalf of the United States government in virtually every significant copyright law and policy matter in the past 15 years,” IFPI said.

 Carson came to the Copyright Office from a career in private practice in film industry centre Beverly Hills, California, and New York. He graduated from Harvard Law School and Stanford University, as well as international studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Carson is only the latest in a series of moves involving US officials with deep ties to the copyright industry.

 Earlier this year, Shira Perlmutter left the top global legal policy post at IFPI to become the lead official for international affairs at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

 Perlmutter filled the post at USPTO after Albert Tramposch returned to the private sector at the American Intellectual Property Law Association in Washington, DC.

(see IP-Watch coverage here and here.)

 Examples of US industry-policymaker ties also extend to WIPO. This summer, Michele Woods was named director of the Copyright Law Division for the Culture and Creative Industries Sector for the next two years. Woods came from the US Copyright Office, and before that was an industry lawyer representing clients such as major league sports.

 Other WIPO officials from the United States have come from strong industry backgrounds as well. On the patent side, the top WIPO official for patents and global issues, James Pooley, was a long-time industry lawyer.

 And in the newest twist, WIPO this year has brought on a top lawyer from US-based Intellectual Ventures, Matthew Rainey, to oversee the new innovation division. Intellectual Ventures is a multi-billion dollar non-practicising entity, sometimes referred to as a patent troll, which is expert at buying up IP and defending it.

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 Ronald You have completely lost it, like Da!!! it clearly states at the top of their blog, The UN...what are ya blind???

His is latest in a series of moves blurring US industry and government lines, and extending to the (UN) United Nations.


The files are open, server 12, answer the phone...

Blurring US Industry and government lines is a Constitutional mandate... an enumerated Congressional power.  It is hardly interfering for Congress to regulate commerce.

The US Constitution gives Congress the right to regulate INTERSTATE COMMERCE... too, regulate interstate, foreign and Indian commercial transactions... This is a major power of Congress... Congress's authority to engage with Corporations and businesses is hardly interference or a blur...

One of those Constitutional duties is to establish laws regulating intellectual property rights... copyright, trademark, and patent law are just part of Congress's Constitutional duty to join with corporations and businesses in the regulation of interstate commerce. 

Congress is Constitutionally charged to regulate corporations and all interstate transactions.  This power is found in the "Commerce Clause" an enumerated power of our Government... see: (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3).

The so-called Commerce clause states... Congress shall have power... "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes." SEE:

Where did you go to school... get a refund, as whatever you paid ... was too much.


No, I am not blind but you are either blind or smoking something...  There is no mention of the UN in the title for this BLOG... the Title is:

"Revolving Door: US Copyright General Counsel Joins Music Industry"

This is your blog and title... please do tell where is the UN mentioned in this title?  See:


 I took the time to point out to Tiffany, in another video where Israel was hacked around the same date the IFPI took court action against Israel, took Israel off the Internet.

Tiff and friends, they should not have any problems connecting the dots.


Do you actually believe that Israel was taken of the NET... the State of Israel was not denied access to the internet at anytime that I am aware of... perhaps you have proof or reliable corroberation of such a claim.. please post. 

Claims made in extranious videos without corroberation are worthless... there are hundreds of worthless and untrue claims made by crackpots on the internet daily... just because it is in vedio format doesn't make it true.

Please cite the court case and basic complaint brought by the IFPI as I can't find such a case...  a link to the court filing will do... it should be a public record.  I don't believe that Israel as a government would deliberately and knowingly violate copyright law. 

The IFPI is however suing hundreds of countries for permitting file sharing on the internet they claim Violate Copyright law... is this what you are talking about... as I can't find Israel mentioned as a defendant/party in the several suites they have filed. 


This sort of legal action seems to me too be a move to protect the rights of Artists and their intellectual works... the IFPI is doing their job to defend those rights against open file sharing of MP3 piracy by individuals.  They are seeking to have the states named restrict such file sharing in their states and to make it a criminal act... etc.


You tell it like it is Rosie...yes!!!!!!!!!!

 Tif you once asked what people came out of the land of Egypt to Palestine, what evil followed Moses to Israel, they are called, Asmodeus. This can be found in the Book of Tobit.

 Christians were condemned as anti semitic because of Hitler.

I have sent you Tif a very old VHS collection, they work properly.

 The EU along with the United Nations, sent the Jewish people to Israel because of the war in Germany.

 There is a difference between to true people of Israel and the Jews of the EU.

 Watch the videos carefully, it documents history correctly.

 Thank you Rosie, but you could of called?

Your welcome





Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel


TOTAL BULLSHIT!: FBI Arrests Leader Of Militia Group Stopping Illegal Aliens In New Mexico

The FBI on Saturday arrested Larry Hopkins, the leader of the militia group that is stopping ‘asylum seekers’ after they illegally cross over the US border into New Mexico.

Hopkins was arrested shortly after the anti-American ACLU accused the militia group of kidnapping and illegally detaining the aliens.

Reuters reported:

Hopkins, 69, also known as Johnny Horton, was arrested in Sunland Park, New Mexico, on a federal complaint charging him with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

“We’re not worried about it, he’s going to be cleared,” said Jim Benvie, a spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), blaming his arrest on political pressure from Lujan Grisham.

Hopkins is the “national commander” of the UCP, which has had around half a dozen members camped out on a rotating basis near Sunland Park since late February.

More than 300 ‘asylum seekers’ trying to illegally cross the US border this weekend surrendered to an armed militia of New Mexico citizens comprised of ex-cops and veterans.

This is what happens when the US government doesn’t even uphold its most basic commitment to the American people, to secure the borders from invaders.

The militia then handed over the detained aliens to US border patrol.

The militia immediately came under attack — PayPal and GoFundMe banned the group of armed citizens from being able to raise money.

In a statement to BuzzFeed, PayPal claimed that the group violated their “Acceptable Use Policy.”

“The account associated with United Constitutional Patriots has been closed due to a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy,” the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “We do not allow PayPal services to be used to promote hate, violence, or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.”

Mark Cheney, who identified himself to BuzzFeed as the “commander” of the militia, said that the bans have “killed” their efforts.

“They killed us,” Cheney said. “I have to find some other way for people to donate.”

There is a crisis at the US-Mexico border and the Democrats and activist judges are fighting President Trump at every turn.

In March alone, over 100,000 illegal aliens were detained by US border patrol.

According to reports, over 1.5 million illegal aliens will enter the United States in 2019 if the surge continues at the current rate.

Instead of arresting the illegal alien invaders, the FBI arrests an American man who is defending the borders. Let that sink in.


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