Reporter Asks WH if Obama Thinks He’s ‘the Emperor of the United States’

“Does the President still stand by what he said last year when he said, ‘I am not the emperor of the United States; my job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Is that still operative?” asked Jonathan Karl, reporter for ABC, during Tuesday’s White House press briefing.

“Absolutely,” replied White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

“Not a king either?” asked Karl, to audience chuckles.

“That’s right,” said Earnest flatly.

“Because [Obama] was asked very specifically about the idea of expanding the deferred action executive order for the DREAMers to their parents. And he said September 17th last year on Telemundo, very clearly: ‘If we start broadening that, then essentially I would be ignoring the law in a way that would be very difficult to defend so that is not an option. Is that still off the table?" asked Karl


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"Fixing the immigration problem and addressing solutions Republicans are not willing to address". Never give an answer, just spout the quotes that are hellishly libelous and sickeningly inaccurate. Is Mr. Earnest really able to sleep at night?

The entire immigration can be fixed with two metals-LEAD & BRASS!

Mr. Forster: Right you are!

And obama can be fixed to!

I guess that they all eat pills like "ambien" like they are m&ms.

I think the son of a bitch is going to push it as far as he wants, i want the GOP to put the spa on the refund list along with ice. Then we pray someone someone will stop this musim bastard I don't care how, plant him if they have to!

Watch these liars push the envelope as far as they can. By the time we can actually nail them it might be too late. But don't forget. We let all this happen right in front of us and we are not doing anything about it!

This is useless reporting... We all know now that Obama will never reveal his true intentions...but will wonder off in dream put us all to sleep.... BUT - of course that tactic is not working any longer...

AMERICA is in the mode of: When Will He Go!    Sooner rather than Later!   We hope and pray...

Lets work toward restoring the US Government to the people.... via their elected reps in  both houses....and hand cuffing Holder putting a hold on Holder ...until We the People Get control of the Government of the United States of America once again... and help the Dems purge themselves of their 

criminal membership.  And keep order and defend the police... nationwide.. Only an unthinking idiot would campaign against police...our only "down our street" protection 24/7. 

Citizens, the Mayor should call for a curfew in Ferguson, Mo. to begin at 8:00 a.m. on day the grandjury announces their verdict. Anyone caught out of their own home is subject to arrest and imprisonment until date of their trial..due to the STATE OF EMEREGENCY declaration by the Governor of Mo.

THAT Grandjury is  made up of the people and their elected/appointed officials and speak for ALL the citizens of Ferguson...

SO- anyone who doesn't accept their verdict are anarchists and rebels and borderline terrorists..and should be made to pay their part for restoring all damage to businesses and homes and autos caused by an idiotic insane crowd of idiots...who reject the government decisions.

THEY are budding terrorists...and doing the work of rebellion against constituted authority... and deserve prison..and their children put in proper homes...and educated to be AMERICANS  and love it.


Sheriffs Rally In DC Against Amnesty For Illegals

Nov 12, 2014

Sheriffs Rally In DC Against Amnesty For Illegals
Scheduled for Dec. 10, 2014

Once again the Sheriffs of America are taking a stand to save our country. Sheriffs from all across the nation are calling on their fellow Sheriffs to rally in Washington DC on December 10, 2014, to fight against Obama's plan to grant amnesty to 15 million illegals.

The sheriff of each county has sworn an oath to protect and serve, even if it means protecting us from our own out-of-control and corrupt "leaders." The federal government has refused to protect our border as required by Art 4 Sec 4 of the U S Constitution. Therefore, Sheriffs are going to Washington to ask members of Congress to do their duty!

This event was first conceived by Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts. You can read his original letter addressed to all sheriffs at this link: (good letter)

...And there's a great article about it at

Many of you have asked how you can help with this historic event for liberty. Here's the answer:

1) Contact your sheriff and ask him or her to attend!

2) Donate to help us pay for the expenses of many sheriffs who want to go, but can't afford to.

3) Forward this email to all your contacts.

Donations can be made at www.cspoa.orgBe sure to flag it to the DC Sheriffs Rally. You can also mail donations to CSPOA, PO Box 567, Higley, AZ 85236.

Thanks so much for your support on this important issue!

Sheriff Mack

Note: This is NOT a CSPOA or Oath Keeper event. However, we are thrilled to help and support this most worthy cause. Several Sheriffs nationwide decided they had better do something and took the initiative to organize this rally! We say FANTASTIC!


Please support this and our Sheriffs...Please BUMP and Vote-Up!

Thank you.

Obama keeps telling us that he is not a dictator nor an emperor of the United States. He wouldn't bring it up if he didn't have it on his mind as one of his ambitions. People generally telegraph their intentions via by what they say. We had best understand that this thug is very serious. So don't you think that maybe we the people had best get serious. I'm not talking impeachment, because that is not going to happen. Somewhere along the way he must be arrested for his crimes against The United States of America. 

these filthy republicans want this immigration law as much as oshitler, mcshame and the gang of 8 wrote the dam thing. get rid of these old corrupt scum bags. They are doing nothing to stop him nothing,

“Because [Obama] was asked very specifically about the idea of expanding the deferred action executive order for the DREAMers to their parents. And he said September 17th last year on Telemundo, very clearly: ‘If we start broadening that, then essentially I would be ignoring the law in a way that would be very difficult to defend so that is not an option. Is that still off the table?" asked Karl

Karl: “When the President said specifically that expanding the DACA executive order is not an option because it would be ignoring the law. Does he still believe that?”

“Well Jon, I don’t want to get ahead of – what – any sort of announcements that the President might make, before the end of the year, about executive actions that he may take to fix our broken immigration system. Since [the Telemundo] interview aired, the President did direct the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a review of the law to determine what, if any, authority he could use to try to fix some of the problems that House Republicans have refused to address. SO this is something that has been under consideration for a long time…”

“So just to be clear, you’re saying this is no longer operative because we’ve had a review,” Karl jumped in. “So when the President said that expanding DACA to apply to parents of DREAMers would be ‘broadening and essentially ignoring the law in a way that would be difficult to defend legally, that it’s not an option’ – that statement is no longer operative?”

 Earnest: “Well what I’m saying is we’ll have an opportunity to evaluate the options that the President has chosen to take after he’s announced that…”

Karl: “But I’m not asking about the options, I’m just saying: Does the President still stand by what he said in that interview in September last year?”

“Well, Jon, obviously there are some things that have changed,” Earnest fumbled.

“So no,” said Karl.

“Well it’s not…” Earnest struggled, and then began his earlier statement again. “Obviously there are some things that have changed. We have been in a situation where the President has ordered a broader, in-depth review of the existing law to determine what sort of executive authority does rest with the presidency to determine what sort of steps he could take,” Earnest offered.

Looking for an “in-depth review of the existing law” to determine the President’s authority? It’s called the separation of powers, and the U.S. Constitution is the document you’re looking for.

Obama thinks he's the Dictator of the New World Order. Dictator of the World. LOL.




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