REPORT: Navy to Charge Officer Who Fired on Islamist During Chattanooga Terror Attack

Navy Lt. Commander will reportedly be charged for shooting at Chattanooga terrorist
white chattanooga
Lt Commander Timothy White and Islamist killer Muhammad Abdulazeez

A report at The Navy Times in July confirmed that one of the Marines shot during the Chattanooga terrorist attack exchanged fire with the terrorist. Navy Lt. Cmdr Timothy White also shot back at the terrorist.

But rather than being celebrated as a hero, Lt. Commander White may be charged for discharging a firearm on federal property.
Allen West reported this week that Lt. Commander Timothy White

Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

The text message asked if it would be possible for Lt.Cmdr White to reach out to me. To wit I replied, affirmative.

What kind of freaking idiots are in charge of our Armed Forces — pardon me, our “unArmed Forces”? What would they prefer that Abdulazeez had been able to kill all the Marines and Sailors at the Naval Support Reserve Center? Let me draw an interesting contrast: Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is more concerned about lifting the ban on transgendered Sailors. Mabus has a problem in that for the first time since 2007 the US Navy will not have a Carrier Battle Group operating in the Persian Gulf. But this knucklehead has no problem with the Navy seeking to destroy the career of a Sailor, a commander of an installation, returning fire against an Islamic jihadist attack. I do not care if it was his personal weapon, he deserves a medal for facing the enemy.

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so...when you are attacked by a terrorist you cannot defend yourself.......but if someone attacks the whitehouse...then that's ok to defend that place from any attack....and that's federal property too....the military has become obamaized.

Do not remain silent.....these outrages are happening right in front of our faces.......

Everywhere Americans converse is the place to discuss the destruction of this country by the Marxist/Communist/Islamists which is now taking place. If your life, your freedoms and your property are destroyed right under your nose while you are reliving the your last years trip to the Super Bowl, you might one day wonder how all this happened. Americans had better wake up and realize that there is more going on in their world besides beer, football, baseball, ultimate fighting and NASCAR. We are looking at life or death of a nation....ours. The price of  ignorance and non-engagement on the part of American Citizens is going to be a heavy one.  Spread the word wherever you can.


You mean Kenyanized?

Obama must protect his brothers of Islam and punish those who dare to fight back remember Benghazi, when you have a Islamic sympathizer sitting in the White House this is what you get ! 

#$%^&*( idiots in charge.  They don't have a case.  This is obama's doing.  No one is allowed to shoot at or kill one of his muslim psychopaths.   Obama belongs in prison.

If you wonder why the so called leaders in US Navy is charging LT with discharging his weapon all you have to know is the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama had over 200 senior officers removed from service who did not want to fire on US citizen if the word came down from him . Wake up People we have a moslem terrors sitting in the White House going the name of barack hussein obama . 

NO....."O" Trader needs to be dead!!!

"EFF the Navy!"

Ed, Da Nang, 1968

Obama certainly doesn't appear to support our military or anyone else that wants to defend our country.

Just wait, O, payback will be a real bitch.

Remember when Bill Clinton used the Marines as butlers?

So does Barry!  Don't forget Hillary and Michelle!

Did you mean tranny Mike?




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Deep State Treason:  Former State Dept. Official Under Trump Tells China To Quit Negotiating Until Trump Is Removed In 2020

Deep state traitors no longer hide their deep hatred for the American people —

Mrs. Susan Thornton, the former acting assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, told her Beijing audience to stop negotiating until President Trump is removed from office in 2020.

Until July 2018, she was Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the Department of State and led East Asia policy making amid crises with North Korea, escalating trade tensions with China, and a fast-changing international environment.

The Conservative Treehouse and The South China Morning News reported:

A former official in the Trump administration has said that China can weather the storm brought by the trade war with the United States but might have to “keep steady, keep their heads down and wait” for change in the White House.

Susan Thornton, former acting assistant secretary of state to US President Donald Trump, told a gathering in Shanghai on Wednesday that she hoped a trade deal between the US and China could be concluded by next month.

But the reality was that it would “take a while” for China and the US to talk about cooperation again, Thornton, who in 20 years rose to become the US State Department’s chief negotiator for East Asia and Pacific affairs, told the South China Morning Post.

“I want to be optimistic,” said Thornton, whose 27-year career in Washington ended in July. “I tell all our foreign counterparts they should keep steady, keep their heads down and wait. [They should] try to not let anything change dramatically.”

“If this sceptical attitude towards talking diplomacy continues in this administration, you might have to wait till another administration,” Thornton said at an event held by National Committee of US-China relations and Shanghai’s American Chamber.

Embedded video
EAP Bureau    @USAsiaPacific

Acting Asst. Sec. Susan Thornton and EAP team en route to her nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! 


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