Report: Gay NPR commentary contributor charged with assault in Betsy DeVos fracas was a refugee whose family fled the Taliban

Image result for Bilal Ahmed AskaryarBilal Ahmed Askaryar was the man charged with assault, according to Politico, in the effort to block Betsy DeVos from entering a public school. This is confusing, because I thought they wanted an education secretary who had "first-hand knowledge of public schools."

It's not clear yet exactly whom Askaryar is charged with assaulting, and Askaryar has pleaded not guilty.

Askaryar is a long-time human rights activist. He wrote a piece last month for NPR in which he tells the gripping story of fleeing Afghanistan with his family. Eventually they were granted asylum in the U.S. Askaryar writes that he and his family became citizens in 2000.

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Gays are the representation of Satan through sin to spread across any land they live in even to assault


Defund NPR NOW.   worth less crap i dont want my tax money going to these pathetic bastards.

Well it looks like its time for this piece of dung and his family to go back where they came from, and good riddance to these terrorists. I don't believe they fled, I believe the taliban sent them here. To bad we didn't have extreme vetting back in 2000.

Many fled the taliban. Keep in mind they were particularly harsh with homosexuals.

I hope Trump defunds NPR.

Send the terrorist back to Afghanistan!  Defund NPR!

I think there are three issues here.  Muslims in the middle east often only educate their daughters to the age of eight, boys to age of 12, but there are exceptions.  Secondly, they have little respect for smart women in positions of authority.  Thirdly, he is practicing the art of Taqiyya, "Deception for the advancement of the faith" by hiding these facts from the world, which are highly respected in that community.

This is the type of Islamic immigrant that can wait years if necessary, to carry out his jihad.

His time has come.

We will hear from him again.

Please tell me how this man's sexual preference has anything to do with the facts and article in general.  It does not matter to me or anybody else.

It may have a direct impact on his reason for fleeing Afghanistan... Homosexuality is a capital crime in Afghanistan... the penalty is death.  His sexual preference is important when gaging the reasons for his being in the US and not hanging from some dead tree in Afghanistan.

In addition, his Islamic faith condemns him and denies him entry into heaven... his only hope of escaping hell is to die a martyr of Islam ... waging Jihad.  Hence, he is an ideal candidate for becoming a suicide bomber... just what we need in America ... RIGHT? 

Guess he's worried about a double whammy.........  That DeVos will stop children being indoctrinated about sexuality and islam.  

You may get SICK looking at two men with an adopted six-year-old girl.




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