REPORT: CIA Has Turned Over The Names Of Those Classified As ‘Leakers’ to DOJ

The Trump administration has been plagued by leaks from inside the government. Yes, unelected government employees, holdovers who are apparently loyal to Obama, have been leaking classified information in order to undermine the President and limit his effectiveness. The goal, for the Left, is to take as much executive authority away from Trump as they can, to sabotage his presidency in hopes of regaining political power for the Left. The Left and the Democrats have no qualms about playing dirty to get what they want. They are still reeling from the loss in November and are in all out attack mode.

According to Joseph DiGenova, a former US Attorney under Reagan, the CIA is aware of the identities of the leakers and has turned over those names to Attorney General Sessions, himself a victim of the lying Obama holdovers in government. We can only hope this means that these law breaking Leftist loyalists in the government will soon be outed and prosecuted for their crimes.

America is tired of criminals masquerading as civil servants. It’s why they elected Trump; to drain the swamp. And until the swamp is drained, these attacks will continue unabated. Trump must be wise to their ways and refuse to give in to their petulant and outrageous demands. Not a single administration official should step down, recuse himself, or even dignify the Left’s slanderous accusations. Democrats need to be told no. They have no political power. Let’s start acting like that’s true and stop acquiescing to their agenda.

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They're innocent until proven guilty (the opposite of obama's world) but this is treason, locking them up should NOT be an option. Criminals have been operating with impunity for 8 years and they all need a reminder of what law ENFORCEMENT looks like, e.g. the DEATH penalty...that said, when the law begins to catch up with these traitors, I suspect they'll lynch themselves...or at least that's how it'll "appear".

Suicide only happens when they have tooooo much on a Clinton or that is the way it has been in the past. 

Not just the cleptons.

ok    lets see it i wanna know who these scumbags are

the top name should be Obama and his administration and his forefather

They should have a choice, rope or firing squad.

Or a sex slave to ISIS...

Yes, Marilyn

Bullets are to precious to waste on their ilk, ropes can be used over and over.....

Find them and prosecute them. If they won't prosecute them then make so they can NEVER hold another government job again.

You're too kind, Keith...this organized and seditious attack on the Republic should exact a toll in the form of a body count. A conviction of treason in (a real) court of law = the death penalty, PERIOD!!!




EXPLOSIVE Press Conference w/ McConnell


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