Rep. John Lewis: Ferguson, Like Selma, Is Civil Rights 'Turning Point'

Image: Rep. John Lewis: Ferguson, Like Selma, Is Civil Rights 'Turning Point'

Civil rights activist and Georgia Rep. John Lewis says if an indictment is not handed down by a grand jury investigating the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the nation will see "massive, nonviolent protests all over America."

Lewis said those protests will mark a "turning point" in the nation's civil rights history akin to the 1965 demonstrations that took place in Selma, Alabama.

"Selma was the turning point. And I think what happened in Ferguson will be the turning point. I think people are waiting, they’re watching, and we’re gonna see within the next few days what’s going to happen — and that would be massive, nonviolent protests all over America," he said during an appearance on Roland Martin's radio show, according to Mediaite.

On March 7, 1965, Rep. Lewis was one of the 525 civil rights demonstrators who were beaten by police officers as they took part in a march between Selma and Alabama's state capital of Montgomery. The marches were inspired by the killing of Jimmie Lee Jackson, who was demonstrating for voting rights, by a state trooper a month earlier.

"When we were beaten on that bridge in Selma, people couldn’t take it, for they saw it, they heard about it, they read about it, and it lit a sense of righteous indignation. When we see a miscarriage of justice in Ferguson, they’re going to have the same reaction they had towards Selma," the Georgia Democrat added.

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Rep. John Lewis is truly representative of a low intellectual race of people.  His stupid comments, knowing full and well that Officer Wilson had good cause for shooting that thug Michael Brown, are nothing short of stupid.  Either he's too stupid to realize that Officer Wilson had no choice to shoot when being attacked by a 6'3"  280lb thug, or Rep. John Lewis is playing the race game for his own self-serving political gain.  Either way, he's disgusting. 

He's dreamin. Nothing at all alike.

This guy is no Martian Luther King. Mr. King would be greatly outraged by how these punks misuse what he did for Civil Rights. Mr. King was a conservative with conservative values. What these so called leaders of today want is a total breakdown of the American way of life. The dream was for EQUAL rights, not rights by blame or theft of one race over another. The punk broke the law and he died for his mistakes not his race.

Lewis, why don't YOU go to Ferguson and lead the first wave of black racist trash. I'm sure YOU won't be harmed in any way. PLEASE!!!

If anything DOES happen in Ferguson, I hope it looks like a tar pit when it's over.

John Lewis calls for an inditement - meaning a ruling of guilty - against the policeman.  He is himself breaking the law by "ruling' that the policeman is guilty - when he knows nothing whatsoever about the truth of the incident. J. Lewis is inciting to riot - justifying blacks rebelling against whites nationwide and rioting to show their feelings, based solely on J. Lewis's false statements.

He and his false accusations against a "white" policeman - are the cause of the conflict today. NO, the scientific evidence shows the policeman was  in fear of his life....and this J. Lewis disregards truth and is himself calling for rebellion nationwide if the black man is not found innocent and the white man found guilty.  THE PROPER NAME FOR THAT is RACISM, RACISM, RACISM, RACISM
. No Selma did not solve the race problem.  Selma did not liberate blacks from poverty and ignorance and exploitation by politicians who "use' the ignorance of blacks to exploit them.

J. Lewis and his ilk are the reason that racial tensions continue. He should be charged with a crime against the police officer and the entire country when - the evidence already published-shows the policeman innocent of a killing that was racially motivated or unjustified by the circumstances.  Lewis is calling for nationwide rioting - he should be arrested for that crime.

     He is certainly right ! Just like Selma it is a turning point , but it has nothing to do with race or racial relations in the USA . It is about raw Socialist / Communist / Progressive POWER!!  This is the end game on the promise of " Fundamental Change " the transition from a Constitutional Republic and rule of law , to the elite Government cradle to grave subjugation of the entire country . This is the ed battle where evil gets a hold or fails ad is pushed back to it's place of darkness from which it came .  

Let the war begin.

   This delusional black sack of excriment is a lier and a Obama PIMP.

Then they better be prepared for war... DO NOT indict an officer for defending himself against a criminal pos thug.

In Austin Texas there is a trial right now and they are trying to 'decide' if the mexican criminal who was caught in the act by police and attempted to flee in his car by ramming the officer's car and then was shot in the head should also suffer jail time.  I wish the filth had died.  All criminals caught in the act should be shot on sight.  Idiots in the filthy liberal county of Travis need to have their heads examined.

Tyler, Texas:  No argument here.  "Shot on sight" would sure relieve the system of financial costs.  This idiot should be eliminated for being pure stupid.  "You loot, we shoot" should be the guidance given to the police force in Ferguson and surrounding areas and any other pieces of dung  across the country that want to riot and loot.

Maybe an answer would be .. take the police out of Ferguson and let the Mob rule .. this would be known as shooting your self in the foot  .. and good bye Ferguson  the thugs would destroy it and themselves




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