Rep. Ilhan Omar: Trump Wants War With Iran to Protect His Hotels’ Income

Rep. Ilhan Omar claims President Trump wants war with Iran so he can protect his hotels' income

“Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the emoluments clause. Iran could threaten Trump hotels *worldwide* and he could provoke war over the loss of revenue from skittish guests,” Omar said on Twitter Monday. “His business interests should not be driving military decisions.”

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Funny how she brought this up.

What... doesn't she know that property damage caused by war or terrorism is not covered by most insurance.  With Pres. Trump heavily invested in real estate, the last thing he needs is to increase the probability that one or more of his properties is bombed-out... 

Also, war will automatically result in large increases to property insurance... and that is also detrimental to Trump's business.

 Mr. Nelson, I was talking to Mr. Massingale on the phone, he said for a military man you missed her message, Ilhan Omar is sending a message to the Iranians on how to get even with Trump.

Trump Wants to Protect His Hotels in Iran, hm?, bomb the shi*t out of their leader, then get worried.

The emoluments clause has to do with direct payments made for services performed by the individual... in this case, the President would have to be employed or providing personal services or acts for pay from a foreign government.

Pres. Trump has also removed himself from any association with his private business... turning it over to his family members. He has no official or legal role in the Trump empire. This is all political theater designed to smear Trump and to make it appear he has broken the law. This sort of activity when it is persistent and malicious becomes criminal... Why it is being permitted to continue and by sitting members of Congress is beyond me... it must stop or the DOJ must begin prosecutions.

Ms. Omar needs to be investigated for several potential criminal acts...  falsifying her naturalization papers and if it turns out that she has lied to obtain her citizenship, or is engaged in illegal conduct to incite violence against the President, she needs to be expelled from the House of Representatives and prosecuted. Her citizenship can be withdrawn for falsifying or lying on her naturalization documents or interview.

It also appears that the Marxist Democrats are aware of Rep. Omar's radical statements regarding Islam and its propagation in the  =.. up to and including changing our form of government... and they are doing nothing about it... making their leadership suspect committing Misprision of a Felony.. Where the hell is the AG, FBI, and DOJ... out to lunch. Pres. Trump what is going on....we allow treason to take place without doing a thing to stop it. I am very disappointed in the way certain members of Congress are acting and attempting a coupe...

And yes, Pres. Trump's properties are at risk worldwide... from Iranian and other radical Islamic terrorists.

Boy thats a whole lot of huballlaaa...:) President Trump's properties are at risk radical Islamic Khazar Terrorists.

 Come to think of it, its the USA Khazar vs. The Islamic Khazar





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According to News965, the ban has the following specifications.

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