A conversation with Lisa Ackerman, World Monuments Fund, and Beth Harris, Smarthistory. Created by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker.

 They are rebuilding the Tower of Babel, on the very spot where it was destroyed, rebuilding all the cities within the same spot.

 My opinion, while this is being rebuilt, the world are man is being destroyed through open borders, now they rebuild something that was destroyed by God.



Visiting Babylon- YouTube

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Don't worry some day you may figure it out...:)

I certainly hold no illusion that you will never figure anything out if you continue to use the sources and research techniques you presently rely on.

No doubt...:)

This is extremely old news...Saddam Hussein  had a very agressive program to restore ancient Babylon and the tower of Babel prior to the Gulf Wars... The program was suspended but never abandoned.  Iraq is now back to rebuilding the City and the tower... I saw all of it when I was in Iraq... it was very impressive.

UNESCO has named Babylon a 'World Heritage Site' giving it international protected status...

See: https://www.dw.com/en/unesco-names-ancient-babylon-city-a-world-her...

Really, since when has this Government been honest?...:)

UNESCO & Babylon hand in hand with adventures against God

Your report Ronald is listed as a ......:)

Rebuilding the Tower of Babylon 2019 update: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&channel=cus&...

I was in Iraq in 2006-2007 and personally saw the construction work Saddam had done... very impressive.  Babylon and all of its historic buildings and monuments, it' gates and walls, it's palaces and government houses were all being rebuilt or plans made to rebuild them by Saddam.

Your story is ancient history and nothing to crowe about... it was under construction well before I personally witnessed its rebuilding... in 2007.

HG is right... the venture is a money making project designed to bring TOURISM to Iraq and the area around Babylon and Bagjhdad.  There are many historic biblical sites in Iraq... ancient Persia... many have been damaged and some completely destroyed by ISIS and others over the last few decades... its a shame.

 You mean seen, not saw...:)

My story is ancient history, kind of like you...:)

And I learned from the best to be argumentative, you and Hank...:)


Rebuilding Sodom and Gomorrah 2019, boy, does these sodomites got it going on...:)


Its good to see you and Mr. Nelson getting along.

No,  I mean 'saw' past tense, not 'seen' present perfect tense.

I... "saw the construction work Saddam had done..."

You see saw Saddam, Hmm???, I promise Ronald, I want tell anyone your-





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