A conversation with Lisa Ackerman, World Monuments Fund, and Beth Harris, Smarthistory. Created by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker.

 They are rebuilding the Tower of Babel, on the very spot where it was destroyed, rebuilding all the cities within the same spot.

 My opinion, while this is being rebuilt, the world are man is being destroyed through open borders, now they rebuild something that was destroyed by God.



Visiting Babylon- YouTube

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Who is a Jew... one who is circumcised outwardly in the flesh or one who is circumcised inwardly by the Spirit?

Romans 2:29 King James Version (KJV) 29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

King James Version (KJV)
Romans 2:29 KJV - But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly ...

There are many so called Jews in this world today but short of DNA tests the records for Jewish ancestry were destroyed in 70AD.  But, fear not, as God knows who His elect are... and the Tribe of Dan has been omitted from the list of those tribes worthy of witnessing in the Great Tribulation... the Manassee replaced the tribe of Dan in Revelation Chapter 7.

Got to get your preaching on...:)

Banks need circumcised...:)-

Here ya go Gregory,  this is going to be a good blog...:) hopefully a heated debate...:)


They will babel a Semitic language, the first mark of the Tribe of Dan in Israel has been placed upon the earth.

We have Judged, and they will be judged.........

Ye are WRONG Hank!! The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is NOT Jewish!!

The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama Jr AKA Barry Soetoro is a Marxist raised muslim and muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer!! He is Anti-Israel-Yisrael / Anti-Zionism / Antisemitism / Anti-Christian and Jewish People / Anti-USA Constitution and Capitalism / Anti-HOLY BIBLE!!

The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama Jr aka Barry Soetoro is a muslim and muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer!! He went too a muslim school in Indonesia!!


Kristi Ann

Ye are WRONG Hank!!, boy Kristi Ann, you are sounding like a country girl every day.


You forgot one Kristi... he is the Devil incarnate.

I can agree with that, his name is, Ronald A. Nelson, still shooting up this website.

I am a pistol packing, machette hacking, whirlwind of destuction... stand back, clear the way... no rabbit is going to take my place on this stage or any other... arm yourselves... this rough rider is playing no games...  Bring your kids in, tie down your women, lock the door and pray I pass you over... tell that Rabbit, if you see him,  Yosimety Sam has declared open seans on all kaninchen... make ready the Hosenpeffer.

Just a little levity ... fun for all... or was that free for all!

Hi Ronald...:)

 Poor booby, what happened no comment back, well I am ready...:)

“Oooo … you gastronomic, epicure, culinary crepe Suzette … so yah think you're ready.... hum!”   Well, drop your sails and swing that jib, we'll see just what ya got... ya long-eared varmint. LOL




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


BREAKING:   Hillary Clinton Donor Ed Buck Arrested After Another Male Overdoses In His Seedy LA Apartment

Democrat donor and Hillary friend Ed Buck was finally arrested Tuesday night after a third man overdosed in his apartment.

The man who overdosed in Ed Buck’s Los Angeles apartment last week survived, however the other two victims previously died.

Ed Buck will be in court Wednesday.

Ed Buck loves to inject young black gay escorts with methamphetamine — the mother of one of Ed Buck’s victims described it as a fetish.

He was finally arrested after two black gay escorts died in his apartment from overdoses.

KTLA 5 reported:

The prominent Democratic donor and LGBTQ political activist Ed Buck was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house and providing methamphetamine to a 37-year-old man who overdosed last week, officials said.

Buck was charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Buck is accused of injecting the victim, who survived, with methamphetamine on Sept. 11.

CBSLA Assignment Desk @KCBSKCALDesk

: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested and charged by @LADAOffice. Buck is accused of running a drug den out of his home. @JeffMichaelNews has details on .

Video of Ed Buck getting taken away by Sheriff deputies:

Bill Melugin    @BillFOXLA

BREAKING: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested at his West Hollywood apartment on drug charges, per @WHDLASD. Neighbor on scene tells me Buck is currently in the back of one of the cruisers. Two gay black men previously died of meth overdoses at his apt. @FOXLA

Bill Melugin    @BillFOXLA

BREAKING: Here is video of being taken away by deputies following his arrest at his apartment on drug charges tonight. @FOXLA

of another young black gay escort was found at the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck, a top Democrat donor and political activist.

As previously reported, a black gay escort named Gemmel Moore died of a meth overdose at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood home in July of 2017.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office previously declined to prosecute Ed Buck saying the evidence was “insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (Buck) is responsible for the death of Gemmel Moore,” which sparked an outrage from family members and others in the community.

Jasmyne Cannick told FOX and Friends nearly a dozen black men have come forward to speak on their experiences with “serial predator” Ed Buck.
Cannick also went off on the Democrat Party: “Over 77% of black people in California vote Democratic. We vote for Democrats.

It is a shame that when something like this happens, when you have the chair of your state party when at the time of this , Eric Bauman, who was willing to turn a blind eye as well as instruct others not to speak on it. As a black woman, as a black Democrat, I expect more from my party.

Last week, a black male was seen entering Ed Buck’s seedy LA apartment.

Update: Top Democrat Donor Ed Buck Charged with Maintaining Drug House – Police Find HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS of Men in Compromising Positions in His Home

Buck was charged with operating a drug house.

According to the LA Times — Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Buck’s home of men in compromising positions.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Ed Buck’s home of men in compromising positions

Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested, charged with operating drug house

Buck was charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Buck...   latimes.com

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