Real Unemployment Rate Is 23%, Not 8.1%

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Whenever you see the monthly official unemployment  rates, you have to realize that they are modified rates, not actual rates.   The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes people that are unemployed during  the week of the survey and without a job for the four previous weeks.   Hence, the latest report says that 8.1% of Americans are currently  unemployed.

But that is not a real picture of what is going on in the American job  market.  The BLS figures do not take into account the millions of Americans  that have had to take part time jobs because they have not been able to find  full time work, those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and those  who are so discouraged that they’ve given up looking for work.

There is a second statistic called the Alternative  Unemployment Statistic.  The AUS is always higher as it counts all of  the employed except for the discouraged workers who have been out of work more  than a year.  The current AUS figure is 14.6%.

However, there is another even more realistic unemployment statistic that  portrays a far more accurate picture of America’s job market.  The SGS  or Shadow Government Statistics encompass all of the different factors that  deal with unemployment.  The current SGS unemployment figure is a  staggering 23%.  That means that nearly 1 of every 4 Americans are either  unemployed, underemployed, exhausted unemployment benefits or are so discouraged  that they’ve given up looking for work.

Another indicator of the devastating employment picture is the cling  rate.  In better times, a number of people readily move from one job to  another.  However, that is not the case today.  The number of people  clinging to their current jobs is the lowest it’s been in decades.  People  are afraid to leave their current jobs for a new one for fear of losing the new  one if there is any kind of layoff.

With all of these figures painting a very bleak picture of Obama’s America, I  still don’t understand why so many people want to re-elect him.  The last  president to be re-elected with unemployment figures over 8% was Franklin  D. Roosevelt, but he didn’t have 44 consecutive months over 8% like  Obama.  Actually, no president in the history of our nation has come close  to Obama’s record.  And yet, he continues to lead Mitt Romney by several  points in most of the latest polls.

America can’t survive a second term with Obama.  We’ve barely survived  the first term let alone consider four more years of gloom and doom.  To  borrow a line from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with slight  modification:

“You are without doubt the worst president I’ve  ever heard of.”

And Obama’s response would probably be the same as Captain Jack  Sparrow’s:

“But you have heard of me.”

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Democrats Job Plan Could Leave 768,000 Unemployed

raising minimum wage

Jobs and economy are the top topics for most  Americans.  The Obama administration has had three and half years to  address the matters and turn things around, but they haven’t.  The only  successful thing the Democrats have achieved is pointing the finger of blame at  Republicans for their own failures.

When the Democrats have tried to kick start the economy and create jobs,  they’ve done so by throwing money into the air and hoping it lands on enough  businesses to prompt them to start hiring.  First there was the famous  Stimulus plan that tossed over $800 billion dollars into the air.  Some of  it landed on General Motors, some landed on companies like Solyndra, First Solar  and Beacon Power, some landed in the pockets of bureaucrats, politicians and  friends of Obama and some of the Stimulus money fell on businesses overseas who  did create jobs – over there.

When that didn’t work, some Democrats advocated another stimulus.  Rep. Maxine  Waters, (D-CA) has been pushing for a $1 trillion stimulus for social  programs which she says would fix everything.  This came about after the  U.S. credit rating had already been lowered because we can’t pay our debts.

Now, a number of Democrats have hatched another plan that they claim will  help lower and middle class Americans.  They want to raise the minimum wage  limit by 35% and then tie it to the inflation rate.  They also want to  increase the minimum wage paid to employees who receive tips by over 200%.

Three different  bills have been introduced to accomplish this:

  • Rep. George Miller (D-CA) has introduced the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2012  which would raise the minimum wage by 35%, from the current $7.25 to $9.80 per  hour and then index it to inflation.  It would also raise the minimum wage  for tip earners by over 200% by increasing it to 70% of the minimum wage.
  • Rep. Rosa Delauro (D-CT) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) have introduced the  Rebuild America Act which also would raise the minimum wage by 35%, from the  current $7.25 to $9.80 per hour and then index it to inflation.  It would  also raise the minimum wage for tip earners by over 200% by increasing it to 70%  of the minimum wage.
  • Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr. (D-IL) introduced the Catching Up to 1968 Act of  2012, which would raise the minimum wage by 38% from the current $7.25 to $10  per hour and then index it to inflation. It would also raise the minimum wage  for tip earners by over 200% by increasing it to 70% of the minimum wage.

Business sectors that would be most affected by the minimum wage hikes would  be retail, restaurants, hotels and entertainment.  Many of these businesses  are barely surviving in today’s struggling economy.  Being forced into a  35% increase in wages would be more than their bottom lines can afford.   The results would be more layoffs and more businesses closing their doors,  resulting in lost jobs.

According to the Employment Policies  Institute, the number of jobs that could be lost by such a huge increase in  the minimum wage could run from 256,200 to 768,600. This would hit the younger  workforce (25 year old and younger) the hardest since they make up nearly 50%  of those earning minimum wage at this time.  The unemployment rate for  this age group is already at 23.8%.

Michael  Saltsman, a researcher with EPI commented on their findings saying:

“The Democratic Party still refuses to acknowledge that wage hikes kill job  opportunities.”

“As the election season heats up, the Democratic Party should not lose its  focus on finding policies that increase job opportunities instead of reduce  them.”

So once again we see a concerted effort on the part of Democrats to only make  our employment and economic situation worse.  They remind me of a program I  watched recently where a doctor back in the late 1800’s offered a cure for a  particular ailment.  It turned out the cure itself was fatal and patients  started dying.  I can only wish for a similar outcome as that doctor was  charged, tried and found guilty of his crimes.  If only history would  repeat itself once again.

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