I READ THE BLOGS ON McChrystal. I wish I had read more military vets opinions. It seems there is only one vet voice. The Pat Tillman cover up in my opinion was justified to save a family's pain. If you never served under fire you are not qualified to judge friendly fire accidents. Those who say no more general presidents, what do they say about draft dodging presidents, bribe takers and lying dopers.
We are living in a country that never sees disaster on the horizon. The next president may be picking up the pieces of a nuclear war. Those who say I can't believe what just happened said it once before on 911. If you think we are going through the next five years woundless you ain't seen nothing yet.
I believe Stanley is a liberal and I wondered why he went on Jon Stewart to sell his book and not FOX which sells a lot of books. I am looking at a crisis like Isis and many military bases taking simultaneous nuke hits at the same time including our capitol. Not to mention being gridless. There will be no time to bury individuals only mass graves. Not to mention 5th column terror through out the land. Our national Tet offensive.
At that time I don't want a commander in chief with a pre written speech on how we are the strongest nation on the face of the earth. I want a general who can pick up the pieces in ten minutes and fight back. Patton said twice in his lifetime he saw our country come back from a first strike.He doubted that with today's weapons we could do it a third time.
I will take my chances with McChrystal. In a fire I will take my chances with a fireman. God and Country forever.