Rand Paul: America Partly To Blame For Pearl Harbor, World War II

By Caleb Howe



At the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin this weekend highlighted a video of Rand Paul speaking in 2012 about sanctions on Iran. In it, Paul disparages the notion of use of force, and for some reason claims the United States was partly to blame for World War II!

“There are times when sanctions have made it worse. I mean, there are times .. leading up to World War II we cut off trade with Japan. That probably caused Japan to react angrily. We also had a blockade on Germany after World War I, which may have encouraged them … some of their anger.”

Rubin spoke with David David Adesnik of the American Enterprise Institute about Paul’s remarks:

After viewing the video, he tells Right Turn, “Blaming the U.S. for Pearl Harbor is a long-standing isolationist habit that reflects tremendous historical illiteracy. Sen. Paul is very poorly informed if he thinks U.S. sanctions ‘probably caused Japan to react angrily.’” He explains, “The U.S. cut off oil supplies to Japan in August 1941, long after Japan had launched its atrocity-laden war against China in 1937. The evidence is conclusive that Japan was determined to dominate all of East Asia. Believing that the U.S. would not stand by passively if it overran Thailand, Singapore, Malaya and the East Indies, Japan launched its surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.”

With regard to the Senator’s comments about Germany, Adesnik declared them “so eccentric that it’s hard to be sure what he’s even talking about.” He goes on to point out the obvious, which is that we should be proud of our actions in Europe before and during the war, regardless of whether or not they antagonized the Nazis.


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Yes, and butterflies winging it in the Far East cause tornadoes in the Western Hemisphere -- when????  (One thing I really really really enjoy about the left is there is very very very little moral high ground they have to stand on, so it's absolutely dandy fine uplifting and logical to say the left is just across the board WRONG.  Then I can go about my business being a human being, error prone and able to admit when I've made a mistake -- including when I've found myself sucked into their oh-so-sweet sewer....)

Can't see the big picture Here children?  not surprised. 

Public school education Err [propaganda ] has you  all bamboozled .

How far back should we go to see how actions affect history?

WWI  set the stage for WWII ?  had the USA stayed out of WWI the treaty of Versailles would not have happened and the economic problems that drove Germany to react is it did would not have existed.

Japan was becoming imperialistic do not discount the influence the British had on our foreign policy in Asia, nothing happens all by itself. 

Then there was Korea and Vietnam ?  the result of the cold war which was the result of WWII

We could go back farther and look at who and how the Spanish American war started , and why?

Just because Rand Paul says something you disagree with based on your understanding of history does not mean he is wrong , it might mean your "GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA SCHOOL"  did not present all the fact in a total honest way? 

The winner gets to write the history and shade the facts in their favor.

Look at the facts about the "CIVIL WAR"  which actually was  the war of northern aggression , and it was not really about slavery even though if you ask most Americans that will be what they tell you !

The driving forces were economic and slavery was a tool to inflame the north to war.

If course you're not surprised with those who don't see the "big picture" as you do.

That does it.  No Rand Paul.  Was unaware he made these statement in 2012.  I agree with Adesnik's remarks.

Only an Idiot with a superficial knowledge of the history prior to WWII makes such Stupid statements.

Might ask Paul what he thinks about 'The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere'.  Or ask him to name the 18 Heavy Cruisers available to the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII. (All but 4 violating 'The Washington Naval Agreement of 1922'.)

I can.

But he is 100% correct from a historical perspective. The sanctions that were levied on the Japanese empire left the Hirohito regime with three options. One was to surrender, which is about the most disrespectful thing on can do in their culture. Second was diplomacy which they tried for more than six months before deciding on option three, that being military action. Only after it was clear that the Roosevelt administration had no desire for a diplomatic solution was the raid on Pearl Harbor approved. It most likely was planned before diplomacy was aborted, but only as a final option.

Japan was building war machines with our steel we had no choice.

Jeremy:  Some perspective!  Apologetics to the max...

And sublime ignorance of the facts as well....

Jeremy, the Japanse war macine was gassing Chinese civilians, and performing biological experiments on them, way before we did the trade embargo, and they were building tank and warships with American steel! Are you saying that was ok? I understand the libertarian mindset about applying military action to penalize another country for anti-social behavior, and I concur! Military power shoul NEVER be used unless to defend this country and its foreign assets, but that has no bearing on what we do with our money, and commerce!

To even try and make the case that the US was wrong to choose what we wanted to support with our money and trade agreements, is to deny US sovereignty, and cede control of US decision-making to foreign interests! And that is bullcrap! Its our money, and we will do what we please with it!

You are on the wrong side of history with this one!

You are exactly correct, any history buff would agree that Japan during their expansion did not have the resources to fuel their war machine and needed to import resources. Our president Roosevelt, ceased US trade (oil) with the Japanese in response to Japans expansion policy, as a result the Japanese feared the US 7th fleet would take further action and blockade their foreign ocean  trade routes . The Japanese decided to take our 7th fleet out with a surprise attack knowing full well we were involved in a war with Germany and would not be able to respond decisively. By the time we were able to respond Japan would by then own the far east and as far south as Australia. The Japanese new full well they could not win a war with the US but figured a treaty would be signed with the war weary US thus allowing Japan to keep their foreign conquests.

 Ron Paul is entirely correct and for those who do not know history hope this helps you to see your distorted WWII views

You are right. People don't kill people, gun do, right? So, the fact that we were not willing to financially and materially support Japan's aggression and atrocities in China, forced them to attack  the US! In other words, our unwillingness to assist the playground bully to beat up the weaker kids, means that it is our fault that he decided to sucker punch us, while he was telling us how glad he was to be our friend. But that was our fault that he decided to hit us, right?

What an "Frickin'"Moron!

If you are calling me a Frickin Moron our correspondence will end here ! I don't converse with people who are unable to prove historically their beliefs with facts and not just their personnel opinions and besides where the hell is your manors when debating a point you don't use foul language it makes you look uneducated to all. 


‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’





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