Here's the RNC stage:

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Not only is the American flag missing from the DNC stage but English speaking law abiding Americans seem to be in a shortage as well. Do they really need to pander to Mexicans that hard to get their vote?

It's their only hope--to drive enough aliens across the border on election day--which is why they control California now. NO ID checks!

Pandering to Mexico is part of overall submission ...designed for America to follow the "leader" and submit to illegals, criminals and foreign enemies (by following the "lead" of domestic enemies) ...islime = submission.

Did anyone hear what's ITs name blame Trump for Russian espionage in America?! ...well now we know why putin "liked" Trump ...yep, putin is what's "missing" on that damned stage.

They are the party of subversion designed to destroy America--why would they fly the flag of the USA?

That's what was missing! I knew but didn't see it.

I am a RABID Conservative, and am a Trump supporter. However, I am calling you ALL out on this!!! That photo of the Trumps is Photoshopped. If you even look closely at the photo, you can SEE that was not the backdrop. Google the RNC stage. There are panels with the flag in them below the Jumbotron. But no actual flag. 

at the end of her introduction the background image changes to many flags

...and I do think you'll see an actual flag on stage too, when it shows an across the stage angle.

One other thing seems to be elusive, TRUTH!!!!!!!


Missing is a clean non-criminal behavior USA citizens. All Democrats are law breaking members. WTF is wrong with Congress? Ball-less! Trump is more than necessary to USA. Without him, USA will be a bunch of mooching felons parasites.

The Democrats are not American loving.

Red blooded Americans that pay taxes, vets, 1st responders, business owners & Conservative 100% Americans.


‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’





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