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What is your favorite Christmas memory?

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My ex-wife told my daughters that there was no such thing as Santa Claus. I had the girls over the Christmas holidays that year. I wrapped them packages from me & then special packages from Santa Claus. All of the packages from Santa Claus were wrapped in gold paper with gold ribbons around them. I wrote out special gift cards from Santa. On the back of the cards it said, "Made at the North Pole." That was enough for them.

.. X**D

What a great memory!

Yes, it is an awesome memory. Merry Christmas!!

No wonder.............she's the "ex".  Kids grow up too soon as it is.

   It hasn't happened yet that will be when we fumigate the White House when and If Obamy is out and takes the vacation Mooch with him.

Today! A fleeting moment of thought that my nation would wake up before throwing everything that is good about our nation away!

I think it may well be Christmas 2016 after we retake the Whitehouse and prepare our New Years wishes and promises for the future of our beloved Republic and the American citizens. That will surely end up bringing joy to the world as we return the United States of America to the proud home of the brave and the land of the free. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND A HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR from an American patriot.

4 favorite Christmases, all during the last 4 years of my Mother's life after I brought her here to Ohio to take care of her. She had cancer. One of those years, I bought her all yellow clothes. She never wanted really anything so she was hard to buy for. But her favorite color was yellow, so one of those years, I bought her clothes, and every single item was yellow.

The roughest part of my childhood was Christmas Morning.  Other than the monogrammed hankies, neck tie, polo shirt and three pairs of socks that was about it.  Hell, If I did not awaken with an erection I did not have anything to play with all day.  Things were so tough the word had to be spelled with ten "U's." 

A pecan pie.  My dad was in the army at Fort Sam Houston 1948.  We were so poor there were no Christmas gifts.  We went out to a park where there were pecan trees with a sign on them saying "do not shake the tree's" but my dad climbed up high enough to shake down enough pecans for a pie.  I always make a pecan pie on Christmas.

That is a wonderful tradition!

Grand children with happiness & laughter opening their gifts & then conveying their true thanks to their parents who are bringing them along in a free & conservative America.

Alternate memory: People realizing that America is a land of love - of the holding to the right course no matter what & committed to the preservation of this great land that everybody wants to come to - not destroy.




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YUP: President Trump Signs Great And Beautiful Trump Border Wall During Tour In San Diego

Embedded video

President Donald Trump visited the San Diego border on Wednesday to show off a newly constructed portion of the wall after a fundraising trip in California.

“It’s an amazing project,” Trump said, pointing to the 30-foot high barrier constructed with steel and concrete, noting that it also went six feet underground.

“If you think you’re going to cut it with a blow torch, that doesn’t work, because you hit the concrete, and then if you think you’re going to go through the concrete, that doesn’t work because we have very powerful rebar inside,” Trump said.

The president traveled via motorcade after a fundraiser to Otay Mesa, a community outside San Diego on the United States -Mexico border to review the latest constructed physical barrier.

He pointed out the new wall structure to the press, which was 24 miles of primary and secondary wall at the border.

“We have it covered underground, we have it covered overground,” Trump said.

The president was joined by acting Department of Homeland security Kevin McAllen and several other border security officials.

He said that over 44,000 bollard panels had been set up for the wall, which was then filled with concrete and rebar.

Trump admitted that he envisioned a solid concrete wall when he campaigned for president, but he was told by border officials that they preferred a wall constructed by concrete-filled bollards so they could see through it.

“It’s hardened concrete, very powerful concrete,” Trump said, pointing to the structure.

He added that the steel wall was designed to retain heat, making it harder to climb, plus having an anti-climbing system at the top.

“You can fry an egg on that wall,” he said. The president also acknowledged to reporters that he wanted the wall to be painted black and have spikes but said it was cheaper to let it remain naturally rust-colored.

“We can paint it later,” he said.

The president discussed his growing understanding of border barriers, noting that the Southern border would not need much more than 500 miles of wall to secure the border. He cited the existence of natural mountain and river barriers that prevented criminals from crossing. He did not rule out building additional barriers in the future but said it would depend on whether it was needed.

One border patrol agent spoke about the importance of the border wall to all of the agents, thanking the president for pushing forward on construction.

Trump said he met with Border Patrol prior to constructing the wall, picking the most effective structures to protect the border.

One border security official scoffed at the idea that the wall was a “vanity” project for the president.

“There’s a false narrative out there that this wall is the president’s vanity wall,” he said. “I’m here to tell you right now that that is false.”

He thanked Trump for listening to border patrol agents during the planning and construction process.

“You listened to the agents and you gave them exactly what they asked for,” he said.

One official with Trump confirmed that the structure was funded with regular Congressional appropriations in the FY 2017 and FY 2018 and that that the new wall replaced an inferior structure.

Trump said that he still considered the situation on the border a national emergency, but as more wall went up he could withdraw military forces.

“I hope you’re impressed,” he told reporters as he took questions about the project.

One worker told Trump of a tradition of workers signing the wall if they worked on the wall.

“I’ll sign it,” Trump said, and went to the wall and signed the steel barrier with a marker before encouraging other officials present to do the same.

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