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Sarah Palin and Mark Levin have recently been talking about leaving the GOP behind because they have lost their conservative principles.  Would you support the GOP or Palin and Levin?

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Sammy's Dad,

I believe you dream big.  I've heard that same dogma for the last 16 years.  Didn't accomplish anything except "DELAYING" taking action physically instead of just in words.  That only allowed more time for the Marxists to screw in and secure their positions.


Palin and Levin

What GOP?...Palin & Levin for sure!

Palin and Levin

 Oren I have never disagreed with you before but ,FAILURE is NOT an OPTION ,IT's never too late . Hurrah ,I feel your frustration  but, maybe like I say somewhere else in this post we can get the GOP to go with some real concervatives for a change Paul,Lee,Huchabie,Bockmann,Cruz, Gowdy, or maybe even Palin & Levin , but if they choose to run another wacko bird like MacCain or Romney or Jeb Busch or Chris manatee Christie we got to go with Palin & Levin  & see if the rest of the other concervative parties can support the same  { HOME TEAM of true CONCERVATIVES } it's not over till it's over ,{ The fight ain't over till the DEAD GAME DOG IS DEAD !!!!!!! }

Oren said: "I am saying that it is too late for a new party."

Yep. Time is indeed up. A lot of chickens are going to come home to roost and start crapping on stuff before any new party could be up and running.

On the other hand the Republicans (and possibly even the Democrats) will start to figure things out when Reality smacks 'em in the face.

I don't know if they'll figure out enough stuff fast enough, but they ARE about to have a learning experience.
Actually the Tea Party is already been up and running. We just need to convince people that they're not throwing their vote away when they vote for the Tea Party; they are throwing it away when they vote for the establishment parties. The establishment parties will continue to screw us as long as we are stupid enough to let them.

Oren, I have come to the belief that we need to make a change. The last three national elections should have convinced the leadership of the Republican party that they needed to change their ways. They got their butts handed to them in 2008 and 2012 while winning big in 2010. They just cannot bring themselves to actually fight a battle for the better of the country.

Most, but not all, GOP representatives have caved on upholding conservative principles in exchange for votes.  They believe that the future of the party  is in jeopardy unless they can reform their focus to cater to mainstream ideals.  Unfortunately, the democrats have those "independent voters of concern" firmly in their grips already.  No matter what the GOP does, those voters will never vote Republican.  With that said, the GOP should recognize that a growing number of Republicans are disenfranchised with the party and their move to the left.  More and more of the folks are beginning to recognize that our Constitutional Rights and Freedom are what truly makes our country the greatest and most prosperous place on Earth to live.  This is where the GOP should be focusing their attention, and not on the future votes of 11 million illegal aliens nor the votes of the millions of people enslaved to the government by social welfare programs.  These people will NEVER vote for a Republican candidate!  To even think that they can be swayed is ridiculous.  In the absence of a major change of course by the GOP, I would certainly support Sarah Palin and Mark Levin in their move to leave the party and reform.  I realize this may not result in the democrats losing their seats in the next election, but we must not only think about the next election.  It may take many years to rebuild the conservative base.  If that means looking 2 or 3 elections down the road, then so be it.

  Just why, when I'm already HOMELESS&UNEMPLOYED for all but six lousy months of the last three years, should I wait another SECOND for the republican party to grow a new brain? WHY? Tea party-PERMANENTLY.

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Yes I would support them

I am in the republicrat party because in my state you have to be enrolled in a party to vote in the primary.

If I didn't have to be, I would opt out of party enrollment in the democans/republicrats.

They're both the same.




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


BREAKING:   Hillary Clinton Donor Ed Buck Arrested After Another Male Overdoses In His Seedy LA Apartment

Democrat donor and Hillary friend Ed Buck was finally arrested Tuesday night after a third man overdosed in his apartment.

The man who overdosed in Ed Buck’s Los Angeles apartment last week survived, however the other two victims previously died.

Ed Buck will be in court Wednesday.

Ed Buck loves to inject young black gay escorts with methamphetamine — the mother of one of Ed Buck’s victims described it as a fetish.

He was finally arrested after two black gay escorts died in his apartment from overdoses.

KTLA 5 reported:

The prominent Democratic donor and LGBTQ political activist Ed Buck was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house and providing methamphetamine to a 37-year-old man who overdosed last week, officials said.

Buck was charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Buck is accused of injecting the victim, who survived, with methamphetamine on Sept. 11.

CBSLA Assignment Desk @KCBSKCALDesk

: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested and charged by @LADAOffice. Buck is accused of running a drug den out of his home. @JeffMichaelNews has details on .

Video of Ed Buck getting taken away by Sheriff deputies:

Bill Melugin    @BillFOXLA

BREAKING: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested at his West Hollywood apartment on drug charges, per @WHDLASD. Neighbor on scene tells me Buck is currently in the back of one of the cruisers. Two gay black men previously died of meth overdoses at his apt. @FOXLA

Bill Melugin    @BillFOXLA

BREAKING: Here is video of being taken away by deputies following his arrest at his apartment on drug charges tonight. @FOXLA

of another young black gay escort was found at the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck, a top Democrat donor and political activist.

As previously reported, a black gay escort named Gemmel Moore died of a meth overdose at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood home in July of 2017.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office previously declined to prosecute Ed Buck saying the evidence was “insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (Buck) is responsible for the death of Gemmel Moore,” which sparked an outrage from family members and others in the community.

Jasmyne Cannick told FOX and Friends nearly a dozen black men have come forward to speak on their experiences with “serial predator” Ed Buck.
Cannick also went off on the Democrat Party: “Over 77% of black people in California vote Democratic. We vote for Democrats.

It is a shame that when something like this happens, when you have the chair of your state party when at the time of this , Eric Bauman, who was willing to turn a blind eye as well as instruct others not to speak on it. As a black woman, as a black Democrat, I expect more from my party.

Last week, a black male was seen entering Ed Buck’s seedy LA apartment.

Update: Top Democrat Donor Ed Buck Charged with Maintaining Drug House – Police Find HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS of Men in Compromising Positions in His Home

Buck was charged with operating a drug house.

According to the LA Times — Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Buck’s home of men in compromising positions.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Ed Buck’s home of men in compromising positions

Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested, charged with operating drug house

Buck was charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Buck...

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