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Donald Trump has had a busy first week as President. Is he living up to his campaign promises?  

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He is a Man of his Word.  He's running the Govt. like a Business, see a problem, recognize it, analyze it, and fix it.    He doing exactly as he promised, and America could not be happier, with the exception of the Left & their Media Watchdogs.  Our Battle, at this point, is with Obstructionists.  We outvoted them, but they will attempt to bring about chaos. We must stand firm, with the man who can make America great again.  He needs our help, and our support.

YES, he IS.

Yes President Trump will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. PROTECT THE JEWS, PROLIFE all in one week.

Yes...  within limits.   He still has many issues left unresolved.

One of the most important issues... seemingly being ignored by Pres. Trump is the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Email and Clinton Foundation scandals. There is strong evidence that suggests the former Secretary of State violated many of our laws pertaining to the use of a private server, to conduct classified and unclassified State Department business,... AND the selling of her office, for contributions to the Clinton Foundation... These are very serious charges of illegal conduct that must not be ignored...


I don't think he is letting this lay. I think he is leaving this one up to Jeff Sessions and making sure their "ducks are in a row" before he makes his move on her. 

This could be a ploy by him to let her think she is off the hook and continues to do her corrupt moves. 

My sources tell me the DOJ, once under the command of Sessions, he will go after her like stink on a skunk. 

I, along with millions of more Americans surely hope so. 

I would tend to agree with you James, he has enough of a Hornet's nest dug up right now, give it some time, get Jeff Sessions in, then in time, have him appoint a Special Prosecutor, then "Bang" shut the trap.    Let's don't do "too much too soon".    This "Blitzkreig" of Executive actions is keeping many balls in the air, let them chase those for a while.

And I am but one of those millions who hope so.

I fully expect that President Trump will do just that. In fact, in my view, he has absolutely no choice but to go after her.

What is the worst thing a politician holding an office of public trust can do, other than contribute to the deaths of Americans through negligence and dereliction, then openly lie to the Nation attempting to justify her self? Short of first degree murder Benghazi was it. And Obama was equally responsible.

To move on for the sake of the Nation is totally irresponsible, promotes additional lawlessness by mere acceptance, and dishonors those who gave their lives along with their families.

Remember Obama promising that those responsible for the deaths would be brought to justice? "Make no mistake," he boasted. O.K. That is what we are going to do. That is why we have a President Trump and a Justice Department with Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. "Make no Mistake", Obama. "Make no Mistake", Clinton. Your chickens are coming home to roost.  Big Time.

I don't think President Trump can ignore bringing her to justice anymore than he could ignore defeating ISIS.

And, if he goes after her, and prosecutes, she will sing like Barbara Streisand about Obama as well.

Can you imagine the shredding going on over at the DOJ right now......lynch baby has lots of stuff to cover up....

Trump should lock down the archives and records of the DOJ ... placing FBI and US Marshalls in the buildings to monitor such activity.

I certainly hope so, when they do, it will send a message to the next political criminal, which there are plenty of, that they get no free ride and instead they get time!






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Deep State Treason:  Former State Dept. Official Under Trump Tells China To Quit Negotiating Until Trump Is Removed In 2020

Deep state traitors no longer hide their deep hatred for the American people —

Mrs. Susan Thornton, the former acting assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, told her Beijing audience to stop negotiating until President Trump is removed from office in 2020.

Until July 2018, she was Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the Department of State and led East Asia policy making amid crises with North Korea, escalating trade tensions with China, and a fast-changing international environment.

The Conservative Treehouse and The South China Morning News reported:

A former official in the Trump administration has said that China can weather the storm brought by the trade war with the United States but might have to “keep steady, keep their heads down and wait” for change in the White House.

Susan Thornton, former acting assistant secretary of state to US President Donald Trump, told a gathering in Shanghai on Wednesday that she hoped a trade deal between the US and China could be concluded by next month.

But the reality was that it would “take a while” for China and the US to talk about cooperation again, Thornton, who in 20 years rose to become the US State Department’s chief negotiator for East Asia and Pacific affairs, told the South China Morning Post.

“I want to be optimistic,” said Thornton, whose 27-year career in Washington ended in July. “I tell all our foreign counterparts they should keep steady, keep their heads down and wait. [They should] try to not let anything change dramatically.”

“If this sceptical attitude towards talking diplomacy continues in this administration, you might have to wait till another administration,” Thornton said at an event held by National Committee of US-China relations and Shanghai’s American Chamber.

Embedded video
EAP Bureau    @USAsiaPacific

Acting Asst. Sec. Susan Thornton and EAP team en route to her nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! 


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