So is he?   The main stream media seems to hate him ?  so that is a good start for me. The NRA and Gun Owners of America both like him.  He slapped down the unions .. another good issue?

He may be the best chance we have in 2016

Thoughts ?

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Go Cruz Go!!!

I think these are valid questions and should be presented as the "Question/s of the Day".  I believe it would be helpful to ask these questions periodically to help remain focused.

There are so many things going on at any one time that it is easy to get sidetracked.  We really need to define who and what the Tea Party stands for.

More importantly, we need to engage in action by reaching out to others who are not as aware as we might be on domestic and geopolitical events.  It is not always easy nor comfortable but it is vital if we wish to effect change for the better. 

@Oren Long

I have not "misread" anything you wrote, but rather entirely disagree with the approach and focus of the amendments, and indicated specifically why I disagreed. 

(When does this "trap" actually spring closed?)

Regarding your 5 remedies:

A. Passive resistance is begging for our rights and freedoms which we are guaranteed, and despite all that we've done, is not surprising recognized implicit capitulation.

B. Either the states have sovereign powers, or they don't. If the states and people are to be relied so heavily upon by your Convention of the States, it seems curious that they cannot be relied upon with nullification.

C.  Succession is an inherently valid action, and was indicted by the founders as being legitimate.  However, like all the other actions, there is no guarantee how the federal government will respond using our own tax dollars, and the military that was supposed to be defending our freedoms.

D.  While Open Rebellion will likely result in casualties,  there is zero doubt at this point that the deaths of 10's of millions of Americans are fully intended on the path we are now on. In the coming times, I more apt pity the living than the dead.

E. The fact that none of the other approaches provides any guaranteed path or security, does not result in the only valid choice being a less-than-ideal Convention of the States, given it will be drawn up by  Americans with no working understanding of the country's principles, conflicting goals often in disregard of those principles, and intended for a government that already entirely discards the Constitution.  We may as well conclude each amendment with, "this time I really mean it!" 

Simply put, a Convention of the States is not a valid response to a government which is deliberately deconstructing this country and confiscating our every freedom. 

While such a COS may make everyone feel good in that they are doing something, it is only a waste of time with great likelihood of negative outcome, should anything at all be accomplished.

In 2016 it will be Hillary Clinton and Bush for president

The enforcement penalty would have to be defined in the Constitution mostly to keep the opponents from "framing" the incumbent. I see no way that without a positive enforcement clause in the body of the Constitution how you can possibly get positive adherence to anything in the document. When you hire someone and give them a job outline and walk away, they will tend to do the things they want and up your you know what since you can not punish of fire them. This crap of waiting till the next election does not work.Look at where we are today. We must have a means of removing people from our government post haste. They can do irreparable damage in short order. Incidentally, I see you said "If Obama actually leaves office in 2017," Well, he will be leaving because there will be a 2016 election and if necessary, he will be removed physically and into jail. THE ONLY THING THAT COULD TAKE PLACE, is martial law and that would be signing his own death warrant. Now, I think he has other plans, like creating a civil racial "war". In either event, his fate will be the same.

Oren, a NATIONAL election of a president places that person above congress and senate, that's why any president now has nearly dictatorial powers. And that's why an impeachment is so seldom possible, and becomes more difficult with each election (every non-fixed problem, in this case by design, just gets worse).

The Articles of Confederation appointed a president for one year (maybe more these days) ...that's the ticket, what is granted temporarily by the few is automatically taken away by the many for safety reasons, but can easily be prolonged if congress deems that as a Will of We The People.
We The People are of one party ...the two party system is a dis-unification created by monetary pressures of the elites within our founder days.

Oren, do you think there is a possibility that the president will actually shut off any help to Israel?  I am very concerned that if the president does, that our entire nation will suffer due to this.  As Germany did!!!

I also worried he may not leave the office.  Anyone who thinks that he can make it mandatory to vote, thinks that he is above all else.  If he had enough votes from the people, could they bypass the Congress in anyway?  

It is very sad how the country has changed so much while this man has been in office. I also wonder if he is part of the peace plan of 7 years and breaking the promise at the 3.5 year mark.  

I know I sound paranoid, but Oh Well...It seems that he does what he wants to do. 

He can not mandate public voting.And yes, he will leave after the 2016 elections unless he can start a civil or race war and declare martial  law. In that instance he would b signing his own death warrant. There can be no doubt that he has made millions of enemies and many are right there in government and the military.He is much more vulnerable than you might think.

I subscribe to the IMPRIMIS out of Hillside College.  I rarely have time to read the small magazine each month.  Today I took time to read the article on immigration, another one of obumbos Mess-ups.

I caught these items that I thought I would present here:

Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution mandates that the president "shall take Care of the Laws be faithfully executed".  This assumes that there is a law for the President to execute.  But, in this case the "problem" that Obama is purporting to fix in the absence of a law granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Rather than executing a law, Obama is making one up,,,arrogating to himself a function that the Constitution explicitly allocates to CONGRESS.  Should this POWER GRAB stand, we will be moved very far in the direction of rule by DICTATOR.  

Fortunately, Judge Andrew Hanen halted president Obama's illegal amnesty with a temporary injunction,

This is a small part of the article.  You might want to go on line and read the entire article pinned by Heather Mac Donald Manhattan Institute....Go to Hillsdale College Imprimis....  Excellent reading.




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