Group wants him 'visibly brought to justice for unforgivable crimes'

Maj. Gen. Craig Olson

Maj. Gen. Craig Olson

A civil-liberties group is demanding a two-star Air Force general be court-martialed for mentioning God at a National Day of Prayer Task Force speech on May 7.

Despite the religious nature of the event, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has called for Olson to be “aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions,” adding that any other service members who helped him should be investigated and punished “to the full extent of military law.”

During his 23-minute address, Maj. Gen. Craig Olson referred to himself as a “redeemed believer in Christ,” who credits God for his accomplishments in the Air Force. He spoke of “flying complex aircraft; doing complex nuclear missions – I have no ability to do that. God enabled me to do that. … He put me in charge of failing programs worth billions of dollars. I have no ability to do that, no training to do that. God did that. He sent me to Iraq to negotiate foreign military sales deals through an Arabic interpreter. I have no ability to do that. I was not trained to do that. God did all of that.”

Olson is program executive officer for C3I and Networks at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, where he is responsible for more than 2,200 personnel. His speech was live-streamed and recorded by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Mikey Weinstein, CEO of the civil-liberties group, sent a scathing letter to Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, arguing that Olson’s comments violate the Air Force instructions which prohibit airmen from endorsing a particular faith or belief.

The letter, which is posted on the group’s website, states, “This demand letter is sent to you on behalf of countless members of the United States Air Force who are utterly disgusted and shocked by the brazenly illicit and wholly unconstitutional, fundamentalist Christian proselytizing recently perpetrated, on international television (‘GOD TV’), and streaming all over the Internet and in full military uniform, by USAF Major General Craig S. Olson on Thursday, May 7, 2015 during a VERY public speech for a private Christian organization (The ‘National Day of Prayer Task Force’: NDPTF) headed up by Focus on the Family founder, Dr. James Dobson’s, wife Shirley Dobson.”

Weinstein continued, “Olson’s highly publicized, sectarian speech is nothing less than a brutal disgrace to the very uniform he was wearing and the solemn oath he took to support and defend the United States Constitution. This public address was his, and the USAF’s, ‘contribution’ to this scathingly sectarian 2015 version of the [task force's] annual shame spectacle and display of Christian supremacy and exceptionalism held in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill.”

Lt. Col. Allen Herritage said in an email reported by Air Force Times, “I can tell you the Air Force places a high value on the rights of its members to observe the tenets of their respective religion or to observe no religion at all. The Air Force is dedicated to maintaining an environment in which people can realize their highest potential.”

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Since when is the atheists religion the superior U.S. religion that trumps all others? What they are saying is our non-religion trumps all other religions and is the only recognized religion that the U.S. has and the only one to be promoted. 

The Constitution... It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.

You don't stop being a citizen of the U.S.A. when you put on a uniform... instead you are identifying yourself as a soldier of this country!

Barry, your statement that Congress may not promote one religion over others is not quite right.

The Constitution forbids Congress from the Establishment of a [state] religion (The Establishment Clause).

The Constitution forbids Congress from inhibiting the Free Exercise of religion (Free Exercise Clause). It begins with....Congress shall make no law...  So only Congress can violate the 1st A by establishing a state religion or prohibiting freedom of religion.

Nothing in our documents separate Christian belief, speech or works done in the name of our God from actions, speech or works in government or anywhere else). Our documents completely support belief in our Creator, His creation and governing according to His Word.

Supporting the Christian religion is what we were dedicated to by none other than Geo. Washington, on the very grounds of 911. Our monuments credit God through and with scripture that is carved all over our monuments and Capital building.

We are entirely free to promote one religion over all others, as that is what we were founded for and dedicated to the furtherance of. Our founding documents state this and so do all of our state and colonies legislation. All 13 colonies wrote the Ten Commandments into law (one wrote in only the last six) and every single state constitution acknowledges GOD and declared Him to be the giver of liberties, and most seek His blessings and protections.

In fact, I will go as far as to say that equating all religions as equal is a strategy of satan. If Christians can be so fooled, as to be ashamed of the Word, then we are blasphemers and not fit to call ourselves such. It falls under the trap set up by satan called Diversity.

There is One God, One Godhead, One Trinity. We are dedicated to this. He reigned blessings down upon the founding of this once great nation. Blessings not taught in schools anymore but thankfully are recorded for those who seek to know.

Other religions, including atheism, environmentalism, secularism, all violate the 1st Commandment to have no other gods before HIM, which you refer to in your post.

Genesis tells us from the recreation, that to choose freely from the tree of life, but to choose to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will sure bring death. So, place that in context of today. It means that to choose to decide for ourselves what is right or wrong, rather than to follow His moral law, will surely bring death. To choose the secular world view is to choose death. We are clearly told in all our founding documents, over and over, that God and His righteousness will deliver and bless those who acknowledge and serve Him.

We MUST understand God's role in our founding, it calls us to 2 Chron. 7:14, among other verses about being watchmen, and tells us that it is through His people who are called by His name—that a nation WILL be restored. That is why it is so important. IMHO.

We as individuals are allowed to do that. The government is NOT

When I was in the Navy during the late 70's the command Chaplin talked about God during the services they had for the people on active duty who wanted to worship God while in the service.

The Constitution guarantees EVERYONE the right to religious freedom ( pluaralism of religions, not ban on religion) as well as freedom of speech. What the hell is wrong with what this man said? He needs to take this up to the highest court if necessary. This is nuts! This "civil liberties group" has it all wrong and needs to be taken down.

This jerk needs to know that all 13 colonies wrote the Ten Commandments into their state laws, and that all 50, (not 57) states acknowledge GOD as our creator and giver of liberties. Our founding documents give credit to God four times and recognise law as being of HIS Law. This nation was dedicated to the "furtherance of the CHRISTIAN religion on the grounds of 911 by Geo. Washington, and our Capital and monuments are covered with scripture.

And the Saints will be condemend and murdered in my name.

One of the few things Ted Baxter almost got right was talking about the war on Christmas; it's an all-out war on Christianity.

He is attributing his success to GOD and his faith. He is not  "endorsing" anything in order to convince the audience or force anyone to believe what he believes. He is simply attributing his success to what has made him successful. He is a leader explaining what has permitted him to lead and achieve so much in defense of our country. Military members have freedom of speech, curtailed to some extent, but not completely. I understand prohibiting speech against the president and certain speech that may cause entropy in a military unit, which may break down the important chain of command and necessary military discipline needed to achieve the mission, but not this. Mike Weinstein of the civil liberties group is dead wrong and his letter to Gen. Mark Welsh is not backed by "countless" members of the AF or other military personnel. I can only assume that he can only count to five, or maybe six, because that is about the number of AF personnel he is calling "countless numbers". General Olson has my support, as a member of the US military, and I can assure you that with out exaggeration there are large numbers of military personnel who support him. 

Look at what runs this administration !!!!!!!    Drop this bum over Iran !    




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