Protests In Mexico Push Country To Brink Of Revolution And Nobody's Talking About It

Image result for mexicans protest gas pricesLong-simmering social tensions in Mexico are threatening to boil over as failing neoliberal reforms to the country’s formerly nationalized gas sector are compounded by open corruption, stagnant standards of living, and rampant inflation.

The U.S. media has remained mostly mute on the situation in Mexico, even as the unfolding civil unrest has closed the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego, California, several times in the past week. Ongoing “gasolinazo” protests in Mexico over a 20 percent rise is gas prices have led to over 400 arrests, 250 looted stores, and six deaths. Roads are being blockaded, borders closed, and government buildings are being sacked. Protests have remained relatively peaceful overall, except for several isolated violent acts, which activists have blamed on government infiltrators.

The few mainstream news reports that have covered the situation blame rising gas prices but fail to examine several other factors that are pushing Mexico to the brink of revolution.

‘Narco-state’ corruption

The narco-state, or as Mexican activists say, “el narco-gobiero,” is a term used to describe the open corruption between the Mexican government and drug cartels. The narco-state has been in the headlines lately over the kidnapping and presumed murder of 43 Ayotzinapa students in Iguala, Guerrero, in 2014. This has been a source of continuous anti-government protests ever since.

Though the kidnappings remain officially unsolved, members of the Guerrero Unidos drug cartel have admitted to colluding with local police forces to silence the student activists. Twenty police officers have been arrested in association with the kidnapping. Former Iguala police chief Felipe Flores has been arrested and “accused of offenses including organized crime and kidnapping the students,” the AP reports. The corruption apparently goes all the way to the top, as federal authorities say former Iguala mayor José Luis Abarca personally ordered the kidnappings.

One Mexican activist who wished to remain anonymous told Anti-Media that a lot of people think it’s only the gasoline prices, but the price of gas is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. It all started with Ayotzinapa.

Much like the U.S., the Mexican government is susceptible to corporate influence. It just so happens that the most influential corporate entities in Mexico are drug cartels — and it’s hard for the government to reign in entities that fund and infiltrate it. Similar to the phenomenon of “regulatory capture,” the Mexican government is at least partially funded and co-opted by drug cartels. This festering problem is an underlying factor in the current civil unrest in Mexico.

Neoliberal policies left the working class behind

NAFTA was a contentious issue in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but it’s just as controversial in Mexico, if not more so. The grand 1994 “free trade” scheme, signed into law by Bill Clinton, saw a dramatic redesign of both the U.S. and Mexican economic landscapes. Corn farmers, long a vital factor in Mexico’s peasant farming economy, were wiped out by low-priced corn subsidized by the U.S. government, which immediately flooded Mexican markets after NAFTA was passed. The Mexican immigration crisis at the U.S.’ southern border soon followed.

Meanwhile, manufacturing plants soon began moving into Mexico from the U.S. to take advantage of extremely cheap labor — leaving many workers in the U.S. out of a job. American agricultural corporations like Driscoll’s have recently come under fire for employing slave-like labor conditions to produce boutique organic fruit for U.S. consumers. Protests for workers rights in Mexico, which recently raised its minimum wage to 80 pesos (~$4) per day, are often met with heavy-handed police crackdowns.

Incoming President Trump has capitalized on two issues caused by NAFTA — the immigration crisis and outsourcing of U.S. jobs — and his reactionary protectionist economic policies will undoubtedly make Mexico’s predicament even worse.

Mexico’s nationalized oil conglomerate, Pemex, has been plagued by falling production for years. Corruption, which is inherent to state-run institutions, has condemned Mexico’s gas industry to inefficiency and stalled innovation. Theft has become a widespread issue, and oil workers were recently caught red-handed siphoning gas directly out of pipelines.

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well If I see it taking place  like that I will shoot them under Texas law to prevent damage to public or private property,to prevent the commission of a felony . The rest of the nation need to get your legislatures off their butts and start passing laws like has enacted .

Correct! You best believe that if a few of these malcontents were actually confronted with a degree of force, as they should be, less of them would be quick to volunteer their time to intimidate and cause enormous property damage. In fact, they'd probably insist that law enforcement protect them during their misguided protests and hence, law enforcement could also monitor THEM in the process.

IF WE ..... opened a new '' gitmo '' in the most northern part of ALASKA where it would be the opposite of their desert climate and had them build igloo's to live in most would change their minds and stay home.

I'm just saying 

Yes and we need to transfer all the senior left wing bureaucrats to Alaska Put them in charge of inventorying the Polar Bear populations and surveying their migratory routes... Let them use electric cars, as their primary transportation means in the winter and they must not have weapons... Let them call 911 should a Polar Bear decide they are hungry... after all Bears must eat too.

It's legislators.

But touching on the topic, it is the mexican political culture, Jeanne. The pedestrian mexican often sees himself as ineffectual to change historic ingrained inequities to reflect a true citizenry, individually empowered to undertake their own (and I know you have seen this from me before), lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness. They see themselves as designated targets to be exploited.

From foriegn oppessor, to foriegn oppressor, to foriegn oppressor, to finally the double-crossing oppressor called PRI, mexicans have had ground into them the knowledge that their betters are more equal than them, and are wealthier and politically connected because of it.

Purging the Napoleonic presumption of guilt from mexican law, would be a great start. But a change of mindset is where it starts.  Until the  mexican people place the personal fear of death to the oppressors, and their loved ones, for their abuses, nothing will change. That is why civil unrest in Mexico is fine by me.

The US fire intended to precede this Mexico fire did not happen, and with the planned Canada fire to come, failed to produce a North America on fire sought after by the globalists. How, oh how, are those UN troops ever to find use?

No scripted context for the propogandists, is there?

Soros and his ideological confederates must swing. And in closing:

                     - SOCIALISM MUST DIE -

Time for Americans to "MAN the BORDER" with the BORDER PATROL  !!!!!  Every Mexican will be heading to  he USA for ASYLUM !!!!!! We need to STOP THEM !!!!!!   National Guard could be alerted but they will be needed to quell the RIOTS here, conducted by  COMMUNISTS, LA RAZA and all the other LEFTIST  and ISIS Organizations who will emerge, once the REVOLUTION starts.  The day of RECKONING is fast approaching !!!!  And just for the record........ ROSIE O'DONNELL can KISS MY ROSEY RED, IRISH ASS !!!!!!!!!!


Well Said & I agree completely.

 "And just for the record........ ROSIE O'DONNELL can KISS MY ROSEY RED, IRISH ASS !!!!!!!!!!"

Unless they feature labials Eugene, she won't! LOL





Donald Trump Fuels Viral ‘Loser CNN’ Meme


Tom Fitton: Trump Was Victimized, Targeted by FBI,
Clinton Campaign, Russian Operatives, Obama Admin
and Fusion GPS

Judicial Watch founder and President Tom Fitton hammered the corrupt Mueller investigation on FOX and Friends Weekend on Saturday morning. Tom blasted the corrupt Obama Justice Department and declared the Trump-Russia collusion investigation over after Friday’s sham announcement of the indictment of 13 Russians.

Tom Fitton calls out the corrupt Justice Department on their criminal activity against candidate and President Trump.

Tom Fitton: At the end we have the massive Russia investigation that finds no collusion with the Trump Campaign. I don’t understand why we are still talking about a Special Counsel investigating the president in light of this indictment… Look those who say the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians are going to have to start providing evidence other than the Clinton-DNC dossier. Look this was in the news this week. We had the Susan Rice memo indicting Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Sally Yates, James Comey and Susan Rice in a conspiracy to get Trump on Russia. You had information that the number four at the Obama Justice Department, Bruce Ohr, hid information on his relationship with the Clinton Campaign cash machine – basically Fusion GPS that was collaborating with the Russia to launch dirt or really defamatory dirt against President Trump into the FBI-DOJ apparatus. And now you have this indictment of Russians abroad, an indictment that’s never going to see the light of day in short of trial because they’re never going to come here. It’s never going to be tried. We’re never going to find out whether anything in the indictment’s true. And what would they rather be talking about? This indictment where they found, despite all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, not one American colluded with the Russians.

Why isn’t this Justice Department looking into the abuse of the FISA process? Look the Russians were trying to make it clear to the Clinton Camp that they had dirt on Trump and they were going to use it against him. And all of that was false. And Trump was victimized and the FBI, rather than trying to protect him, used it as a pretext working with the Clinton campaign to target him under the corrupt Obama administration. Look this indictment shows the Russian scandal is over as far as Trump is concerned.


Obama is center of anti-@RealDonaldTrump effort -- when will he be questioned on the Clinton-DNC dossier? And, do what do we have the FBI for -- the shooter screw-up? New Lawsuits on Unmasking, the DNC Hack and Comey DOC. My @JudicialWatch update.


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