Profs threaten to leave state if Iowa restricts union rights

Image result for eliminate public sector unionsLegislators in Iowa have introduced a bill that would dramatically curtail the privileges of higher education labor unions.

House Study Bill (HSB) 84 changes the rules for union members, including education unions, with regards to collective bargaining, tenure, and salary.

One component of the bill, for instance, would ban professors from taking a leave of absence to attend political events, while other provisions eliminate employment advantages and perks based on seniority.

While the bill is still in its infancy, having just gone through its first committee hearing Wednesday, many public sector employees, including those in higher education, have expressed significant concerns about the bill’s implications, according to Inside Higher Ed.

In a survey conducted by a University of Northern Iowa’s faculty union, 82 percent of professors said they would consider leaving the school if their collective bargaining rights are rescinded, and fully 97 percent opined that collective bargaining is important for their morale.

Several respondents compared the proposal to legislation passed by Wisconsin in 2011 eliminating collective bargaining for public-sector employees, which led to an unsuccessful recall election to oust Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

“Republicans said they were just going to tweak a couple things in the legislation on collective bargaining, but this isn’t tweaking,” complained Joe Gorton, president of the UNI faculty union. “We won’t be able to negotiate on evaluation, we won’t be able to negotiate on reductions in force or staff cuts or grievance procedures or health insurance—all these things are [off] the table.”

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BY!    BY!

Simply put:
BUH BYE (over-paid fat cats suffering from GLUTTONY)!

sounds like a plan...   

How do you "drain the swamp" at American Universities???   Restrict the union rights...

Call the WAHHH-Bulance!! Get him to his
SAFE PLACE, bring Hot Chocolate,
Therapy Dog and a Pacifier!
These Radical Prof's are 1/2 the reason these young college kid's head
Are full of MUSH!

I say: GTFO and DON'T come back! (Make sure they can't get hired somewhere else too!
Colleges hire domestic terrorists who are too old to plant more bombs, so they teach YOUR KIDS HOW TO DO IT!
I wouldnt allow my child to go to ANY College
Unless "I VETTED EACH N EVERY ONE OF THE "TEACHERS". Background checks and periodic input from child as to what is being taught TO HIM! This indoctrination and PROPAGANDA bullshit has gone on WAY TOO LONG!

Hey Professors, Don't let the door hit you in your libtard asses on your way out of OUR Country.

Promises, promises.

The better bill is to end all public sector unions... no collective bargaining for public employees.  If they want to have a union get a job in the private sector.  Public Unions were outlawed in this country at one time long ago... in the 50's they did not exist and could not as most State's prohibited them... and for  good reason.

I have NEVER understood how public employees could have a union.  Seems illegal, unconstitutional, ............something about that is NOT right.

What a joke, important for their morale.  Only a dumb ass liberal would have the balls to make some stupid claim.

Yes the propaganda will stop, let these professor go.  I like to see if any of them could get a real job.  They should have the same as every other citizen when it comes to working in America.  The history of Unions in this country was started when the working poor, which was most of the country, did need protection. That has not been the case for a long time. The idea that teachers have tenure  and you can not fire them, they can get suspended for years and still collect full pay.  It is about time this all ends. 

President Reagan was going to get rid of the Dept of Education however never happened.  If education goes back to the states fully like it should we don't need to deal with all this and the federal government giving money to the states under Federal conditions that they put in place there programs (eg Goals 2000) Which is just another means of there propaganda and control

I say let them hit the highway and good riddance. How long do you think it will take to replace them? 

GOOD -go-git -don't let the door hit ya!!




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Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Rudy Giuliani    @RudyGiuliani

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.

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