Pro-open border activist George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney are preparing to flee the UK over fears of an imminent terrorist attack. The Hollywood couple say that they “don’t feel safe” after the recent spate of attacks in Britain, according to a family friend. reports: The celebrity power couple have used their fame and fortune to push for open borders and even sat down with Angela Merkel herself to express their support for her refugee policy.

Pro-open border Clooney flees Britain amid terror fears But now it seems, like all luvvies, they don’t actually mean they support it for themselves, so will be moving back to LA because, according to a Clooney family insider, George doesn’t “feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” following the attacks in London and Manchester – neither of which are in the countryside.

The duo were also criticised for their double standards after the Mayor of Laglio, where the couple own a lavish $100m mansion, warned people they would face a hefty fine if they dared go near the couple’s property.

It has been reported that the Clooney’s plan to sell the 18th-century mansion after a makeshift refugee camp was set up near to the couple’s summer retreat. It isn’t known whether or not the pair were planning on selling before their new neighbours moved in. A source close to them claimed they were looking to  buy “another, less accessible property in another area of Italy.”


The actor and his human rights lawyer wife are allegedly moving back to LA after George paid former secret service agents to survey his properties.

Westmonster loves the irony of the Clooneys fleeing to the safety of Trump’s America, after George called him a “xenophobic fascist” a little over a year ago for wanting to temporarily restrict migration from predominantly Muslim countries.

It’s sad these open border loons never have to live with the consequences of what they advocate…

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Can we keep this CREEP out?!

Nope, don't think so !

Amal Clooney: Wife of George
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Career: Foreign editor Pan-Arab newspaper, Clerked under Judge Vladen S. Vereshchetin from Russia
Gave course on human rights and taught a class on human rights litigation
Awards: Amal Clooney was chosen as Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating Person of 2015


Thanks for the information I did not know.

This is why we have to get these people out of our country or al least discredit them and not give them a platform.

Thanks again,


Your welcome Sally







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