Pretend journalist, Jorge Ramos, says illegals who commit identity theft do so to ‘benefit our lives

Image result for identity theftNo doubt you remember Jorge Ramos - the perpetually outraged, virtue-signaling, illegal immigration activist who pretends to be a journalist - from that time President Trump had him thrown out of a press conference.  After it happened, Ramos enjoyed a few extra minutes of fame, made the anti-Trump media rounds, then faded back to his previous level of mid-range notoriety. Unfortunately, with the illegal immigration issue still front-and-center, Ramos rears his head every so often.

His responses are predictable in the extreme:  Illegal immigrants are wonderful. As long as they’re non-violent their myriad crimes are no big deal, and the U.S. should have something close to an open-border policy regarding Mexico.

In fact, if Ramos is to be believed, crimes like identity theft (and the falsification of state and federal documents) are completely justifiable.  Why? Because they’re only committed so that illegals can “benefit our lives.”

From Fox News:

Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos told Chris Wallace on Friday that illegal immigrants coming across the Mexican border “are here to help” American citizens

“They are coming here to benefit our lives,” he said, noting the large amount of undocumented workers in fields such as agriculture.

“The vast majority of undocumented immigrants in this country are not terrorists,” he said, responding to repeated contentions by President Trump that many illegal immigrants are criminals.

Ramos said he has no problem with removing violent criminal illegal immigrants, but disagreed with Wallace when asked about those who use fake ID cards or commit identity theft.

“That is not a violent crime,” Ramos said on “The O’Reilly Factor,” “it is a crime [but] they are coming here to benefit our lives.”

“Many of them use fake drivers’ licenses, why? Because they are working for us,” he said.

This is great news for illegals.  Ramos became a U.S. citizen in 2008.  That means he has a U.S.-based identity and, judging by his comments, he has no problem with it being stolen.  Illegals should feel free to use his Social Security number, address, driver’s license number, license plates, whatever.  Stealing this information is a crime, using it is another, but they’re not violent, so Ramos won’t mind if you do it. You are, after all, just trying to benefit his life.

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Unbelievably stupid liberal loon, but I repeat myself.

A N D   S H I P  T H E M   O U T

lets go I and my family are ready----

So, Jorge, if I come into your home, take all of your money, your jewelry, any art work, any treasures, your furnishings, your "stuff", you won't prosecute me because I am trying to "benefit my life", right? So it's fine with you if I do that, right? 

HEY ..... PatriotGal



Oh give me a break lying illegal aliens don't benifite us at all !!!! we seen that when they all protested and stayed home and No one missed them. And The criminal action only benifites them by letting them get  get social services that they don't have a right to !! milking the Tax payer of Billions of dollars .

A citizen who has been given his citizenship through petition can also be stripped of it.  I'd keep a much lower profile if I were him.  His bloviating proves he lied during his naturalization ceremony.  

this goes beyond stupid   my dog is smarter than this

Ramos needs to be picked up and deported... now! Where are you Pres. Trump?  Where is ICE and the internal enforcement officers of the Border Patrol... pick this illegal alien up and deport him... now.

Trump needs to issue an Executive Order to EXPEDITE ALL DEPORTATIONS... no more hearings, or paid legal representation. If necessary, Trump needs to get Congress to close or restrict all Immigration Courts, from extending citizenship rights to illegal aliens.  Deportation should be automatic... not after a hearing.  An illegal alien is not entitled to due process... we don't have enough courts and judges to go thru such a process... it is too expensive and time consuming and the Leftist and Globalist know it.  

When a Border Patrol agent picks up an illegal alien... an individual without proof of citizenship ... should be taken to a processing center... offered the opportunity to produce proof of their being in the US legally... ICE and or the Border Patrol should conduct a screening of the available citizenship and visa records.  If the subject individual has no proof of being in the country legally... process them for immediate deportation that day.... Then, drop them off at the Mexican border, on the Mexican side... all, within 72 hours of being picked up.

Any appeal by a Deportee should be filed with the US Council on the Mexican side of the border... or in the Deportee's country of origin... not, while they are inside the US... These criminal aliens may obtain a US Attorney, at their own expense, too file an appeal from their home country.. America should NEVER release these illegal aliens, on their own recognizance... too, appear for a deportation hearing latter. 

Process them... on the basis that they must prove they have a legal right to be in country... Give them 72hrs to do so, and if they can't, deport them... No hearing with a court is necessary... No legal representation paid for by tax payers is necessary.  These criminal aliens can pursue challenges to their deportation with a US Council, from Mexico or their home country...

Jorge Ramos and the illegals....GET OUT OF AMERICA NOW! We citizens are FED UP with YOU and YOUR BAGGAGE!

Thank your illegals for the murder of a girl on the west coast. That made her life better.

With this kind of thinking, is it any wonder that Jorge Ramos has NO CREDIBILITY, NONE!




Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


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