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100% right on the money...Trump is my president

One of the best speeches of all time!

Excellent speech.  Excellent because he is and will be implementing programs that are for the American people.  Dems proved they are anti-American by their childish behavior.  Pelosi did not even honor the widow of the dead Navy Seal.  What a piece of trash she is.


This speech was fabulous, from start to finish. Interrupted 92-3 times for applause and multiple standing O's before 3 sentences had been uttered. Amazing. Hopefully, they now have the picture of Trump that we all have had. His heart for America, his ability to see truth from lies,  and his common sense approach to solving problems.

Trump was VERY "Presidential" last night.  And the dems just continued to prove how childish, immature, hateful and bratty they could be.  Almost everything he said and got a standing ovation from the republican side SHOULD have been equally support by the dems.  Nancy Pelosi looked like she was in need of a muscle relaxer to stop her face from twitching. Wasserman looked the typical fool.  They looked as if their butts were super-glued to the seats.  But DAMN.....the second the speech was over, the children couldn't pop out of their seats fast enough to make a mad rush for the exit..............presumably to not risk the possibility of having to refuse the President's hand. 

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Don't you know?  They had to go consult with the other parts of their one brain between them all, to come up with fake news about how Trump will destroy America. They have to come up with the "dark side" that was not there.

Juan Williams, idiot, tried to call this "dark".



 The speech was EXCELLENT.

Juan Williams I can not stand this guy.  They should not have him on so call conservative programs.  I know all there talking points and after decades of listening to their non logical rhetoric  I would like some peace from that, before I go crazy like them. 

I can't stand him either, I've only heard him say something worthwhile maybe once or twice.

I have watched a few Presidenial speeches and Presidents but non like President Trumps speech. He hit a home run and I believe every word he said. "Trump is My President!!!

He did a wonderful job




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