Police Charge 89-Year Old Woman With Hate Crime For Spraying Her Mexican Neighbor With A Hose

To my knowledge the Oregon community college shooting has not been classified as a hate crime even though killer Chris Harper-Mercer targeted and killed people because they were Christians. Meanwhile in another part of the state, an 89-year old woman has been charged with a hate crime for spraying her Mexican neighbor with a garden hose. It’s nice to see that the state has its priorities straight over whom they protect from hatred.

The East Oregonian reports that Milton-Freewater, OR police responded to a call on Sunday afternoon of a grievous hate crime. It turns out 89-year Lydia Gilmore told her neighbor Juan Castillo-Epifanio that she didn’t like Mexicans and sprayed him with a hose. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she then sprayed some water on his vehicle. Castillo-Epifanio is presumably a young healthy man who can handle himself, but he was so in fear of this hose-armed octogenarian that he called the police to protect him.

When police arrived, they informed the little old lady that they were going to arrest her for a hate crime, which she thought was completely absurd. As the cops tried to grab her, she spray one of them with the hose and called him a “wetback.” There is nothing in the report that states whether this officer was Latino or not.

In any case, the police claim that the 89-year old woman put up one hell of a fight as they tried to subdue her:

“Ms. Gilmore also physically struggled with officers, kicking them, and refusing to walk to the patrol vehicle,” said Police Chief Doug Boedigheimer.

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For reasons previously stated... this thread needs to be closed... it has served it purpose and has now degenerated into a race to the bottom.


As always, well said and a voice of reason!

Bigotry is wrong but some people will be bigots no matter what you say or do to try to sway them into a more reasonable position.

I have been trying for days to get more info on this story but it does not seem to be out there.

Since we may never know the details, I for one would like to see this article put to rest.  We have all expressed our positions and you along with several others have made some very good points. It is now going into the overkill stage.  Those who are open to see your point will and those who want to cling to their perspective, will continue to do so.

No matter what organization, church, group, etc. you affiliate with, there will always be a mixed bag of beliefs, attitudes, biases and mindsets.  It's called life in an imperfect world and right or wrong it is better than life in a totalitarian controlled world.  That is until such time as Jesus returns and rules over this world.

Yeah...I haven't found much of anything more either.  But DID find this:

The officers arrested Gilmore and hauled her to the Umatilla County Jail, Pendleton, on initial charges of second-degree intimidation, third-degree criminal mischief, harassment, attempted assault on a public safety officer and resiting arrest.

Oregon classifies intimidation as a Class A misdemeanor and as a hate crime. Boedigheimer explained it is “predicated upon the actor’s perception, whether accurate or not, of another person’s race, color, creed, disability, or sexual orientation.”

Hey Dustin.....a tip.    A lot of us (and others) don't even bother to read anything that's in ALL caps.  And NO....I don't think all caps means: anger or that you're yelling.  It just makes it hard to read, and distinguish certain grammar,etc.  So you'll be cutting yourself off from people listening to you....if you're not interested in wasting some of your effort though......ok

u like lower case better? ok cool with me! 

Well....as a matter of fact...yes I do.  Can't really speak for anybody else.  But I know MOST don't like ALL caps  ;o)

Thank you kind sir  

your welcome

You and me both. ;-)

Did you ever take English Composition in high school? Sentences start with caps. Or is it all or nothing? ;-)

I agree with Marilyn. I didn't assume you were angry, but it's hard to read something in all caps, especially for us old curmudgeons.




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