Police Charge 89-Year Old Woman With Hate Crime For Spraying Her Mexican Neighbor With A Hose

To my knowledge the Oregon community college shooting has not been classified as a hate crime even though killer Chris Harper-Mercer targeted and killed people because they were Christians. Meanwhile in another part of the state, an 89-year old woman has been charged with a hate crime for spraying her Mexican neighbor with a garden hose. It’s nice to see that the state has its priorities straight over whom they protect from hatred.

The East Oregonian reports that Milton-Freewater, OR police responded to a call on Sunday afternoon of a grievous hate crime. It turns out 89-year Lydia Gilmore told her neighbor Juan Castillo-Epifanio that she didn’t like Mexicans and sprayed him with a hose. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she then sprayed some water on his vehicle. Castillo-Epifanio is presumably a young healthy man who can handle himself, but he was so in fear of this hose-armed octogenarian that he called the police to protect him.

When police arrived, they informed the little old lady that they were going to arrest her for a hate crime, which she thought was completely absurd. As the cops tried to grab her, she spray one of them with the hose and called him a “wetback.” There is nothing in the report that states whether this officer was Latino or not.

In any case, the police claim that the 89-year old woman put up one hell of a fight as they tried to subdue her:

“Ms. Gilmore also physically struggled with officers, kicking them, and refusing to walk to the patrol vehicle,” said Police Chief Doug Boedigheimer.

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Only, if you give them water pistols... this whole incident is absurd, blown totally out of proportion.

It appears the responding Police may have over reacted... they should have, evaluated the situation, separated the neighbors; when cleared, backed off and returned latter and issued her a summons/citation...

However, that did not occur.  Now we have a nearly 90yr old in jail, charged with a hate crime, for what may actually be a serious mental problem... gone awry.

What makes you so convinced that the gentleman who decided to call the police rather than put a senile old woman on her derriere was an illegal? Is it that he's Hispanic?

There are a lot of options to deal with a 89yr old neighbor besides putting her on her derriere or calling the police.  How about just going inside and avoid any further contact?

I'm sorry, but why should we Hispanics retreat in the face of bigotry? That seems to be the theme of this thread. Besides, do you know that he advanced on her? And while not yet known, it seems he did retreat and called the the police.

First of all, we do not know what precipitated the situation.  All we know is that an elderly 89 year old woman expressed her dislike for Mexicans and sprayed one individual with water.  I do not believe spraying someone with water could be construed as an assault, unless she also beat him with the hose which does not appear to be the case.  

Oregon has a growing hispanic population and a growing incident of gang activity.  In anticipation of those who might say this is a blanket statement and it is not based in fact, I suggest your read the following which only represents one city out of the many cities and towns in Oregon. 


Perhaps this woman is a lifetime member of that community and has seen a changes that are less than desirable.  I saw this in some of my old neighborhoods in NYC, where graffiti began to appear and has gotten to the point where it is a blight on the city. 

Such increased gang activity often reflects poorly on other members of that particular cultural community be they Irish gangs as we saw at the turn of the last century, black, Asian, hispanic, etc.

The problem is, some folks do not know the history of how other immigrant groups were treated when they first arrived.  Trust me, the Irish, Germans, Italians and other Europeans faced discrimination until they assimilated into the culture as Americans.  If a particular group decides not to assimilate, they will be looked upon as not belonging, as intruders and invaders which many of them are. 

It is not fair to prejudge this situation as there is nothing in the report that indicates that the neighbor was/is a gang member or an illegal.  So what brought the elderly lady to say and do what she did? Could it have been caused by the frustration of seeing the makeup of her community change?  Could it be that the neighbor has also not been a good neighbor?  Could there be things going on in her life that has left her grumpy and mean?  We don't know what provoked such action but I would venture to guess that it was not just some random response.  We have seen case after case where an event takes place but the lame stream media only presents one side where someone, usually a minority member is portrayed as a victim. Is this just another example to stir up racial strife?

I agree it was not right for her to spray the man, I also think it is reasonable to say that an 89 year old woman with a hose is not a real threat to anyone, grumpy or not.  It appears that everyone over reacted but to have the police physically carry her off her property over what most people would consider a minor offense must have been terrifying to her.  I would have fought tooth and nail as well.

I am tired of seeing certain ethnic/cultural groups think they get a pass on their behavior but will cry discrimination if someone else exercises their right to free speech.  I would like to see those who came to the defense of the younger man to consider if they would have felt differently if that woman was of their heritage rather than an American.  And while they are considering that, perhaps they would do well to consider the number of crimes that come from certain groups that costs all taxpaying American citizens in financial and other terms such as health and safety.

The number of illegals entering this country is fueling a lot of the anger and frustration we Americans feel towards them.  I am sure if a bunch of uninvited people showed up at the home of those defending the invaders, they would be singing a different tune in short order! 

Excellent... well said Carolyn... cogent and concise.  I agree with it all.

Carolyn, first off, I make it no secret I'm Hispanic, born and bred in the good old USA, or what was once the good old USA. No regrets no shame over that, just gratitude to the Lord. Also, I make no excuses for my belief that her conduct was inexcusable and his restraint admirable. I ask you and others, who showed the more Christian AND patriotic American restraint? Or is that too inconvenient a question to ask?

The lady wasn't arrested and carried off her property because she sprayed a man with water, but rather because she got surly with the police and then assaulted them. Also, spraying the man wasn't free speech, especially as she expressed hatred towards him.

So excusing her conduct on the obviously true problems that illegals have caused is a non-sequitur at best. Your last paragraph makes that abundantly clear. The Hispanic man wasn't an invader; he was a neighbor in his own yard. He might even be an American citizen, although I think some here wouldn't accept that if it was shown that he was.

So what's so hard to understand about the bigotry shown here? Should he have like many might  have done and sat her on her can with a good right? No, he showed restraint and called the police, for which one strumpet implied that he should be lynched. Was that attitude Christian or patriotic?

Furthermore, if a bunch of uninvited people were to show up at my home because I believe the likely mentally ill old woman was wrong and was deservedly arrested (although I've said the prosecutor should find a compassionate way to deal with her) and threatened me, I'd meet them with my invited guests, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Do you think that wrong?

By the way, what was the age of the White Supremacist who killed a guard at the National Holocaust Museum? Also, do you remember what they said about Mr. Colt and his product?

His restraint admirable... for God's sake, he called the police, that is not restraint... given the facts... assault by splash, with a water hose. 

I don't care what she said... in fact, the more outraged she became, the MORE CONCERNED her neighbor should have been, about her mental health and physical condition.  Why didn't he simply go inside and defer to this octogenarian. She may have been suffering from turrets or a diabetic attack; they both manifest such symptoms.

Instead of being a healer ... this man calls the police.  The Police show up and this incident escalates, resulting in what could have been a lethal event for an 89yr old woman. Does anyone doubt that something went wrong?  That neighborhood policing obviously isn't at work here.  The officers responding should have been aware of any mental issues or past problems. If this was a first case scenario: then, they needed to be concerned that such an incident can be fatal for an 89yr old.

I simply can't see how this incident can be justified... given what we know.

Perhaps for the sake of "justifying" the "righteous" anger of those here perhaps Mr. Stefanio should have shot her for dissing on him and his car. In LA, Detroit, or Chicago that might have happened. Then we could honestly say he didn't show restraint.

So given what we know I can't see the blatant bigotry displayed on what's supposed to be a TEA Party site.



Thank you , Roberto . I am no longer a member of this org . I can not stand by and have my love of country and loyalty questioned due simply because of my surname .God bless ,brother . May God bless this great nation .goodbye .




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