Paul Ryan Called DACA “Blatantly Unconstitutional,” Now He Wants To Keep It

Image result for paul ryan RINoPresident Trump is close to scrapping Obama’s amnesty for Dreamers, but they’ve found a new ally in Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. Is it any wonder why his approval numbers are in the toilet?

CNN reports:

Ryan asks Trump to hold off on scrapping DACA

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday gave a major boost to legislative efforts to preserve protections for young undocumented immigrants — and urged President Donald Trump to not tear up the program.

Trump told reporters Friday he was still d Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, on his hometown radio station WCLO in Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan said Congress was working on a legislative fix to preserve the program.

“I actually don’t think he should do that,” Ryan said of Trump’s consideration of terminating the program. “I believe that this is something that Congress has to fix.”

Ryan’s statement offers the most public support by anyone in the Republican congressional leadership for some sort of legislation to protect the “Dreamers” under DACA.

The popular Obama administration program — which gives protections from deportation to undocumented immigrants that were brought to the US as children to work or study — has long been targeted by Republicans as an overreach of executive authority.

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Just watch how fast Congress moves to come up with amnesty legislation for DACA aliens while U.S. citizens are still waiting for lower taxes and lower healthcare costs.
If Congress is going to offer DACA amnesty now, the very least they can do for their fellow U.S. citizens in return is restrict birthright U.S. citizenship to only those born exclusively under U.S. sovereignty, with no foreign allegiances or attachments at birth.

Here is the root of the matter in my view. Sung to the tune of " My Way."

First, who brought these young people (children) here in the first place? Answer: Illegal aliens. Note the word, ILLEGAL.

Secondly, who, then, is directly responsible for bringing them here and causing them to "Dream?" Answer: Illegal aliens.  Note the word, ILLEGAL.

Thirdly, who, then, should TAKE responsibility, for their children?  Answer: Illegal aliens.  Note the word, ILLEGAL.

Fourthly, what should happen to the parents of these children? Answer: Deportation of all illegal aliens. Note the words, all ILLEGAL.

Fifthly, what should happen to "Dreamers?"  Answer: Deport them. They are illegal aliens.  Note the word, ILLEGAL.

Finally, what should happen to DACA?  Answer:  Does anyone in government know how to flush the toilet? FLUSH IT.  Note the word, FLUSH.  It smells

Thank you very much.      Elvis has left the building.

Surprised?  It's the RINO way.  GOP Moderates did the same thing on Obamacare by passing a meaninglessly symbolic "repeal" bill in 2016, only to suffer an eleventh hour case of cold feet in the Senate this summer.  This is one reason RYAN-O's numbers are tanking.

The solution was and still remains quite simple. It's a matter of enforcing the laws that already exist. We know this, yet spineless out-of-touch politicians never do what we elect them to do. If they were principled and had stood fast in the beginning, America might not have accumulated all of these unnecessary illegal alien problems. With that said, it's certainly not too late to do the absolute right thing.

Then again, we are fully aware that we're being governed by a group of cowards, that would rather kick the can further down the road. That means they would rather choose the most expedient self-serving solution, than demonstrate some genuine bravery and help SAVE our country.  

While each day passes, the left steals more of our our liberty and blatantly demonstrates their destructive efforts to undermine our duly elected President. They are slowly erasing our proud history, while none lift a finger in opposition. If WE allow them to succeed, we will never be able to reverse this sickening transformation. We must continue to stand firm and NOT allow the Left to succeed. NEVER!

My word, the political madness in office, and the media, kind of you know get board with it, because only a few posting kicked their back side for them, but they seem to move forward anyway...I don't like Paul, he is a goof ball, and thats that...

My own opinion is that what Chuckles said is basically what will happen, legislation will slipped in with some other legislation, that way these crooks and I mean every last one of them, will be able to deflect responsibility.



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