Patriot Prayer organizer details how Pelosi incited violence, created a trap to shut down freedom rally

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Nancy Pelosi gleefully shut down a free speech rally. (Image: screengrab)

Democratic senator Nancy Pelosi was thrilled after she successfully shut down a free speech rally in her hometown of San Francisco.

The group Patriot Prayer was forced to cancel their “Freedom Rally” on August 26 after Pelosi and her bumbling brigade of alt-left extremists falsely accused the group of being white supremacists.

Joey Gibson, a half-Japanese libertarian, is disgusted by the racism accusations because they’re propaganda meant to incite violence and sow racial division.

On Patriot Prayer’s Facebook page, the group specifically said racists, white supremacists and other extremists are not welcome to its event.

“No extremists will be allowed in,” the description read (see below). “No Nazis, Communist, KKK, Antifa, white supremacist, I.E., or white nationalists. This is an opportunity for moderate americans to come in with opposing views. We will not allow the extremists to tear apart this country.”" alt=" patriot prayer facebook event details" width="406" height="259"/>

Gibson is furious that hypocritical liberals like Nancy Pelosi never condemn or disavow the racism and violence of alt-left Antifa thugs.

“The whole point of the rally was freedom, love, peace, and bringing people together — moderate Republicans, moderate Democrats,” Gibson told Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. “[Democrats and liberals] did everything they could to get Antifa in San Francisco riled up. We felt like they were trying to incite a riot.”

Gibson continued: “They say they stand against hate, they stand against violence. But the thing is, they never said anything against Antifa.”

Joey Gibson canceled the Freedom Rally because he was afraid it would erupt into violence after liberals reportedly shipped in Antifa thugs to protest. Gibson said it was a ploy to incite a riot so Pelosi could blame the violence on Trump supporters.

“That whole thing was a trap,” he said. “She wanted there to be violence so she could blame it on so-called Trump supporters or conservatives, even though we’re moderates.”

Gibson said he wishes Americans would wake up and realize that politicians want to divide people so they can hang on to their career-politician jobs.

Anti-American leftist rag the Huffington Post claims serving in the military turns you into a racist

“These politicians make their careers off dividing the nation, dividing the voters, so that we fight,” Gibson said. “Nancy Pelosi is just like John McCain. She’s just another corrupt politician taking advantage of their constituents.”

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Exactly, these wealthy corrupt individuals have been busy dividing America ...  looting our treasury, consolidating their power, raping our Constitution and liberties, by using their political power, and Judicial Fiat to subvert our Nation.  Both political parties are colluding in an endeavor to subvert the Constitution and Republic....

Each, political party expects to ultimately achieve political dominance over the other.  Both ignore the people, our heritage, culture, and individual liberty.  They are using Big Government to gain the upper hand over all the other competing interests in our nation. It is time for the people to reject both political parties by establishing a Recall and Term limits Amendment... stripping the political parties of their power to control our electoral system.  Eliminating the political parties power of incumbency and thru its manipulation forcing the people to choose the between lesser of evils... which is no choice. 

Recall every sitting member of the current government... elected, and appointed, judges and politicians... subject to new elections.  Establish a One Term... term limit: 6 yrs, with 1/3rd standing for election every 2 yrs.  No  second term politicians... we must brake the chain of incumbency and the need for politician's to curry favor with the wealthy, to raise the money needed to be reelected. Limit all political and appointed offices to one term only, that will make every incumbent an independent agent of the people during their term in office.  

Additionally, the Amendment needs to include a clause which keeps any former elected or appointed official from, lobbying for or being employed by, any entity that contracts with or receives government funds for a minimum of 4 yrs after leaving office.




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