Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has shown himself to be an unconstitutional sheriff, is responsible for removing a reporter from an open assembly in Oregon for simply asking a question about the Constitution.

Ward, unable and unwilling to actually deal with the constitutionality of the situation surrounding the Hammond Ranch, the Bureau of Land Management or those who are protesting offered hollow words to the crowd gathered.

However, one patriot report stood up in the midst of the complacency of Sheriff Ward who encouraged the protesters to "go home."

Some stood by Sheriff Ward. Among them was Oregon State Representative Cliff Bentz who claimed that the occupiers of the wildlife refuge were breaking the Privacy Act of 1974, for trespassing on federal land. What he failed to mention were all the reporters who were apparently also trespassing on that same land. He failed to acknowledge the Constitution's limitation on what land the federal government can own and for what purposes.

When challenged on these issues by reporter Pete Santilli, who asked, "What about the Constitution?" people began to boo him and he cited the Constitution for his right to free speech.

Santilli also cited Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, just as Ammon Bundy did regarding the issue of federal land.

Santilli was removed for "disrupting" the meeting, which is absolute nonsense and unconstitutional. It is a jack booted thug approach to silencing dissent and has nothing to do with disrupting the meeting that was going on. It was pointing people back to the law that is supposed to govern even those who are entrusted and elected to enforce the law.

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https://youtu.be/T424sWq1SkE Know the LAW Sheriff, PS You suck.

So, when is the war going to start?

One things for sure, It's getting closer and closer. 

Forgive him, Lord, for he knows not what he asks!

i feel it has just lk around u 

The federal government now knows who they can take over and not have any resistance.  I'm wondering what rights do these same people think should be protected as it applies to them or do they want to give up all of their rights. 

I've noticed more and more, that most folks do not have the capacity for much more than very shallow thinking !!!! Deep, and critical thought is rare, and considered a little "out there"!! Not recognizing and standing against the TYRANNY of government " officials", is only to their own DETRIMENT, yet, these are the folks that booed the loudest!! Ignorance of The CONSTITUTION should be a crime !!

This should be a warning to all of the people of Harney County. YOUR SHERIFF WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

He should stand for ANY American citizens rights.

The next time you elect a sheriff, make sure he knows and supports the Constitution.

Meanwhile, recall this POS.

 Get rid of his chickenshit ass.

That's the same piece of crap of a sheriff that allowed live cattle and rancher homes to be burned.  Apparently the seasoned Fire Chief of Harney County, Chris Briels, has had enough of this shit bag of a "sheriff" too, evidently an overwhelming number of them are...

County Fire Chief Resigns after Undercover FBI Agents Pose as Milit...

"they [people] should be far less frightened of militia than they should be of their local police officer"

"I will not work for a government or a person who I do not believe in or have faith in. I will not work for someone I don't trust."


So, Wayne LaPierre, in calling the Federal thugs at Ruby Ridge "Jack Booted thugs", was correct after all!

Yes, Wayne LaPierre is very seldom wrong.

I think we all know this will turn out to be corruption. When a Sheriff took his oath to uphold the Constitution and now ejects a reporter for asking ' What about the Constitution? ' what will continue and get worse. The Citizens there also threw junk at the reporter as he was being led out of the meeting. Is this a Mob? I feel terribly worried for the good Citizens of this county and what they are going to endure.




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Yikes !!! Ocasio-Cortez: We Need A ‘Multigendered, Multigeographic’ United States

The United States of America needs to be “multigendered” and “multigeographic,” according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who endorsed fellow socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at the “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York on Saturday.

The freshman lawmaker and “Squad” member officially endorsed Sanders during a rally in Queensbridge Park in Long Island City, New York, on Saturday and called for more diversity in the U.S., arguing that it should not only be “multiracial” and “multigenerational” but “multigeographic” and “multigendered.”

“We need a United States that really, truly, and authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working – and all – people in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said to applause.

“That is what it – it is multiracial, multigendered, multigenerational, and multigeographic,” she said, failing to elaborate on what that specifically looks like.

“We have to come together, not ignoring our differences but listening to them, prioritizing them, understanding injustice,” she continued.

The socialist lawmaker also implied that rampant racism is still alive and well in the U.S., telling the crowd that it is essential to understand “that we operate in a context where slavery evolved into Jim Crow, evolved into mass incarceration, [and] evolved into the realities we have today.”


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