Dear Senator Paul,

You have us perplexed and befuddled.

How can you and all the other like-minded Americans think we will just thoughtlessly discard our religious values and check our passionately held beliefs at the door?

Do you really think our religious principles depart from us as soon as we step into a voting booth? These ‘social issues’ that are often so reviled in our day maintain the moral foundation for which all other civil virtues flow.

Do you honestly think we will live in a free society when ‘marriage equality’ activists are so swift to charge us with bias and discrimination simply for exercising our rights of conscience? Are we thoughtlessly expected to deny our faith before God and man?

Ours is a faith that we do not simply turn on and off when most convenient, but a faith we take with us wherever we go–a faith that lies in our hearts and in our obedience to our King.

Do you believe we will exchange this faith for you? A vote for you would not be worth such an exchange. Your agenda is not our agenda, nor does your agenda square with the original intent of the framers.

The founders were in no way Ron Paul libertarians. Departing from Constitutional intent is what got us here. The framers were not endorsers of an arbitrary religious-humanist form of equality. Why would we vote for an admitted appeaser of a practice that offends the moral foundation of our rule of law? By doing so, we would affirm our disregard for God’s natural revelation.

Are you willing to sacrifice the conservative base?

Recognition of non-traditional marriage, in any form, infringes on all that we hold dear; and it is not even rational when we solemnly consider the unique complimentary design and reproductive capability exclusively tied to the traditional marital consummation.

To those who lament against the perception of ‘legislating morality,’ we ask this question: How is recognizing marriage for what it is legislating morality?

Senator Paul, when you confirm, no matter how reluctantly, that you recognize same-sex marriage, we hope that you understand that you have no standing when Christians are recklessly maligned and mitigated for personal and religion-based practices consistent with their sacred traditions. No longer will you be able to stand with Phil Robertson, as his rights are not reflective of the progressive takeover of today’s godless American culture.

We must ask both the libertarian and the independent – which is the greater offense? A moral and social order that promotes and supports traditional ethics and responsibility, or a morally relative land of temporary solutions and arbitrary confusion?

We’re done trying to compromise; if you want any chance of a better future, a better America, you’re going to have to follow our lead from now on. Only those who are rightly taught and divinely inspired can truly be trusted to lead the way.


AJ & The Christian Majority