Obamacare supporters cough on diners at Trump NYC hotel

Taking a page out of Black Lives Matter’s playbook, Obamacare supporters entered a restaurant in Donald Trump’s New York City hotel and confronted diners on Sunday.

About 20 people staged a “cough-in,” interrupting patrons Sunday morning.

Video shows the liberal activists, called “Rise & Resist,” coughing repeatedly inside the Jean Georges restaurant at Trump International Hotel and Tower, and standing up and unfurling signs reading, “We Need Obamacare” and “Trumpcare Makes Us Sick.”

They chanted the same slogans as they exited the restaurant.

A lone voice could be heard responding, “You cannot keep your doctor.”

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There will always be those that will do anything for money or just because they are told to do it

With the twisted hate filled anti-American words of our NOW president and first lady the Democrats or the majority of them anyway and of course George Soros's money the snowflakes THINK they can do and get away with any and all things to Bring The United States Down!

This is disgusting, I would have got up and kicked them in the balls........if they had any,   Wonder how many had a respiratory infection, or TB, or AIDS.  What is wrong with everyone, that they just ignored them and did nothing???  Oh yes, I know that the CDC has said that AIDS is not spread in the air........they lied.

How many diseases have been reintroduced into this country through all the illegals, and some disease that NEVER had been in this country before they brought them...

How much you wanna' bet that NONE of those protestors have insurance via obamacare?  First they were sitting down in a restaurant that middle class or less probably couldn't even afford.  So....WHAT THE HELL WOULD THEY KNOW ABOUT IT?  I saw people wearing some expensive coats and gloves....

This is an example of why real Americans fund law enforcement. Where is the law enforcement in this group act of mindless stupidity?

One has the right to demonstrate and protest. They do not have the right to disrupt a business, the employees, or customers while they trespass acting the fools that they are.

Arrest every single one for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

You come into my place of business and pull that crap your ass is going out the door. It is that simple. You want to protest? Use the sidewalk. It is public. But this place is mine and I make the damned rules here. Just as I do in my home.

Oh Hell No. If one of these obamacare tick-turds coughed on me or any of my family, they would need more than obamacare. They would need an undertaker.

I think we just need to dig a few shallow graves here and there, and then people need to start "disappearing"....   Eventually.............they'll get the point, don't ya' think?

Image result for bulldozer presenter media animation

Indeed they would, Marilyn.

How about using huge Cat bulldozers and dig football field size 6'-8' deep ditches for the many bastards that should be living with microorganisms and not civilized humans?

Works for me....   But I was thinking we probably should be a little more subtle   ;o))

Yes, there are those that think that way. I'm always open to suggestions from the right people..





Obama Lies Again: – Ignores That The Year After Signing The Stimulus More Than (4) Million Jobs Were Lost

Former President Obama, the only President in US history who had his FBI and other Intel agencies spy on the opposition party candidate, claims that he created the great economy that Americans are enjoying today. The only thing Obama created was debt and massive job losses with his horrible economic recovery.

Yesterday the former President tweeted an effort to take credit for President Trump’s successful economy:

Joe Hoft@joehoft

Of course another @BarackObama lie. He can’t open his mouth without lying. 11 years ago the US lost (4.3) million jobs over the next 12 months. Horrible liar. https://twitter.com/barackobama/status/1229432034650722304 

Barack Obama  @BarackObama

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.

President Obama’s policies were a disgrace and a failure. He doubled the national debt in spite of zero interest rates from the Fed. His recovery was the worst in US history.

Also, Obama’s assertion is just plain false. The ‘Stimulus’ was passed in February 2009 right after Obama took over the Presidency. He promised to not pass any bills for at least a week to allow for the bills to be read by the people but lied as soon as he was sworn in. The Stimulus was hundreds and hundreds of pages of government handouts to Democrat districts and it was close to $1 million. This was not what America needed and it led to the Tea Party.

Far-left Wikipedia has this to say about the Stimulus:

Note that in his infinite wisdom, NYT economist Paul Krugman is credited with arguing that “the stimulus was far smaller than the economic crisis warranted”. (He also said the markets would crash and burn if President Trump was elected President.)

The data shows that the 12 months after Obama’s stimulus, the US lost 4.3 million jobs:

In Obama’s first three years he netted a loss of 1.5 million jobs compared to President Trump who has added more than 6.7 million jobs.

When it comes to the economy, the billionaire schools the community organizer every time.

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

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