Obama willing to cut Medicare, but not Medicaid

he White House is willing to make bigger Medicare cuts in order to protect Medicaid, senior economic adviser Gene Sperling said Thursday.

Sperling said the White House is no longer willing to make even the Medicaid cuts it had previously supported, but acknowledged that puts more pressure on Medicare.

“We are not willing to accept even the Medicaid savings that we had once put on the table … Medicaid savings, Medicaid cuts, for this administration, are not on the table,” Sperling said at a conference organized by the advocacy group Families USA.

Sperling’s comments indicate the White House has come around to the position held by staunchly liberal members of Congress — including retiring Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) — who said Medicaid should be the higher priority in budget negotiations.

“We have come to believe that it is not the time to make even those savings,” Sperling said, referring to the cuts the White House had proposed. “Not when this is the critical moment in implementing the Affordable Care Act.”

The White House’s upcoming budget proposal will reflect those priorities, Sperling said.

Medicaid has long been seen as an easier political target than Medicare, because Medicare serves older Americans. Although congressional Republicans support dramatic cuts in Medicare benefits, the party has also hammered President Obama for reducing payments to doctors and insurance companies by roughly $716 billion.

But the administration has decided to accept a fight over Medicare in order to protect Medicaid, Sperling said.

“It means we’re going to have to look harder for Medicare savings, and those savings may be more difficult politically because of he choices we’ve made,” Sperling said. “If you decide you are going to protect Medicaid more, it means you’re going to have to make some tough choices in other places.”

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By making cuts to Medicare , but not Medicaid goes along with one of my theories of where this country has been heading for a long, long time, which started around the industrial revolution, maybe sooner. 

You work all your life and get by well enough to you purchase a home, car and a few things to get you by latter in life, you plan latter years around your pension and the others things which you were told you could depend on. All the while paying government for the right to own these things. As your $30k or $150k home raises in value, so does your cost for the right to own these things. You are fixed on the income you planned out all of your life but come inflation, higher taxes, higher everything, much more than you planned on. 

Well, your not as productive as you once were, not the benefit to society as you once were, you are not adding to the GDP as others are, so you are not as needed in society. 

So one might say, what are these dead beats doing to help, well for the time being they are support to create this school of thought but soon they will not be needed and they will be told they will work or work for the state. There is no faster way to lower the voting populace than to cut medical care to those who need it the most, sure it might take an election or two but it will not take long. 

Bottom, line, the more government gets involved in any part of our lives, the more they need to control the people, it becomes business decisions and I personally can not see where this can not be argued.

Off topic but these do work together in some ways. I have always seen all property taxes as a productive tax, as long as your productive you can keep what you worked for but as soon as your not as productive, well, we will give it to someone who is, the highest bidder if you are not smart enough to get rid of it before we feel you do not deserve it. Sure no one says it that way but what is the end result?

As people we have been conditioned to look at things by issue, not how they are connected to each other, this makes planning much easier. Do I think all of government is part of this, in no uncertain terms, NO. Most of them think the same way we do, most of them do not see how they are being led, most of them were taught in the same schools as we were. It is those who have the money, better said power to control things and feel they are privileged people in some way. Ah, privileged people, how hard is it to change someones things than to make them think they are now privileged in some way and now they go along with it.

I understand this sounds crazy to some of you, maybe many of you but the older I get, the more I see, the more this looks to be the case. This is why I feel freedom, the freedoms which are guaranteed in our Constitution, which only mentions the main principles, because many of our founders felt the limits put on government were enough for us not to need a Bill of Rights, so why do we think those things are the limits of how they can control us?

DIDN'T HE, THE KING, already grab $500,000.00, from SOCIAL SECURITY, and another $716,000,000, from medicare? I may be confused in this matter, that is why, we must keep what he has done with this GREAT COUNTRY of ours, ALIIIIIIVVEE!! cerculate it!! Put out flyers!! Paste it on you van, or at least your car bumpers!! And ABOVE ALL, GOD IS YOUR SHIELD AND BUCKLER!! DON'T GIVE IN, DON'T BE AFRAID!!! This is a fraud government from the top down!!!! LIVE and BE FREE!! Or die at least trying!! LIVE LONG and PROSPER!! FOR YOUR CHILDRENS, AND CHILDRENS SAKE!!! GOD BLESS US!! SEMPER-FI!! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL. P.S. Check out my 'POLITCAL VAN ' photos at my page!!!!!!

There are alot of Americans on Medicaid, but there are also over 40 million illegals on Medicaid.  It is to protect the future democrats who will not have to pay anything anyway!  There will no cuts in welfare, no cuts in anything to them.  Herein is where the problem lies!   They will not learn English and they are not going to rush into government to pay a fine and start citizenship.  If they don't stop the birthright and they don't stop the welfare to them, this country is doomed!

Small wonder they want to protect Medicaid. This is the program that covers the millions of illegals and those who live on the taxpayers dollar.  These people vote! Illegals aren't legally able to vote, but, gosh, the courts made it illegal to ask for ID so anyone can vote. Our system has been bastardized by the politicians with the help of the courts. We citizens, have waited too long, took too little interest and sold our freedoms too cheaply.

Cut Medicare protect Medicaid sound like stop protecting our seniors who have already gave their best for this country a start protecting the takers.  Or more simply put kill the old folk and pay the young ones -- to do it.  

The dems can be the champion of medicare right now because they are going to decimate it in 2018.  If you read obamacare u see that expanding medicaid is how the unisured will b covered.  Seniors will pay for Obamacare.  Doctors and hospitals will get bonus points if they spend less on seniors (in effect Oct. 2012) and demerits 4 care that seniors  consumes up top 30 days after leaving hosp including physical therapy.  In addition, Doctors will be paid less to treat seniors even less than those on medicaid. the dems say a 30% cut in medicare will not affect senior care.  Boy their kool-aid must be like mind altering drugs.  Section 4104(a) expressly authorizes HHS ro reduce preventive services for seniors based on recommendations of the US Preventative Services Task Force. (u know the ones that said women from40-49 and older then 74 didn't need routine mammograms).  They will increase the services for medicaid recipients-winners and losers --oh yes. So medicare recipients and those who will b recipients in 2018-good luck on medicare.


Am I the only one who is starting to feel that us hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens are no longer citizens but the outcasts. I now feel like we are the ones getting discriminated against.

You and I and for that matter no one matters to him now. He got his second term on votes from the uninformed ,illiterate,people getting something for nothing, the unions and fraud.

Obama is playing games here. You can't cut one and not the other. He should also cut food stamps and welfare. They are the most corrupt programs in this country and cost the taxpayer Billions in fraud.


Its all a game it will all collapse even if Obama is given everything his little heart desires. All those who think he going to give and give and give them everything they want its only going to cause it all to collapse sooner and then what will they do? Vote for Obama again in a 3rd term with no money to help them---ITS COMING GET READY. Obama will not be seen as Santa any more when that happens.

The poor people takers that voted him in those he's giving to-- will turn on him when in 4 years when we're worse off then we are now.

Who will Obama blame then????

Where will Obama hide to avoid being attacked?????

They found Osama bin Laden so does Obama think he can hide. Does he really think he will be protected with all he has done to destroy America.


He needs to come around and start working with the other side of the isle now because when he has to deal with a rep senate and congress for the last two years of his second term with Impeachment on the burner, all the cards holding his house together will collapse around him and he may find himself in prison around Jan 1, 2016.

I thought it was Paul Ryan who was throwing Granny over the cliff.

Any senior on medicare that voted for this ass clown deserves what they get (or don't get) and any senior that did not vote for Junior deserves better.

Time for the Senate to honor Sen. Cruz bill to repeal this bill (the house has repealed it but senate as usual refused to talk about it.  Ass w#pes).




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