Obama: ‘We Cannot Deny the Legacy of Racism’ in Justice System

Image result for justice system is racist obamaPresident Barack Obama is finishing his term with a lengthy essay on criminal justice reform in the Harvard Law Review, arguing that Americans should recognize systemic racism in the system.

“[W]e cannot deny the legacy of racism that continues to drive inequality in how the justice system is experienced by so many Americans,” Obama wrote in his 56 page essay.

Obama cited studies from the NAACP showing that African-Americans and Hispanics were more likely to be stopped by law enforcement officials and suffer stricter penalties in court.

“If we are to chart honestly the path for criminal justice reform, we must confront the role of race and bias in shaping the policies that led us to this point,” Obama wrote.

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obama is right about racism in the justice system. holder and lynch are 2 of the biggest bigots to be attorney generals

Hey Obama if you had a son he would be a little bitch like you ass hole and if you are so concerned about black lives why have you done nothing to help but praise the very criminal element that is doing all the killing, you Obama are the worst thing to come along for Black America in a hundred years !   

Yep, from the most racist of all presidents. 13 more days!!

If we are to believe a study on Racism the study can't be done by the most racist group in America. The NAACP is full of the likes of Sharpton and Jackson there will never be a true study or facts with there influence. I believe there is racism only because it's forced on other races. The problem is the act of the CivilRights Bill by Johnson was put in place by one of the most racist President's in American history. Johnson used the "N" word on a daily bases and was on tape saying it often. Most of the educated black who work and have corp. jobs knows the past will never die as long as one side is forced on the other.

The Civil Rights Act was a horrible act.

I believe the races/nations should be separated for peace.   Multiculturalism, diversity is the tool of the communist party.

Would have to agree, it was once. Destruction of our Culture, diluting the Intelligence Pool.

obama is a racist himself!

Studies from the NAACP on Black Crime... are about unbiased and as trustworthy as a Palestinian study on Israel's right to exist as a State.  This debate is a non-sequitur... The MSM's bias is no better. 

Blacks are in prison because they committed criminal acts... not because of racism. In fact, there would be more Black's in prison if they were treated with the same judicial temperament as Caucasian's who were convicted of similar crimes... Instead, the judiciary often coddled and excuse Black criminals as if they were the victims of criminal conduct and racial bias.

Many studies demonstrate that Black on White crime is considerably higher than White on Black criminal conduct... Other studies indicate that Black on Black Crime, results from serious social brake-down in the Black family and community, not from any overt racial bias. Until the NAACP stops excusing Black crime, blaming it on racism, and focuses on the real problems, within the Black family and community, Black crime will continue to be a serious problem.

My thought is that the black people find it difficult to live in a white peoples nation.  A nation of law and order.  The U.S. is, was and will always be a white nation.

All non white people need to be in their countries, but they will always want what the white man has created, founded..

"All non white people need to be in their countries,"???  So....what would you suggest be done with First Nations people?

Yes, I would like to know, what about the Cherokee, the Lakota, and a matter a fact, 10's of thousands of China men who helped build America.

 I could go on and on, so if we are not all white by birth, where do some suggest we go...?

The Lakota... robbed their lands from the Cro-Magnon White population that arrived here in 1BC ... just after being thrown out of Eden by God. So, the Lakota need to pay back rent on the land for the last 5000 years at the going rate of 250/acre or 630 trillion dollars.

The real problem comes in collecting from those rascals... the Cherokee, whose ancestors owe back rent on half of the United States and toll fees for illegally crossing the US from the Carolina's to Oklahoma... leaving lots of junk on the way to be cleaned up by the other native populations... whose rent is also due.

Just Kidding... LOL ... just kidding.



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